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Soft and fit just right. Passed half my order on to my son. They are working out well.

These lighter weight crew socks are the best socks I own. I had gotten rid of all my cotton socks years ago and was relying on a big name wool sock brand, but all my new socks will be Pacas. They will also be my go to gifts for family. Socks as gifts might seem weird until you put them on your feet. Nothing like super comfy socks and Pacas has it down to a science!

Very soft, warm, and love the no slip bottoms.

Stoked on these socks! So comfortable, very soft! Fit is on point. Little warm for Hawai’i. Mahalo!

Comfortable socks. Pretty colors.

Great socks!

Warm, dry, and comfortable. I want to wear these everyday.

Having worn socks for the past 85 years, I can say with some authority that the pockets socks are the most comfortable and durable socks that I have ever owned. The bonus is that they are attractive and go with whatever I wear. I hope Pacas will continue to make these socks forever

Having worn socks for the past 85 years, I can say with some authority that the pockets socks are the most comfortable and durable socks that I have ever owned. The bonus is that they are attractive and go with whatever I wear. I hope Pacas will continue to make these socks forever

I'm not one to wear socks to bed.... BUT this sock I can't seem to part with morning, noon or NIGHT. I'M IN LOVE. I purchased a few dozen to pass out as gifts AS I NEED TO SHARE THE LOVE.

I have Reynard's syndrome. My feet are cold and painful. I found these socks last year and I will never wear anything else again! These are hands down the best socks I have ever purchased. I've even bought some for my children and my grandchildren . Goodbye cold feet!

I have been obsessed with Papas low cut socks for a couple years now 🩷 I have never found a no show sock to stay in place until now. I had no idea how happy I’d be with these Pacas no shows!!! Give them a try, you won’t regret it!

I first tried out this brand during Christmas time and loved them! I decided I was going to switch out all my socks to Pacas, so decided to get the no show for summer time. Wow, just as soft and comfortable. I love that they also have grippy dots on the heel so that you feel secure, they don't slide down at all. Super happy with my purchase and will continue to wear only Pacas!

These are the friendliest socks I have ever worn. I want more!

I really don't believe I will ever wear any other socks for the rest of my life. Cold, warm or hot weather ~ mens lightweight crew socks ...... there are no words to describe my happiness!

Amazing socks. So soft and comfortable. And warm.. I live in vermont and winters can be pretty cold. These socks are so warm. I need to get light weight for summer..

Omg.. Best socks ever.. My husband is on his feet all day. He is a foreman at Cabot Cheese and can put holes in socks in a week. Pack socks he loves. And won't ware anything else. And so far he has had them a few months with no holes.

So soft and comfortable, I am a RN and on my feet majority of my 12 hour shift , these are wonderful! Thank you Pacas , I also got received my crew socks too ❤️ .

Just received my slippers. I was a bit concerned as to whether or not they would fit my wide width feet. Your customer service assured me they would fit. They were right! Not only do they conform to my feet, but they are so comfortable. Thank you for a great product.

I’m a type one diabetic and hard working electrician. Over the years I’ve spent countless dollars finding socks that just weren’t worth what I paid. Pacas socks are the most comfortable, soft socks I’ve ever warn. I will continue to purchase Pacas and enjoy the way my feet feel!

Absolutely wonderful, not tight at the top!! Will be happy to recommend to others!

The socks are fantastic!!!

Paca socks are hands down the softest and most comfortable socks I've ever purchased. Made from luxurious alpaca wool, these socks are a dream to wear. The first thing I noticed when I slipped them on is how incredibly soft they are. The alpaca wool is gentle against my skin and doesn't cause any irritation or itching, making them perfect for all-day wear. Not only are Paca socks soft, but they also provide excellent warmth and insulation. I've worn them during cold winter days, and my feet stayed cozy and comfortable throughout. Another standout feature is the durability of these socks. Despite their softness, they are well-made and have held up well even after multiple washes. Overall, I highly recommend Paca socks to anyone looking for the ultimate comfort and softness in their socks. They are a worthwhile investment and will quickly become your go-to choice for everyday wear.

I’ve tried several brands oh compression socks. I’ve found Pacas to be the best for me. Very comfortable compression is just right as well I do wish they had more blue/navy choices

So incredibly happy with my purchase! Very soft! Cannot wait to wear these & test them out. Fast shipping. Planning on buying more with patterns. Thank you for creating such wonderful socks!

I’m SO very impressed with these socks!! I’ve tried a few other brands of compression socks but nothing comes close to the quality of Pacas!! 🙌🏻🙏🏼🙌🏻 I do wish they offered wide calf versions because I had to make the band on top less restrictive for myself but the bottoms with the cushiony soles👍🏼🥰👍🏼I deal with severe back and leg pain from injuries but also being on my feet for 8-10 hour shifts! These give me energy and relieve my leg/back issues SO much!! I don’t know what I’d do without compression socks!! Cannot thank you enough Pacas!! Please consider a wide calf version of both sizes in the future!! Thanks!

These socks are very soft and comfortable. They are not uncomfortable like many compression socks on the market today. I appreciate your great product!

These are the best socks I’ve ever owned. I have smaller feet, so the smalls actually fit my heel. I wear the low cut socks for working out at the gym and on warmer days. I wear the crew for winter and cooler days. Some of the benefits I’ve noticed: my feet are much softer after wearing Pacas for 5 months. They are so soft and cushioned for working out and walking around school. My feet have been warm all winter yet not too hot on the false spring days we’ve had. My skin is very sensitive, and these don’t bother it These are the only socks I’ll buy.

Love these socks! Compression helps without being restrictive. Not too hot or cold. Even play tennis in mine!

I travel weekly for work. I bought a three pack of these compression socks for air travel mostly, but they are so soft and comfortable, I wear them for way more than air travel. Another thing I love about them is that my feet NEVER get sweaty in these socks. So I bought some pacas crew socks and golf socks and they all have the same great properties. So now, I'm going to try the new alpaca lined moccassin slippers. I even bought compression socks for Christmas gifts for all my work friends and they love them too. Best socks ever.

I think the Customer Service of Paca's is one of the best I have experienced. I ordered a set of 3 compression socks and for some reason only two were delivered. I sent a message and almost immediately I heard back. There was no problem getting another pair or a refund (I got another pair)..They were super!! I'm wearing my socks now and they are very comfortable and soft! :-)

They are great. They are so soft and warm. I like better than the wool socks I used to get all the time.

They are soft and supportive. I really like them a lot.

So much softer than any of My wool, hiking socks. I look forward to seeing how they hold up.

I really love the socks. They feel soft and are very warm. So far the have washed very well too.

Love everything about these compression socks. I bought 2 sets. My husband bought a set, plus some crew socks. We really appreciate how soft, and durable they are. I had a huge surgery on my right leg, lots of metal was inserted, and screws. I have severe nerve damage, and every other sock bothers me. Pacas are fabulous!

I got forest one free with ordering so much for Christmas! I love it. Never had a great quality scarf before now. It blocks the wind when you wrap it around your neck. It soft and beautiful. Love it. Thank you.

These are the best long flight compression socks I’ve ever had!

I’m a converted ‘no-sock-wearer’ to always wanting to wear these! They’re soft, comfy, and they don’t bunch up…I love them!

Love my socks. I bought 6 pair, 3 pair at a time. They are the only socks I wear, in Autumn, Winter and Spring. And I wear them casually, for the gym, when I go walking or hiking. I wear them with sneakers and boots. They are the best socks I’ve ever had. Thanks Pacas!

I am picky about my socks! I went out on a limb and spent the money to try Pacas, and I could not be happier! I am a size 7 and bought the 5-8 pack. They fit perfectly, they are incredibly soft, comfortable and cozy and do not cause your feet to sweat at all. I think they are the perfect sock and I don't ever want to wear any other brand crew socks again!!!

These socks are almost perfect for me. The one qualification is that the light gray socks are much longer from heel to toe than any of the others. That leaves about an inch of material sticking off my toes. All the other colors fit much better. The compression on all socks is right in line with their rating and they are very comfortable. I will buy these again in the future if I can specify colors other than the light gray.

These are the warmest slippers I have ever worn! I have Raynaud's syndrome, so my feet are always cold, but these solve that problem. They surround my feet in a cloud of soft, cushy warmth. I do wish they came higher around my ankles, but keeping my feet warm does help warm the ankles too. I also wish they were shaped for left and right foot, but I'm not sure why, as they're very comfy just as they are. Definitely non-slip!

Very comfortable Love them Unfortunately i ordered the wrong size

Just what I needed! So cozy and comfy! Love a slipper that I can just slip my foot in!

I absolutely LOVE the compression socks . The are nice and warm and soft too! The no show socks on the other hand, not so impressed. I will be a return customer for the compression socks!

This sweater is absolutely wonderful. It's amazingly warm to be so light weight. I will suggest that you order at least 1 size larger than you think you need. I did expecting it to be a little large. But, it turned out to be perfect.

Very nice, very comfortable. Just a little tall but I really like them

Bought a men's sweater because I work outdoors all winter. Loved my sweater, wore it every day for the last 5 weeks, until it accidentally went through the washer and dryer. I have no idea what I'm going to do tomorrow morning and your out of stock, I need a large, so I have no idea when I'll be able to get another. Best and most expensive sweater I've ever owned. Held up to winter construction work.

These socks are completely amazing so soft and comfortable . Love how they don’t make my feet sweat as I wear boots all day for work.

These socks are fabulous - the best I’ve ever owned! Like other reviewers, as my old socks wear out, I’m replacing them all with Pacas. They wash well (no shrinking), keep my feet warm, and have great padding for walking around the house in socks. I’ve bought them for my husband and two daughters and everyone loves them. Great colors, too:) Thank you, Pacas!

This company is amazing. Their socks are the best in the game and customer care is always quick. Keep it up Pacas :)

These are great! These are the fist compression socks that feel great. I’ve been a nurse for 33 years!

I LOVE THESE SOCKS !!!! My feet stayed warm while outside in the snow in Below freezing temperatures. My feet are never warm. I live in Buffalo NY NUFF SAID !! 💜🩷💙

These are the very best socks I have ever purchased. I have told everyone about them and gotten them for everyone in my family. Will be getting the lightweight crew socks next.

Bought these for my 80 year old father because his feet always are cold and he needs compression socks. After wearing them for a day he noticed his feet were much warmer than his normal compression socks and he really likes them

Got 3 pairs for Christmas at my request, and I'm ready to order more. Seriously, so darned soft and warm. I'm bummed when they're in the wash and I have to wear my normal socks! Just ordered some for my husband to try for hunting.

Very comfortable. Very warm. Pleased with them so far, but the real test for me will be how long they last.

These are the best warmest socks ever. I have cold feet . But not with my pacas! I love them.

This is the best throw blanket ever! I get cold easily, and this is both very warm and extremely soft. Plus it's lightweight and looks much classier than a fleece throw.

I have low blood pressure and restless leg syndrome. My mom got me these socks for nursing school and I absolutely LOVE them! I haven’t had a day I haven’t been dizzy in years until now.

A year ago, I had an accident on a trail where I live in Alaska. I broke most of the bones in my leg, and my foot was dislocated from the base of my leg. I had a long surgery and tons of metal put in. Due to the accident, I have nerve damage, too. I could not find a material soft enough to wear, that didn’t irritate my scars, or my skin. I bought 3 pair of these women’s compression socks, and haven’t worn anything else since. They are soft, with the perfect amount of compression and length. I’m buying more, and my husband has bought his own set. These Paca socks are superior, to the other five or six brands I’ve tried. My search for a healthy happiness for my legs, is over. Thank you, Pacas! I’m grateful. Sherri D.

I bought 5 3pack socks for my family and friends. They all raved about how soft and couple they are I bought a 3 pack for myself and some for the men in the family. We all love them

I LOVE these socks! I received them for Christmas & am here to purchase more. They are warm, cushy & oh so soft. I highly recommend them.

I love hiking and working out in compression socks. I had a really random thin pair from Amazon that I had been using and wearing another more cushioned pair of socks on top of. So I decided to order a 3 pack of the Pacas compression socks to give them a try and I love them. They are so soft and much more crushed than the Amazon socks I was using before. No need to wear a second pair of socks on top. Highly recommend!

My wife loves them! Soft and size runs exactly

My feet are always cold. Wool socks have help a little, but these Paca socks are THE BEST! My whole foot is warm-even the toes! Temps here are in the single digits and I am still toasty!! Love the wide choice of colors, too.

The softest socks I’m ever had! Love the warmth and feel of them! Highly recommend

We love our Paca’s Socks! So soft while they keep my feet warm!

Bought these for my mother for Christmas and she absolutely loves them. Purchased some low cut socks for myself and love them as well.

I absolutely love these socks! They're easy to get on soft and warm. They got wet and I didn't even notice. I've bought 2 more 3 packs since Christmas.

These are the best socks, I have ever owned. Bought some for my daughter for Christmas, and ended up buying more for me. They fit well, especially after washing. They did not shrink. I live in a very cold winter climate. My feet are always cold and these socks keep me my feet very very warm. Thank you for saving me from cold feet.

The warmest socks!!! I wear my crew cut socks with low boots and recently started wearing them with sneakers to walk the dogs because they keep my toes so warm (clearly I need more low cut ones)! They’re also thin enough to wear with my snug Uggs. Love my Pacas ❤️

I love these socks for fall and winter. I am slowly replacing all my socks with pacas socks! So soft and comfy.

I am at an age where I need to wear compression socks on a daily basis. They are usually very difficult to get on and off, hot, and irritating to my skin. Once I took them off I would need to lather cream on my legs. When I tried PACAS compression socks I first noticed how sock the material was. They go on and off easily but still compress my legs preventing swelling. When I take them off they don't leave any visible marks on my skin and lotion is not necessary. Can you fall in love with your socks? Yes, if they are PACAS

Best socks ever - warm in winter, not sweaty in spring and fall. just enough padding as well to make all shoes smd boots more comfortable.

I think I’ve ordered these three times! They’re super comfortable and very warm - and now I have them in black and white patterns, several solid colors, and a pair with alpacas on them. You can’t beat comfy and warm in the winter!

Beautiful product. Thicker than I expected. Washed up well. Very, very warm.

Nice and soft and true to size.

I purchased these for both my nieces & best friend! Then bought them for myself! LOVE THEM! They are so soft!!

The feel of the socks are super cozy.

They are perfect, such cute colors and great fit when I ride my horse, my legs cramp after a long ride and these have eliminated the problem!

Wonderful item comfy to wear

Really comfortable. They keep my feet warm without being too bulky.

These socks socks are so soft and comfortable!!

Soo comfy! And wicks away feet sweat! I’ve worn BOMBAS for 4-5 years and my first experience with Pacas blew BOMBAS away❗️👍🏻

These are the most comfortable socks you will ever wear. Everytime I put these socks on, I feel like I'm walking on air. I never want to take them off.

I gave these socks as Christmas presents and my wife's and daughter's faces lit up! High quality, soft, and so warm!!

Very soft, warm & cushions my feet. Beautiful colors!

Socks look and feel great! Arrived just in time for booker weather. Gave some as gift to friend for birthday, and she loves them!

very soft and comfortable. goes all the way up to knees so no pressure on calves.

These socks are the very best…soft, warm and they last if your dogs don’t play tug of war with them!

They look and feel great!

Best purchase ever! My feet were always cold until I tried my first Pacas socks. I bought the three pack of crew socks and three pack of compression socks. Loved them so much I bought a three pack of holiday crew socks and just came back for a six pack! Best socks I’ve ever worn - soft, warm, wear well and wash beautifully. Worth every penny!

I love the feel and warmth of the crew socks but the heel slips down on my size 6 foot while wearing a size small which should definitely be the right size. Also, they are a bit tight at the top when pulled up on my calf. I generally slouch them down toward my ankle to remedy this issue.

Love soft. Not itchy. Perfect. Can't get enough of them !

I love the feel of these socks. The fabric is so soft. The foot bed has extra cushioning. Just perfectly warm, comfortable.

These are the best, most comfortable socks ever! I always buy in quantities so I can give some to my friends.

Like them. They are soft and warm. I do wish the small size didn’t go to an 8. That sizing gives a little too much in the toe of my shoe.

After being a medical transcriptionist for 15 years and sitting quite a bit, I have small fluid pockets in front of my ankles. I have used other compression stockings from Amazon, but they were very difficult to put on. The Pacas compression socks are so soft and so easy to put on. I have been wearing them every day for a week, and I am already seeing some improvement in those small fluid pockets that I was thinking were going to be permanent! I don't know if they will completely go away, but these compression socks will be my go to when traveling and sitting for a while.

Just got them in the mail. Very soft product. Will update when I wear them.

My feet stayed warm and dry, socks are incredibly soft. Unfortunately they were to tight at top and cut into back of knee area causing quite discomfort. I'll try different size and see how that works other than that they were amazing

Soft and warm. So comfy! Best socks I’ve ever had! I will be getting more and want to get a sweater and scarf too!

I’ve bought 7prs of these socks they r very comfortable and keep my feet warm and r made very well I’m very satisfied with them

The only socks I wear any more! They are warm and comfortable, and they don't smell--ever. (I do wash my socks, but I know I could wear them for weeks without!) I have bought them for all my friends, and they are now equally addicted.

I love these socks. They are so warm and soft and not bulky.

Best socks ever! I live in Alaska and work outside part of the time for my job. My feet sweat and get cold. These socks keep my feet dry and though they are still cold, they are nowhere near as bad. The only sock I can wear several days if I have to that still feel clean. I’m slowly replacing all my socks with Pacas.

Love the compression socks. They are soft and warm and help with swelling.

The compression socks are fantastic! Very soft and warm. I should be wearing compression socks but most look old ladyish do I refused...until now! Love them. Ordered a 6 pack and will be ordering more.

I love them. firstI tried a 3 pack and liked them so much I went back for a 6 pack.

this blanket is perfect. even tho its so thin - it is warm & soft.

I gifted these socks to three relatives and they all love them. My nephew says they’re the most comfortable he’s ever worn. Bought a gift card at a discount for my account so I can keep on giving Pacas. 😃

Cozy and offers good support. Love these socks

My husband loves these socks. They are really soft and comfortable! They wash up great!

Warm and repeal moisture great shoes

Love them, so soft and very comfortable! Totally worth it!

They are soft and comfy. Best socks I have ever bought. I will definitely buy them again.

Some of the most comfortable compression socks I've worn!

I ordered 6 pair of black light weight socks for my mom. And 3 pair of black compression socks for her. I clearly clicked on black for both types of socks. When I look at the review summary it stated that the order was for 6 gray socks. I redid it several times ordering black and it kept listing it as gray. I typed in a comment stating that we wanted black but I got gray. We love the socks. So comfy and soft. I have ordered them for myself in the past and so I knew mom would love them. The compression socks are great too! They are slightly challenging to get on, but easier than most compression socks. The swelling in her lower legs has improved significantly. So grateful for these awesome socks. My husband has ordered Pacas socks in the past too. He loves them, but they did get holes in them a lot easier than we expected. Overall- love them!

Band is a little tight. Don’t know if they will stretch out a bit after washing. Nice and warm.

LOVE these! Soft, warm, not too short and good compression. My feet normally sweat during a 12 hour shift, but not in these socks!

Surprised how comfortable these are! I have traditionally been strictly a cotton sock person; the Paca's surpass comfort and fit versus my traditional cottton ones. It is winter, so too early to see how they will fair in warm weather.

Love them

They are so soft and cozy but still have then perfect texture and feel of great compression socks all at the same time

Soft and cushy but not too thick. I'm a volunteer first responder and have found these invaluable on wet nights because yes, my boots sometimes leak but me feet survive - way better than with cotton socks.

I absolutely love my Pacas socks! They are buttery soft and the only sock I've found that keeps my feet warm. I have Chillblains and in the winter time, need something to stave off the cold as much as possible. Pacas are my go to from now on. I've ordered crew socks as well as no show booties for work at the gym. I am so happy to have found these socks!

I like these socks a lot. comfortable, Soft and just warm enough indoors or outdoors. However, the fabric is mixed with acrylic, which I usually avoid. Even still I like the socks and wear them frequently.

Socks feel great, the only issue that I have with them so far is that my calves are a bit larger than most and the socks are a bit tight in that area. I did not want to go up a size as then it may be that the socks would not fit appropriately in other areas. But all in all they are good socks. Soft and wear nice.

The best socks ever!

Love this product, keeps me warm from my toes all the way up my leg. Plus’s the support of a compression stocking. I’m going to order for my daughter!

Awesome! My feet stay warm and don’t sweat.

The softest and warmest socks I’ve ever owned. I will definitely be purchasing more.

Love them! My feet are always getting cold due to sweating. They. Are staying warm and Dry! Can’t wait to see how they do in the cold when out riding my horses

best socks ever. they are so comfortable, I have a pair for every day of the week!

I love theses socks so much. Keeps my feet nice and warm in this cold. I got the black and white ones. However I'm a size 8 and it says to get medium but I decided to go with my gut feeling and got a large and so glad I did. I think they run a tad small but thats just me. Im glad I decided to worder them!

These socks are soft and comfortable, my feet don't hurt in my boots.

Wonderful socks. Warm Soft. Wash beautifully and do not lose their shape.

My BF wears beanie hats at work, in a metal open warehouse shop. The acrylic ones itched hos scalp. I bought him a Pacas beanie hat and it's way warmer and a game changer for him. No itchy scalp!

Love Pacas socks of all types. The best out there and they last a very long time and stay soft. I wash in cold and hang to dry, keeps them feeling new for many years.

Love Pacas socks of all types. The best out there and they last a very long time and stay soft. I wash in cold and hang to dry, keeps them feeling new for many years.

These are the BEST socks I have ever owned. They are thick and very warm. They are pricey, but if they last a long time they will be worth it.

So far so good. The socks have not slipped in my shoes yet, they are staying put. And they seem nice and well cushioned.

The crew socks are buttery soft and very warm. They even have a cushioned sole that feels wonderful on your feet. I’m very pleased with my purchase.

I've been wearing these almost every day since I bought them. I didn't know that socks could be this comfortable!

everyone got these for Christmas this year. they were a great hit!

I absolutely ADORE these socks! Pacas is the ONLY socks I wear. I wear the crew as well as the low cuts all year round. And if you’re my family or friends?? Well YOU get Pacas, too!! I gift them to everyone! These are the best socks I’ve ever had!

I was looking for socks for my daughter-in-law who had asked for them for Christmas. She is a new lacrosse mom living in Maine and wanted something warm. So I got her some Pacas. I decided that I would get my other daughters some, and some for myself. I just wore my first pair. We had a snowstorm and I figured that was the test. They are amazing! Warm but they don't make you sweat, thick but totally comfortable in my boots. I've never had socks as comfortable as these. Worth every penny

Love the mid-weight socks!! Perfect.

Love your mens and womens crew and compression socks

I love the comfort. Warm, but not too warm! Received a 3 pack for Christmas and ordered a 4 pack to complete a week!

The most comfortable socks I have worn.


I’m a person that I never wear socks to bed but once I put these on they haven’t gotten off my feet in three days !!!!!!

The socks went up quite high but not real tight. This makes them quite bearable and tolerate. Wish there were more colors for men

I love these socks! So soft, so warm, and the added cushion on bottom is luxurious. Cute patterns too. No sweating either. I’m curious to see how they do in the summer. Highly recommend!

I love them. They are so comfortable and very warm.

Soft and great

Soft and great

Bought these for my son-in-law who lives in England. He loves them! He liked the patterns and softness. Also said they are very warm.

Bought these for my daughter that lives in England, because it is SO cold there! She loves them. She said they are super soft and very warm!

Do soft and comfortable . I bought more after the first order because they are so comfortable

love the feel and warmth of these socks! so much softer and warmer than my wool socks! they wash up so nice to!

Everything is so incredibly soft!!!

Mem's crew cut socks Great cool, soft, thermo socks

I really like the crew cut light and heavy socks. however, some of the heavy socks with designs have threads that catch on my toes. At 75 years old, that makes it harder for me to put them on. I would like to replace those with the lighter socks. Otherwise, they are the best socks I have ever worn.

Love these socks! So soft and snug enough but not too tight. As a registered nurse these are the bomb!

I’m amazed at how soft these are and very comfy I will definitely be back for more colors

Best socks ever! We have goatheads where I live and these socks actually don't allow the thorns to get through. Will definitely be buying a bunch more!

My sweater came just before Christmas and I L🩷VE it!! Super SUPER soft cozy - keeps me warm and toasty (but not all sweaty!). Already ordered and received my second one and looking forward to wearing it as well!!

I L💜VE my PACAs crew socks!!!! They are SUPER soft and have a cushion-like feel on the bottoms of your feet when you walk … I’ve already ordered more to keep my feet nice and toasty this winter!’n

I love them! They are very comfortable and soft.

Surprisingly comfortable right out of the box! Used to use Sorels, now a fan of Pacas!!

Am soft,warm,wicking and cute winter designs!! Love these socks!!

These are the best socks. I wear them especially when it's cold. Keep my feet nice and warm. They are very soft.

Fantastic fit and cozy warmth. I will order more.

I have been wearing and ordering Pacas alpaca socks for the last three years. Every Christmas I give away about 20 pairs, and everyone loves them and looks forward to receiving them every year. I have even purchased the compression socks for myself, and found them very effective when I have to work and stand on my feet all day. I have worn my Pacas Compression socks working in 80 to 90° heat in Florida and felt no discomfort. They are the only socks I ever want to pull out of my drawer to wear on a daily basis.

I ordered 4 pairs of compression socks. They feel amazing and are just the right amount of compression and support. The first pair, though, got too tight at the top by the middle of my 12 hour shift. I had to roll the tops down to relieve the pressure. The second pair were perfect.

The softest socks ever. It feels like there is padding on my heel. Very warm and cozy. Will not go back to bombas

I love Pacas' socks. I have several pair. They are so durable, soft, and warm!

I absolutely love these socks. They are so soft and comfortable. Highly recommend them.

Great quality! A little bit too long for my short legs.

Love them. Easy to put on and legs felt great at end of day!

My order arrived quicker than expected, the original pack I wanted with the natural colors were not available in my size. The alternative was another 6 pack with pink, black, gray and a few others. I wanted colors that can match with more things. I ordered the (S) I wear a women’s 6.5 and they fit perfectly. Without a doubt they are so soft perfect for being cozy in the cold seasons. I haven’t worn them outside yet but I’m sure they will be warm. I’m definitely happy with my purchase.

I love Paca socks in general but if you haven’t try the compression socks then you must. They feel so good during long hikes, especially winter months.

OMG! These socks are so great! Got these for a friend & then ordered up many pairs for myself! They are so soft & comfortable. Great quality.

I give you an A plus❤️

Love my Pacas! Bye bye Bombas hello Pacas 💕

Great socks, pretty much the only socks I wear now! The only issue that I have found is a quality control issue on one sock where the “Pacas” name near the toe has most of the p and a blacked out on one sock. It doesn’t affect the comfort of the socks at all, just the aesthetic.

Nice socks but a bit tight around lower calf. They may want to have an option for wider socks or slouch socks. Very soft though. Would also like more solid colors and a choice of all pink socks.

So far best compression socks I’ve ever worn!! My feet don’t sweat at all & my legs feel amazing! I actually wear them daily, even on my off days bc they make my feet & legs feel good

If there is better service somewhere, I haven't seen it!!! This company is beyond excellent. As usual, I ordered the wrong size sweater for my wife. Pacas sent me a free shipping icon for my return. I mailed it back from the UPS store. Before they got the sweater, they had shipped the correct size one to my home address. We got the new sweater in less than a week. That kind of service is amazing. Also, the magenta sweater was much-loved by my wife. I will continue to do business with Pacas.

My husband and I traveled to Peru for our 30th anniversary in September and were able to feed some alpacas and admire the textiles made of their fiber and couldn’t bring enough souvenirs back in my luggage for all of our coworkers; and so I researched that your company had the best quality as well as the best use of the resources as well as honoring and contributing to the people who tend to the alpacas. I gave the socks out as a Christmas gifts where I work as a nurse and everyone was so impressed with the softness.

Excellent. Comfortable, soft and warm. Can't wear traditional wool socks, so these were a great find for hiking. They wash out/dry well by hand when travelling. Will continue to buy these socks!

These Pacas are the greatest! They are so soft and the colors are beautiful. I ordered some to give at Christmas and they were a hit! I feel so lucky that I came across your ad while on my phone. Happy New Year!

Wonderful! The first time my les do not hurt as much. I will definitely buy more.

I have sensitivity issues with how things feel. These are the best socks I've ever worn! Soft and snug like a gentle hug for my feet!

These socks are so comfortable! I was hesitant to spend the money on just 3 pair of socks but now I'm going to be buying a lot more, in different types. Great quality and sooooo soft, I love them!

Love them

I wanted to say your company has far exceeded my expectations. I sent my daughter and son-in-law a Christmas box with your socks for both and beanie for both. The box was delivered and within an hour stolen off their porch. I text you guys telling you what happened the next day. You shipped Another box with the items I had ordered and they received it a week later. They loved their items. You have made a forever customer! Thanks so much for going the extra steps to make a bad situation a wonderful one!

Just wow. I bought a second pair. One just for in home, a second pair for quick trips. So warm and comfortable. THANK YOU.

A friend gave me a pair of the paca socks.They are perfect for our cold climate.I recently purchased 3 more pairs!!Love them!!

Wonderfully comfortable socks! They’ll turn you into a sock snob

Perfect. Excellent quality and sizing was great

The fit is really remarkable and comfortable. The colors are pretty. I bought package of four. Gave 2 pair to my sister and 2 for myself.

I was looking for an alternative to bomba socks because they wear out quickly in the toe. My Pacas have held up incredibly well. It’s my new go to brand. They are soft and durable. I wear a size 8, ordered the M/L and they are perfect.

Soft, easy to put on, and just the right amount of compression. I feel the socks hug my legs without being tight or binding. They come off easily, and wash up well.

Love the softness of these sock. The available different patterns make them fun to wear.

I have to say I LOVE these socks. I was a bit worried about spending so much on socks but when they went on sale I bought a 3 pack to try them out. When I got them one of the pairs in the 3 pack had snags in it. I contacted the company and they sent me a WHOLE additional 3 pack no questions asked. That is AMAZING customer service. Now lets get to wearing the socks. They are so soft, not scratchy at all! They are padded just enough on the bottom to make them so warm. I used to freeze all the time in my house but when I wear these I am warm all the time. I love them and will be getting more in the future!!!

Great socks, really soft and warm. I love the extra padding in the sole

These are the only socks I buy and wear. They are soft, warm, comfortable and perfect for fall to spring weather under shoes or boots. I highly recommend them!

I simply cannot believe how delicious warm and comfortable these compression socks are. Not only am I wearing them for skiing but also for my daily walks on chilly New England walks. I truly hate to take them off at the end of a day. I am also so delighted with the ease of putting them on and taking them off. I am 5'6" tall but they come all the way to my knees and a bit beyond. Where have the Pacas been all my life? They are now my life-support for the winter days. Believe me, I have bought every ski and hiking sock available but none have been anywhere as warm or comfortable as my awesome Pacas! Thank you, Pacas, for really changing my outdoor life for the better!

Bought these for my wife and she loves them. We originally received the wrong order but customer service was great and corrected it in a very timely manner. Will order from Pacas again.

I have changed all my socks over to packs , love love them. Love the sweater, only thing is it stretches a bit when wearing and wish it had a bit more stretch at the cuff to reshape to original size. Love the fact I am neither hot or cold in the sweater! Fabulous for menopausal women!

Amazing softness and no itching! They washed up nicely without shrinking. No regrets - buy the socks!

Very comfortable and nice look.

The most comfortable,warm slipper I have ever worn.Bought a pair for my wife, to who loves them.

A fantastically warm sweater. Sizing was spot on, styling is great and the material is really comfortable. I’ll be ordering another.

These are very soft and just the right amount compression. I just got these socks and this is the first day of use. I hope to enjoy them for a long time.

This scarf is so beautiful and warm!

I like them because they don't leave a compression mark when I take them off.

These are very soft and warm. Love them !

These are absolutely amazing. They are so soft. I’m so happy I found these for travel and just when my legs need some love. You can’t go wrong with these socks.

Very Comfortable & Very Soft. Great Compression socks when on my feet as a Nurse🤩

Love these socks! So warm but not bulky and the fit is great. Wash and dry very well. So far they have held up.

Love these socks!!! The only socks I now wear. Worth every penny!!!

Warmth, comfortable, airy and a feeling of my feet covered in a soft fluffy cloud never seemed possible until I put Paca socks on! I am on my feet most of the day, in and out of the weather and these Paca socks perform better than advertised! Helps my tired feet and they simply feel amazing. I may never put another pair of socks on ever.

These socks are very warm and very comfortable

I gave these, and the men’s crew socks, for Christmas presents. Everyone raved about them so I went back and purchased more including for me. \*\*\*. That is me jumping and raving. So comfy. And I have tried many brands.

There are very warm and comfortable. Will purchase others

Extremely soft and comfortable for my long hospital shifts. Will buy again.

Not only super soft, but roomy in the toes area. No more squished toes. Almost forget I’m wearing socks at all. Even comfy for night wear!! So blessed! I’m sharing with my daughter!

I'm so in love with my socks

Super soft, super comfortable, and super cute!

I purchased a scarf and hat for my wife from Christmas. She loved both and raved about how warm the hat is. The ordering process was easy and shipping was fast. As a first time customer, I was very impressed. I recommend the company and their products.

Fit well soft cushions feet well washed well

Great scarf. Soft and warm and great style. Got two, love them both.

I just started wearing compression socks for medical reasons. I have been trying different brands, ranging from bargain priced ones from Amazon to two well known brands, to see which work best for me. Pacas showed up on my FB feed and I ordered to see how they compared. They win! Much nicer material than the others, soft and comfortable. I'll definitely be ordering again!

I like the softness. I would prefer that the tops not leave indentations on my legs . I do not have large legs & they’re not swollen … so the top band is a little too snug

Love love love them I live in SC n even though our weather doesn’t get as cold as when we lived in PA but my feet are always cold. Gabe these a try n they are wonderful! Will buy more ! Ladies you can’t go wrong! Just as described soft warm keeps my feet very cosy without sweating ❤️

Hi, this is Claudia Barros, and I bought the socks as gifts for my son Lucas and daughter-in-law, Brittany. They loved it.

Soft, comfortable, my feet can either be warm or cool in these socks, so they're not just for cold weather! The socks have a little lip at the heel so they don't slide down in my shoe! Plus they come in a lot of awesome colors!

Super soft, great fit and very cozy. Love to just lay around the house with them on, on a cold winter wet day.

The absolute warmest sock that my feet have experienced! And the patterns are colorful, which I adore!!

Warm and cozy feet! Cute designs! These have been the favorite present for my sister, my daughter, and myself this Christmas. Already ordering more…

Soft, warm, thick and stay up!

My daughter was delighted with these compression knee highs! Just the right amount of compression, fit comfortably and feel great!

We love Pacas! My husband has worn Gold Toe compression socks forever, but then I got him some Pacas compression socks, and he's in love! Bye, Gold Toe! There is no comparison. He is never going back. Softer, warmer, more cushioning. Perfect in every way.

The softest and most wonderful sweater ever. I got SO MANY compliments!!

Comfortable and they work