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Love ‘em

I wear my compression socks every day. They are soft, comfortable, and do the compression job! I used to have compression socks that I could only wear in warmer weather. That doesn't happen that much here is Wisconsin. I tried the compression pacas and they are perfect! I love everything about them.

Love...LOVE this one!!!🥰

Really comfy socks. Really easy purchase.

Love them, would love to get several more pairs.

Beautifully made

I haven't owned these crew socks for very long, so I don't have an idea of how well they will wear over time, but I can say that they are noticably softer than ANY other socks that I've worn. I've found them to be warm, comfortable, and very good at wicking moisture away from my feet. Very good all-day comfort.

Love them they are soft , warm and very comfortable.

Very soft and warm. I followed instructions when washing, but they do pill a lot. Otherwise they're great.

I have Raynaud’s disease and these are by far my favorite socks. Anyone with Raynaud’s knows how hard of a struggle it is it is to keep your feet warm and how painful it can be. These socks are amazing and do a great job at keeping my feet warm. I can’t say enough about how much I love these socks!!!

I love these! I bought some my second winter here in Pennsylvania and again more this winter. They are soft and warm and all I want to wear.

So soft and cuddly warm

The wife will only wear Pacas socks now, she absolutely loves them. Make sure you order the socks 2 weeks before you want them, processing and shipping of orders has never been quick on any of the three orders we have placed. Absolutely excellent product and worth having though!

My husband says they are the best feeling socks he has ever had. He loves the softness and that they stay up and don’t creep down through the day.

I love these socks! They are easy to put on and take off, and feel like a warm, cozy hug.

5 stars for the wonderfully soft socks! 2.5 stars for customer service.

Wife constantly raves about the socks I purchased for her. Guess it was a good purchase!

I absolutely LOVE my Pacas! My Mom loves hers as well, this cold winter.♥️ Waited a bit longer than I’m used to, but they are definitely worth the wait! I can’t wait to order more….♥️🦙

Best socks I have ever had. Compression is good but comfortable and not too tight.

The socks are very nice - the delivery time was over a month, which was not good since I had intended them to be a Christmas present.

I love these socks! They are warm and soft and wonderful. I think that they are the best socks on earth and worth every penny. I bought some for my nephew and my mother and they love them too.

The most comfortable and softest sweater I have ever owned. If not only feels good it is beautiful. I have had so many compliments on this. I loved it so much, I bought myself another and gave 3 more as gifts. Everyone that I gave a sweater to tells me they love it and it’s one of their favorites. Thank you Paca for such excellent products.

Love them super warm too!

The softest and most comfortable socks I ever owned! My feet are finally warm at night. This is huge for me.

Wife constantly raves about the socks I purchased for her. Guess it was a good purchase!

Best socks ever

Love them, they wash well & are still soft

Great socks! Soft and comfortable. They stay up!

My granddaughter is on the Autism spectrum. She lives with sensory problems that affect the clothes she is comfortable wearing. All the socks we have tried prior to PACAS have been so scratchy & irritating to her that she refuses to wear them. It’s been so bad that she won’t even wear socks in the winter. Well that all changed when I gave her PACAS for Christmas. She said “these actually feel good!” So this is my 2nd order for her!! Thank you PACAS!

Amazingly soft and comfortable!! Best socks I have ever worn by far!!

I have neuropathy (nerve ending cause sharp pains) from diabetes. I also have poor circulation in my extremities so I get cold hands & feet easily. Since trying these socks I have not had any issues with my feet freezing. These socks have been a game changer for my feet. The bold colors and designs are wonderful too. The little lip along the heel is brilliant too so they don’t fall into the shoe. I love my Pacas socks!

My mom loves them. My daughter loves them. My girlfriend loves them.

Love these socks. Soft and cushy.

It is so soft and lightweight and warm. My husband loves it. The size is true to size and looks beautiful on. Took a long time for delivery but was worth it.

I love these socks. I gave as Christmas presents to family members and they love them. So warm & comfy

So incredibly soft, warm but let my sweaty feet breathe. The added padding on the bottom with breathable top is a great touch. Never going back to bombas.

These are the best feeling socks I've ever worn . Together with Merinos shoes , your walking on clouds . Thank you for making compression socks. Sue Holford

They are so soft, comfortable, and warm. Exactly what I needed.

These are absolutely my favorite socks ever! Incredibly soft, warm, and comfortable! I highly recommend them!

Absolutely the BEST compression socks I’ve ever worn and I wear compression socks 98% of the time for good circulation!!!

Hard to say - but they blow Bombas away!!

I am enjoying my black size small men’ s compression socks— the women’s compression were not available in size large. But I am happy with these & wear them every day. I like the thick toe area- it won’t get poked & wear thin over many wearing. They are easy to put on, unlike the higher compression medical grade socks. I will be getting lighter colors for spring season.

Wifey loves them!!!!

Love the Women's crew cut pacas socks. They are so warm and comfortable.

Super soft and warm. Love it. Would definitely buy more.

I bought both women’s and men’s socks for the second time this year. Everyone in my family has rated them as their very favorites! I was only disappointed that they didn’t get here in time for Christmas so next year I’ll be sure to order early! We love everything about the socks, fit, weight, texture, warmth, comfort.

The socks are so soft yet very warm! They washed really well too!

My family and friends ❤ love the softness and warmth

I love these compression socks! There are incredibly soft and warm! My last order, when I ordered women’s navy or gray socks, size small/medium, I received MEN’s LARGE LIGHT GREY SOCKS!🙄😳

I love my scarf, the colors are beautiful and it's so soft! Delivery was fast too.

happy with mine. Just enough support and keep my feet warm and dry.

Want warmth & softness together? There socks are the real deal!

So comfortable and supportive. Love them!

I bought socks for my daughter, my grand-daughter, & my 6 year old grandson. All three love the socks. My daughter says she likes them better than Bombas socks!!!

The socks are war, comfortable and cute.

Love these socks. Super soft and don’t pull down into the shoe when walking. I ordered a few to try and then ordered 6 more pair. I will be ordering again!

Awesome socks

softest ever...my feet have never been warmer without being too hot

My feet say Thank You Pacas every day!

Soft, warm, comfortable.

Love the comfort and soft feel of these socks.

What a beautiful scarf and it’s so soft and keeps my neck warm

So soft and warm!

Best socks for cool weather! So soft and warm. And great colors and patterns. Bought for all my kids.

So comfy. Bought for my wife and sisters first and they liked them so much, got some for myself. Makes it easier to walk all day.

Really, really like my throws. I bought 1,liked it so much that I bought 2 more. I also have some of the compression socks and recommend them to everyone that I talk to about them. Very warm and not too thick.

This is an update to a prior review regarding an order in which socks were shipped instead of a sweater. We heard back from Pacas today and the team has quickly shipped a sweater. To be honest, I was kind of worried we wouldn't hear back from the company, but happily, the customer service person was super helpful and sent out a sweater to replace the mis-shipped product. We have some Pacas socks and they are scrumptiously soft and comfortable. The sweater has got to be amazing.

I fell in love with Pacas on my first shipment of crew socks. In the meantime I've cleaned out my drawers of all the old socks I had been wearing and wear Pacas only! I bought the compression socks to try and use them as winter knee socks. Try them, you'll love them!

It is perfect. The weight is just right and soft too. Love it so much. I don't want to share it with any one.

Love my pacas- they’re so soft and comfy. I have gotten some for my grown daughters and they love them too.

So soft and comfortable!!

I wear a size 10 women’s shoe And have found I have to have the med men’s size. I gave my women’s large to my daughter wears a size 8 and she love them and ordered more

Love these socks!! Wish I could afford more!!!

Love, love, L O V E these socks‼️ We gave them to 12 people for Christmas, because we love them so much! They are so soft and warm (but not hot). Get some! You’ll love them too!

I'm amazed with the comfort. My feet don't get sweaty. They are so soft. And look great after being laundered. They're pricey but well worth it. Move over wool/cashmere! Alpacas is the best!

Very soft & warm

Ordered the mens 6 pk...was short 2..BUT not only did PACAS credit our acct for the 2 PR they later sent them to us after they got over the Christmas rush. We received them in January. We love Pacas. They are the only socks that help my hubby's neuropathy feet. We will definitely be buying from them again. This was our 2 nd order from them. I wash these socks in the washer but hang to drg. They last a long time. Thank you Packs for great customer service.

I love to buy these products for my friends and family. They love them.

I love Pacas socks. They are great for winter in my boots!!

My Paca socks are so comfortable and keep my feet warm all day.

My Husband likes these socks. He is very picky.

Beautifully made. Love this so much. Looking forward to getting a second one soon.

So soft. And warm. One of a kind and worth it.

LOVE these! Have ordered more

Great socks give me the needed support and keep my feet warm.

These are the best socks that I've ever wore. They are soft, warm, but breathe well on days that aren't cold.

Great socks and awesome customer service. I love the comfort and support theses socks offer. Big fan and customer for life now!

I never knew socks could feel so good.

Warm, comfortable, easy to put on!!

I bought some for my daughter and for myself. We love them as they are so soft and they don't bind around the leg. I am looking for brown shades but can't seem to find any. Also they do pill which I don't care for. I wash mine in cold water and dry them on a drying rack. What can I do to prevent them from pilling?

Blanket is so so soft and colors are beautiful. Love it. Thanks

softest, warmest socks! My hubby loves them. New favorites.

My granddaughter thinks they're the greatest for absorption, coolness, warmth and comfort!

This sweater is lightweight and toasty warm! Perfect for travel since it takes minimal space in your suitcase. I chose eggplant color. It's gorgeous.

Love these! Warm without making my feet sweaty. Super soft too!

Love these socks. Soft, comfortable & feet don't sweat

Very soft & warm

Softest socks I've ever had. My feet feel like they're on clouds. They felt so good I took a pair to work to let 2 friends feel them. (A new unused pair lol). Now they're ordering. Get yourself some, you won't be disappointed!

Softest socks I've ever had. My feet feel like they're on clouds. They felt so good I took a pair to work to let 2 friends feel them. (A new unused pair lol). Now they're ordering. Get yourself some, you won't be disappointed!

This is unbelievably soft and beautifully made. I wish it wasn’t dry clean only.

I have to say I LOVE my Pacas! I have neuropathy & a medical condition that causes my feet to stay ice cold & turn blue. They tingle & throb when I’m out or just working around the house! Well, I received my Pacas faster than I expected, about 2 weeks! Wow, they are so soft & warm! My neuropathy doesn’t complete go away but is definitely better! Also, no chilly blue toes unless the weather is snowy & 30’s. Yes they are pricey but so worth it for this autoimmune plagued mamaw! I think it would be awesome if Pacas offered PerPay, Klarna, PayPal, etc.

My feet are always cold in winter. These socks keep my feet warm without overheating or moisture . Love them . Will highly recommend

I love the socks! They are comfortable, warm and they keep away foot smell. I have gotten rid of my other socks. Thank you for making these.

Best socks ever! They are sO comfy, and keep my feet warm! I even wear them skiing, and my feet never get too cold. I will never go back!

This scarf is a wonderful addition to my wardrobe. The scarf is dense and warm. The colours are vibrant and just as described. It is a generous size. I would highly recommend it.

Beautiful, warm, and so soft. I love this wonderful scarf!

So soft & thick & so cute! Well worth the wait!♥️

I waited a long time to get my socks. But it was well worth the wait ! I try to walk 10,000 steps a day . Wanting to write a true review I waited to go on my walk. I found myself walking a faster and feeling a comfort in my walk. I was reflecting on what was different. Then I remembered… my NEW socks ✅

Got a bundle pack for my wife for Christmas. She loves the softest socks ever and all are warmer than wool. She uses that blanket the most as a shawl during winter nights.

The products are very nice, a bit more than expected. Once we got over the delivery issue due to the extremely bad, col weather all was well. The folks at Pacas are very responsible and follow up as they say.

Love my Pacas crew cut socks! Only socks I wear all winter! I would love to see lower prices or more sales so that I can buy more of them!

I LOVE these socks!!! I would like to order more next time you have 25 per cent off I will order again .!!! thank you!!

The wife has wanted these for a while now. Keeps her feet nice and toasty.

So cozy, soft and warm! It was cold and rainy in Seattle and my feet were well taken care of in these awesome socks.

Fantastic fit and they are soft and warm!

Love my Pacas!! Since buying my first pairs 3 years ago, I refuse to buy anything else!

Love them!! They are the softest warmest and most comfortable socks I have ever owned!

These are so comfortable. I have used Pacas socks for quite a while and they never disappoint. The are soft, warm and durable with a great fit everytime.

It is long like a tall size. It is so warm and soft. I LOVE ALPACA.

I love my Pacas! Ever since they arrived I haven't worn any of my other socks. Soft, warm without suffocating my feet and not too tight on my calf.

Got these for my wife and she loves them will definitely be getting more

Luv them. Great with all footwear. Ordered additional too replace all my socks.

I LOVE ALPACA!!! Bought one for my daughter and one for me. These were SO nice.

Love, Love, Love! So soft and warm! Best socks I have ever had on my feet!

best socks hands down. I'm in and out of the elements all day. They don't get hot or cold. Best socks I've ever had..

She loved them! We like the guy's colors better than the women's. But she said they are super soft and wants more!



Soft, warm, and very comfortable!

Great colors and very comfortable socks!

Love love these socks my grandkids wear these all the time and love them. I have to buy more.

These Pacas socks look and feel great. They’ve quickly become my favorite cold weather socks and as such quickly purchased two more pair, totaling six pair.

Just beautiful and soft. I am so happy with this purchase! Now, I can get some socks and other necessities! Thank you so much!

The socks are wonderfully soft and snuggly warm.

Warm and effective!

Husband says these are the best! They are soft, warm and not itchy, they let his feet “breathe” and the top of the sock is not too tight on his calf. A winner!

Christmas for my husband, except it was a week after Christmas we got them. He really likes them.

The wrap is so warm and soft!

Great product. Very comfortable and wonderful colors

Socks are so soft and feel wonderful. My favorite socks now.

Best socks to ever touch my feet. Soft, durable. I'll buy more

My all-time favorite warm socks!

These were a gift for my husband and he loves them! He works standing on his feet in a workshop and his feet were always cold. Not so with these fantastic socks! He's asked me to buy him more, too!!

I Love these socks, my second time buying them. This year lots of friends and family got warm comfy Pacas socks!!!

I find them comfortable to wear and they also keep my feet warm. Some were presents and the receivers were happy to get them.

Love them!!!!!!!!! So soft and comfortable!!!!

Love these socks!

These are 2nd pair of socks I have purchased. Paca socks are the BEST EVER!! Every chance I get I tell people haw great they are. I used to buy the cheapest socks I could find but as I've gotten older am more sensitive to the cold. I decided to try these after reading so many rave reviews. They are the softest, cushiest socks that keep my feet toasty warm but never sweaty. I am now a Paca sock convert and can never go back to wearing anything else.

Wonderful, just the right amount of support! Not too tight! Love them, ordered more!

My wife absolutely loves the socks!! So warm and soft. We will be buying more for me and others!!

Even though I waited 4weeks for my socks to arrive and couldn't give them as Christmas gifts, I absolutely love them. They are soft and warm just like advertised.

So soft and warm! They are all I wear now. Nothing compares! My daughter, who has sensory issues, will only wear these, as well!

I love the Pacas socks! I have never found a sock as warm as theirs!

So soft and warm! It’s all I wear now…seriously.

These are the greatest socks ever. My husband bought me some for Christmas and I immediately went and order myself more. Love them. Also, fun fact, when your feet are cold, and you pull your Pacas fresh out of the dryer, it's the most amazing feeling you'll have all day.

I love the fit and Warmth of these socks. I thought they would be bulky but they are not. They are my favorite socks!

Love them, very soft and sooooo… warm!

My wife was surprised by how much she loves these socks! They are a perfect combination with her new boots; she had warm and dry feet for the whole day!

Amazing product, thank you!

very warm and soft.... love them!!

Extremely soft socks. They fit perfectly on my feet. I would highly recommend them to anyone who loves their feet!!

Love, love, love my Pacas ! Warm, soft and very comfortable. I won't buy any other kind of sock. Last Christmas I bought some for my husband. Recently (a year later) I noticed a hole in the bottom of a couple of pairs so I ordered 6 more pairs for him. Now I get them every Christmas for gifts as they are requested!!!

My favorite socks. Pretty much the only socks I wear. I have given others in my family Pacas to try and they love them, too.

Warm and buttery as advertised!!!

Love these socks. They have extra padding for the bottom of the foot. They are more tight at the tops.

Theses Paca socks are so soft. They are very comfortable to wear all day. These are a little too thick. I do like thinner socks, but this won’t stop me from still wearing them. Thank you for the comfort, & for your donation. I love that you donate for every pair I buy. Top notch company.

Soft, warm, excellent fit, they wash-up nicely, high quality, and I highly recommend.


I ordered women's socks. Men's sock and some no show socks. When I received my order it was incomplete. I contacted the company. They immediately responded and compensated their mistake. The paca socks are amazing.

My left foot thanks you, my right foot thanks you, and all my warm toes. Finally, warm and NON-sweaty feet. I really love them. Ann

Very comfortable and keep your feet warm.

Love, love, love my Pacas!! Soft and warm!!

soft, warm, well made…. I love these socks !!!

It's like wearing a soft fluffy but firm hug on your feet and calves

I became a Pacas customer January 2022. I have the crews as well as the low cut. Very soft & comfy!

I received crew socks as a gift, and loved them so much I purchased the low cut socks. They are great for every day and the gym! Going to place another order.

I love my compression socks so much that when my grandson who plays college football in Montana said his feet got really cold when walking to class, I decided to get him some for Christmas. Leo and behold, Pacas even had extra large for men (he wears men’s 14). He loved the fit and said he was warm.

These are the best socks I've worn! I have told friends to get these socks too!! Love it!

Love my Pacas! My feet smile when I put them on!

Thick socks that feel great!

Both hubby and I LOVE our Pacas!

I love my new socks! They are soooo comfortable. It is like they give my feet a hug. They are warm but my feet are never too warm. I loved them so much I ordered for my daughters also. They are worth the price charged. I feel the comfort they provide for my feet make it a great value for my money. The service is terrific also.

Awesome socks! So comfortable and perfect fit.

Feel very good on my feet. Got some for my mother and said how warm her feet were.

I adore them. Soft, comfortable, good fit, and keep my feet so warm. I will be buying more of these and also other of your products. GREAT QUALITY

Warm and soft !

Soothing and soft. Luxurious.

Love the socks….extremely soft!

I bought 3 pair of socks, they are very soft and warm! I highly recommend buying them!

Love these socks, so soft and have enough stretch to fit perfectly. I would like to be able to buy a pack of 3 same color, instead of variety pack.

Bought these for my wife and she loves. Incredibly comfortable and soft.

A gift for the wife, she LOVES them.

They are very comfortable. I do wish they were a bit shorter. They are soft.

Excellent, soft, warm great quality.


Great scarf!

As a chef I spend 10+ hours a day on my feet, and these most comfortable socks I ever worn especially in the kitchen. I bought a second pack after the first day of wearing them, and I plan to replace all my other socks with Pacas.

Love them!

My wife loves her new Pacas

My wife loves her socks. We'll be buying more.

love my pacas! so soft and comfortable!

Socks are fantastic. The only problem was delayed order due to holidays. It took way to long to arrive.

I love these socks! They are so soft and warm—perfect for our winter weather. Your feet don’t sweat in them, and they feel delightful. They also wash well. I don’t put them in the dryer to guard against possible shrinkage. I’ve bought some for my daughters, and they’ve fallen in love with them too.

So soft and comfortable.

Comfortable and warm. Perfect for winter days.

These socks are perfect! Warm, comfortable and breathable. It is such a relief to find socks that I can count on for comfort. Love them!

Love all of my Pacas socks! I have crew socks but only want solid black. Is that ever an option?

Softness and fit are a plus, as well as they keep your feet warm in cold weather and no stinky feet too.

Softest most yummy socks ever Love mine!

Love my Pacas! My sister borrowed mine & is now buying them also! Thanks!

Awesome! Warm and comfortable

Love the socks! Warm and very comfortable! Do not like the service however, still waiting on another order which was placed on 12/12. Still no response as to when it might ship. Missed a late Christmas!

I love them! I have purchased some for my family, friends and boyfriend!

Best thing ever for my arthritic ankles

Love these socks. hiking, skating, skiing or just relaxing - they are just right!

Love the softness, the fit, and the comfort!

Awesome!!! Soft and warm!!!

I had a good experience. I ordered these for my wife. I then read several bad reviews, even some saying this company was a scam, and that the product would never arrive. Shipment was a bit slow, but the socks arrived about 3 weeks after I ordered them, and were really nice. Slightly faster shipment gives this product 5 starts instead of four.

My new favorite socks! Feet stay warm outside in our Minnesota winters, and don't get sweaty indoors. I love them!❤️❤️❤️

Awesome socks

Like the fit and the softness, keep feet dry and warm

Love them!

Awesome socks!

Absolutely love these socks! Also got some for my husband and he said that it's the first time that he has warm feet although he was always wearing merino wool socks before. We already ordered more. We got our first order late but it is understandable with the businesses sometimes struggling to get the material they need. Thank you for this great product!

I love all my Pacas. They keep my feet warm but never perspire. I use them as slippers. You won’t be disappointed.

Got these for my wife and she loves them. She says they are super soft and feel like they are high quality. Will likely get more in the future

The most awesome socks I have ever worn. So soft and warm. I LOVE THEM!!!

I bought them for my daughter and she loves them!

My husband loves them. Softer, warmer, and more cushioning than his other socks. He thinks I should get my own Pacas.

As always, the socks are some warm and soft! Make my feet really happy!!! Highly recommend!!

I loved the women's crew cut socks so much I ordered the men's crew for my husband and he loves them as much as I do! He's in a work boot all day every day and told me they feel great on his feet. I recommend them to everyone who has never tried an alpaca socks. So soft so warm and breathable.

I'm not a big fan of socks even though I live in a 4 season state with winters being harsh at times. But ...I took a chance on these socks and am so pleased with them I just can't say enough good about them!! They are warm without being too warm and so very soft. I absolutely love them and recommend them highly

Love these socks! They are very comfortable & warm.

i love my Pacas! I will never wear another kind of socks now as they are the best!

A soft but strong feeling is so wonderful when first putting on the Pacas, all types !!

Love them!!

I'm in love with my Pacas socks! I know it is a splurge but seriously, I want to throw all of my other socks away and just wear these! I've placed 3 orders since October. Delivery is not as quick as I hoped but SO happy with the product when received. I had an issue on one order and Customer Service was wonderful. Will continue to order from this company and treat myself.

PACAs are the best! They keep my feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Very soft and comfy!

They are the best

Well made. Comfortable for someone with arthritis and painful feet. Enjoyed the feel and softness. 👍