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My sister bought me 3 pair fir Christmas and I love them. I ended up buying 3 more pair and a two pair for my daughter and father. These socks are the most comfortable I have ever worn. They cost a little more than your average pair at your typical clothier but are far better in quality and comfort making the slightly extra cost worth it. You truly do get what you pay for and I will be buying more soon. Also, your customer service is above and beyond. Special thanks to Omar who helped me with an order issue.

The are so comfy and odor resistant!! Love them.

This was by far the quickest I’ve received my new socks. Thank you for making the most comfortable sock around. Wish there was an ankle sock. But for now I just cuff the crew socks. My kids look forward to their pair in their stocking every year. And my daughter loves them in her cowboy boots.

Simply the best of the rest! Love love love me some Pacas!

What can I say!! I love Pacas. Great well made items. Love giving as gifts, as they are so well received. I have been gifting and will continue to do so. Great!!!

These socks are wonderful - super soft and warm! They make fabulous gifts. Pacas Customer Service is outstanding. Jhoanna handled the only problem I have ever had with any of the pacas products that I ordered very efficiently and kindly. She was very professional!

We love the socks. They are so soft and wear well

My husband loves these socks. He wears them golfing all the time.

❤️ love

These are by far my favorite socks! They are comfortable and fit are a great fit in shoes too!

Very soft and comfortable. Alleviates swelling. Great product!

Soft No sweating Most Comfortable socks I have worn Recommend


Warm, really Soft and Comfortable- Hit everything on my checklist

These socks are wonderful! They don't constrict my feet at all and they are surprisingly cool! Yep even working on my feet for 6 hours they don't get hot! Amazing! Oh and so soft! Definitely a luxury to oneself!

Very comfortable and I would buy them again.

They are super soft but a bit too long and too tight at the top. The descriptions says that size small/med fits women's show size 5 - 8 but I am not so sure about that. I wear a 7, and the heel of these socks is higher than the heel of my foot. By the end of the day the top part of my calf has indentations from them being too tight. I will say though that if my legs were not chunky and my feet small neither of these things would be an issue. So if you don't have small feet and/or chunky legs than these compression socks are great.

The safest and most comfortable socks I have ever worn!!!

Excellent fit and quality. My only complaint is that they sent me to two “right” socks instead of a right and left. Why do they mark socks with a R & L anyways? ;-)

Super soft. I am in work boots for 8hrs a day and my feet used to sweat like crazy. Now my feet are dry and comfortable. Definitely recommend alpaca socks/products. I will be buying more.

Super soft socks that I headed outside on a dewy morning. Got my shoes wet; but didn't even realize it as the socks kept my feet warm and dry. Pretty awesome!!

Love my pacas. I’m a sock addict These are the best. Fit perfectly and feel like dream !

Lovely material, soft and nice weight. Good compression, not too tight.

AWESOME.... they are awesome. Bought them for wife, kids, grandkids.... everyone loves them. They are a 100% favorite.... and how often can you say that?

Amazing socks. I think I have every style and they're all amazing! I used to buy smart wool or darn tough or barefoot dreams, so I know good socks and these are by far the best and also the cutest!!!

Soft, not too tight, and fun colors. Pacas have been my favorites since buying the crew socks a while back. I'm on my feet all day and Pacas socks hold up! Cushiony and well made. I've been recommending Paca socks to all my airline coworkers. Thanks for existing!

I got these as a gift. I have cerebral palsy, so my circulation isn’t up to par. They are absolutely incredible. They are buttery, cool and warm when needed. I can’t wait to try women’s crew socks.

So soft and comfy!!

Incredibly soft and comfortable. Compression is a bit less than most quality moderate (15-25 mmhg) compression socks, yet have good compression. Easy to put on and firm enough to stay up all day. Lg/xlg seem a bit large for my 10 1/2 shoe size as while heel remains in place, excess material develops at the toes. Loving these socks.

Wonderfully comfortable and incredibly soft. I absolutely love them!!!!

These are great compression socks. They do the job AND are easy to get on, unlike other brands of compression socks I’ve tried in the past. The quality materials are a plus, and I enjoy wearing these socks.

I love my Pacas compression socks, they are so soft and comfortable, I would recommend them to anyone looking for compression socks!

Just love them all!!! The men's crew socks, the women's no show socks and just waiting for my lightweight women's crew socks too...

Excellent socks. Soft but durable.

These are awesome. Same soft alpaca, but thinner and does not leave your feet hot even after wearing all day in the summer!

Love these socks. They work fine in boots and slip on shoes. My feet aren’t itchy or wet.

So soft and comfortable! The only socks I wear. Definitely my Favorite!!

My husband loves these socks!

These are the most COMFORTABLE socks I have ever owned! Highly recommend!

I got these for my granddaughter and she loves them. She's 13 and has to have 100% cotton or wool. When she first tried them she said they made her feet fell really good and not too hot. I just ordered her some for this fall.

Love my Paca socks. They are so so ft a comfortable. I will definetly be buying more.

Perfect fit and soooo soft!!!

Great product, I wear them every day.

Best socks ever!!!

I bought a few pair of socks as a test run - just discovered Pacas. Oh my - they are fantastic! So then I lost my mind and bought some for my husband, and some for my sister which will be a Christmas gift. I really had to hold back! My size is small to medium. They did shrink the first wash/dry but they are not too small. When I put them on after laundry, they recovered their size and are awesome. I live in a southern state and I’m wearing them daily with my OrthoFeet shoes. Wish I had more things to say but I will leave it here. I highly recommend, and my husband likes his too. Who gets excited about socks - I do!!!!

These are the most comfortable socks I can ever had.

I love these socks.

Beautiful socks. Very comfortable

I bought these for my hubby and he loves them! He said they make his shoes more comfortable to walk in.

Men’s crew socks 🧦 had been a gift 🎁, they loved them a lot. Said they fit perfectly and they are very comfortable.

Just perfect

I don't usually like low cut socks, because they tend to creep down into my shoes, but Pacas stay put! They are so soft and comfy too, with plenty of extra padding in the sole. A note about size though... I wear a size six, and the small socks seem a little too small. I bought the large socks this time, and they are a great fit! Not too loose at all.

Wonderfully soft and warm.

Love them I’ll never wear cotton socks again!

So comfortable and much easier to put on and take off than some other brands. Just reordered.

Love love all Pacas products. The socks are so comfortable- thick, soft and my feet don’t sweat. I like them so much I ordered a bunch of them even though I don’t really need more socks. I always reach for them over the others.

I love how they stay where you put them on your feet and they are so soft.

These socks are so comfortable! My daughter wants to wear the black pair under her wedding dress with her black Vans. (Her wedding dress is black!)

Very soft for a 12 hour shift. Just the right amount of compression.

Absolutely love these socks. First set of compression socks I bought I received two compression and one crew socks. Funny as I did not even realize I did not receive three compression socks until two months later. The second set of compression socks I received last week and all three are compression socks this time. I just ordered the low-cut socks today so looking forward to those as well. Since I did not realize my first set were not all compression socks, I will probably give the crew socks to my daughter. My feet are happy with my 10-hour shifts as a nurse.

I'm a diabetic and Pacas are the only sock I've found that don't cause my feet to hurt. Long-term, faithful customer.

Soft, warm, comfortable


Received my crew cut socks: they are really soft, comfortable and warm. This was my first purchase but certainly not my last.

Very soft and comfortable. I love that they are fun colors and patterns, not looking like support stockings, but fashion knee-his.

I really am pleased with the compression socks. They are so comfortable and wear well. I am very pleased with the color selection and they go with my clothing nicely. Thank you for making these socks available. A satisfied customer! Janet

I have severe neuropathy and Raynauds Syndrome. These socks help reduce the pain IMMENSELY! I have knee/compression socks for winter also. What game changers!!!

Fit good! Very comfortable! Soft! I will definitely buy again!

Love these socks. They are so soft and comfortable. I have now switched from Bombas to Paca's

Just got my first order today. I tried on a pair of the compression socks just to see if they fit, and they are the softest things I have ever had on my feet. And the compression is perfect. So comfortable! I will definitely be buying more!

I bought 9 for my Wife and she loves them. She doesn't wear any other socks now!

Love how they look and feel. A great buy!

Just received my order and I wonder why I waited so long! I work in the veterinary field and spend long shifts on my feet on a concrete floor, so I always wear compression hose. They help my legs, but the nylon/polyester material is not friendly to my feet- making them sweat and hurt by the end of the day. Pacas are the the answer. They are soft and breathable, but supportive. Because I have large calves, I ordered men's M/L and they are the perfect fit. This was definitely money well spent. Thank you!

Great colors and soft and warm!

I purchased these to wear with my mid-calf cowgirl boots. They are perfect!

Most comfortable and soft compression socks I've worn! Wore them on a 2-hour drive and had no leg issues.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Socks and Customer Service are outstanding!

Holy cow I love these socks! They’re soft, and they adjust to your body temperature. It’s late spring/early summer here, and somehow they aren’t hot in my sneakers outside, but keep my feet warm when I come inside to the air conditioning. They last and last, like an investment. I’d rather have four or five pairs of them than fifteen pairs of cheap cotton socks that have holes in them after just a couple months. Plus I feel good knowing that they’re sustainable. It’s true — once you go alpaca, you can’t go baca.

The socks are so soft. I wore them for just a short time and they are now stored with all my other woolens because we are swarmed with moths that are attacking all wool products in my home. When they leave, my socks will come back out.

So pretty and soft! I love that about them, and they'll make great hiking socks, but the compression just wasn't strong enough for my workday as a nurse. I had to switch back to my old ones after two shifts because my legs felt "full" and heavy by the end of a twelve-hour day in my Pacas.

Excellent summer socks and my favorite for all seasons., So soft.

Love your compression socks. Comfortable and effective.

Ok these are seriously awesome. While I love my packs crew socks for winter I was looking for something a bit lighter for summer and these deliver perfectly. Soft, comfortable with just the right amount of stretch. Love them!

Love m Pacas. All ready for my vacation now that I have a new supply!

Love it!!

Bought these for my son and he says they're the MOST comfortable compression socks and he's tried many in the last six months. Way to go Pacas! Thank you!

Very comfortable, and the fit is very good

I love these socks

Love them!!

Best socks ever! Super soft! My feet don’t sweat or get cold. It’s like a hug on your foot!!!

Just got home from a tour of Mennonite Greenhouses in NE Iowa and my new socks were up to the challenge of trooping an and out and all around three huge greenhouses full off the most beautiful flowering and green plants I’ve ever seen, My feet were cushioned and comfy all day thanks to my Pacas No Shows (white w/red and gold stripes).

Softest socks you will ever wear. Just the right amount of warmth. So cozy. Gorgeous colors.

Just the right length and so soft and comfortable!

Great socks! Super soft, thick and comfortable. Love the fact they are actually no show; so many socks claim to be no-show but actually are not. The only thing I wish, is that you made a thinner pair of no-show socks. More of a summer thickness would be perfect.

Thought I would try these and am so glad I did! Love ❤️ the light compression and the softness of the fabric. Great socks!

Great quality and very comfy compared to other brands. Gave one to a friend who appreciated it. Thanks for the prompt delivery and good product quality. Worth its price, although I’d be happy if you gave discounts to seniors. The size (L/XL) I ordered is a perfect fit for me. Compression strength was optimally therapeutic! Thank you so much!

good socks!

My husband absolutely loves his Pacas.

Love love these compression socks! I’ve tried other brands, but the material isn’t natural, and not soft or comfortable. Pacas are so soft and natural, And super comfortable, but still provide the compression I need. I hardly ever write reviews, but these socks deserve a thumbs up!

First time wearing compression socks but I thought I’d try them out on a recent flight. Wow! What a difference! My legs felt refreshed as soon as I put them on and I was able to hit the ground running as soon as I reached my destination. I’m glad I have more than one pair because I will be wearing these socks often!!

These socks are amazing! This is my 4th time buying them and I even have converted my husband. They are soft and expand on just the right places. I will never buy any other brand!

Very comfortable, and soft.

Best fitting, best feeling, best compression socks. I have purchased several different compression socks. Yours are the easiest to put on and very comfortable.

Bought these as a gift for my brother-in-law! He loves them and put on a pair immediately!! Thanks for quick shipping too!!

I purchased a four pack of the alpaca-design women's crew cut and got rave reviews by the recipient! She loved the design and raved about how soft they were to wear.

Perfect! Not as heavy as the ones I bought for fall/winter. These are just the right weight and thickness for warmer weather….before sandal weather kicks in. And just as cozy!

Super soft make it thru wk day legs still feel good and don’t have urge to rip socks off👍

From the first loved the feel of these socks. Soft and hug my legs. The thing I have noticed is the tightness from pair to pair is not consistant nor is the length from heel to knee. But over all I am satisfied with the fit of all of them, just noticed the difference.

Nothing short of exquisite, soft to the touch. So splendid, almost didn’t want to utilize the gorgeous throw or enchanting shawl. Thank you Pacas for your high quality products without harming animals.

Love the socks! Ordered them for Christmas 2023 presents. Girls loved them last year and now they want more😊

Love these socks, they are very comfortable, breathable, odor free. I recommend these to friends and family. My wife loves them too

Amazingly soft. So comfy

Pacas are my favorite socks! Not only because they are so comfortable but because they are high quality. The more expensive smart wool socks that I used to purchase would become very thin too soon. I am also very delighted with the customer service that I have received. I have almost every style of Paca socks, and I am pleased with them all! I look forward to trying all of their products.

So soft, and they fit very nicely.

Gave these as a gift and now my husband won't wear anything else with his workbooks. They take a beating and still maintain quality.

So far, these feel great and wear nicely. I gave them four stars because we haven’t had hot weather yet, so don’t know if they will be comfortable then. If they are, I’ll like them better than Bombas.

AWESOMENESS! These are SOOOOOO comfortable! I will wear these crew socks everywhere, except when I'm wearing the low-cut ones! :-)

These socks are great. Soft, comfortable, stay up on your heel and really fun colors. I love my Pacas and look forward to wearing them this summer - yes, in the Pacific NW we sometimes have cool temperatures.

These are the BEST socks I've ever worn. Love the wool...even in the summer. They are just the right thickness and are super comfy.

Love the socks! They are super soft and comfy. The only reason they aren't getting 5 stars is because the length is too long for my calves. They go past my knees!

I so LOVE my Pacas men compression socks. I love them so much, I ordered 9 pair more! These are so soft, compresses my legs so well without feeling like cutting my legs in half by the end of the day, and wicks moisture away from my feet! And when I can, I am going to buy some more! Thanks Pacas!

These socks are all that they say they are. Walked 18 holes with them and I will say they were as comfortable on the 18th hole as they were on the first hole. I am ordering more and getting rid of all my other golf socks!! And, my feet did not sweat!

Great as usual . Perfect fit, not too tight or loose. Comfortably soft!

Soft, cushy and very comfortable, I love them! They fit well in the foot at the ankle, do not slide towards the heel when you put shoes. On the other hand they are a little hot for the summer.

Love the socks and colors. They wash well. Mail delivery was also speedy. Very satisfied.

Soft and comfortable I made a good choice

Fantastic sock! Super duper comfy and looks great. Washed them and was pleased with the minimal soronkage. Highly recommend these socks!

This is not just about the low cut socks, but I can also include the crew socks. Not only have I purchased them for myself, once I tried them, I decided I had to share them with others. They are comfortable, warm, and feel great.

Super soft and breathable! Would definitely buy again!

Love,love my socks!!! I have compression,crew,light weight, low cut. Love them ALL.

The most comfortable and best fitting compression socks I have found.

Super soft and comfortable.

My husband loves these socks. We have placed four orders for these socks.

beautiful sweater, warm comfy socks. thank you for your excellent products. I am enjoying!

I just bought a shawl or should I say, received and it is incredibly warm, light and looks so elegant. I did not know that a baby alpaca shawl would be that beautiful!! I had previously bought sucked and love wearing them!!

These are my new favorite compression socks. Easy to get on, nice and long (I'm tall with small feet, so this is a big plus for me!) and so so soft and comfy.

Love all of your socks!!!!

Very comfy, hate to take them off. Can’t wait to put them on.

Very comfortable and pretty but not as much compression than I should be wearing but I still love them!

Nice soft and warm.

Great socks that are not only comfortable but functional as well. I work for CT DOT and am on my feet all day long. My old socks would be soaking wet and stink so bad that I couldn't stand it. My new Paca socks don't get soaking wet and have no smell at all at the end of the day. I will definitely be purchasing more in the near future.

I have tried 5 different brands of compression socks and finally found the answer in PACAS!! These are so soft and fit perfectly. They are wonderful. I had a knee replacement in February and had to wear compression "stockings" and now I don't have to wear them anymore, but I find that wearing the socks help me as I'm far from being completely recovered. I only wear them at night but plan on purchasing more of these so I can wear them all day! I will say there is a strange odor about them after I wash them. I'm not sure what it is. I would recommend these to everyone even if you don't need a compression sock. These feel great and are just a dream!

Wow, where have these been all my life? Pacas are so very soft and cushiony! I don't want to take them off! I got the L/XL and they fit perfectly. I will definitely be ordering more of these to wear with my Birkenstock's.

Love my new socks!! Comfy without being too constrictive.

Very comfortable, and cute too!

Bought the women’s shawl made with baby alpaca. It is thin and light, but surprisingly warm. Very fine weave and rich to the touch. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments!

Bought the women’s shawl made with baby alpaca. It is thin and light, but surprisingly warm. Very fine weave and rich to the touch. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments!

Pacas are HANDS DOWN the best socks my husband and I have had in a long time!!! He loves the low cut men’s socks and will be getting the performance socks for summer. He wears a 10-11 shoe and the M/L fit perfect with no slipping. I love both the no show and performance socks in women’s! I appreciate being able to get the smaller size (S/M) since I’m a size 6 shoe. They fit perfect and do not slip in the back at all. The material is perfect. They know what they are doing with the design! These are literally the only socks we both wear! So worth it!!

So soft and they provide good compression. And the colors are lovely.

The black V-neck sweater may just be my new favorite thing! It’s so comfy. I love the fit, the medium was perfect for me. I tried it on and didn’t take it off. I also ordered it in cream/off white.


These are my new favorite socks! I’ve always been a Bomba fan, but I think they have been replaced by Pacas!

These are the softest, warmest socks ever!! The Gift Cards make a great gift when you don’t know what to get someone!

Love these.. they have become my new favorite. Very comfortable and soft

Love these socks! So comfortable and warm in the winter!

Just as buttery soft and cozy as my crew cut Paca socks!! Love them!!

Last fall my mom was telling me that her feet were always cold when she wore compression socks. I saw these and bought her a couple of pairs as a gift. Every time I see her (quite often), she mentions how much she loves her Pacas compression socks, so I just bought her some more! I don't have to wonder what she'll think about this gift!

soft, easy on/off..great value

Soft and comfortable

I love these! Especially the ones with the llama on them! This was my second order. I wear size shoe 8 and the M/L is perfect

So much easier to put on. Soft and comfortable. Top stays in place, no rolling down. Finally a compression sock I will wear!

Great Sox! Good fit, ez on ez off. Truly soft.

The only socks I'll wear. My husband gave me a beautiful box of 6 wool socks for Xmas ( not Pacas). I tried them on once, and went right back to my Pacas.

The most comfortable socks I have ever owned.

Softest socks ever! Winter or summer; cold or warm weather, my feet feel and perform the best in Pacas!!

Soft , warm, lasts happy to have made this purchase.

I got my son the crew socks for Christmas and he was critical at first but he loves these socks!! He asked for more for his birthday!! Says they’re soft and super comfortable!! Highly recommend!!

The best, most comfortable & warm socks. Love them & even more now because I can get Blue, Green, Grey, Black, Beige, Red, Orange & White pairs Don't like Pink or Purple & most stuff for women only has those colours.

Love the socks! Bought 3 for a gift kept one pair for me!!! So soft and comfortable

I used to hate socks until I found these warm dry soft cushiony durable Pacas. Also the scrunchie Pacas for the fall and winter feel like you’re still in bed while you’re walking around doing your day. Warning: You’ll be a sock snob :)

Love these - soft and breathable, great for Spring when you need a little more warmth but without the bulk.

Well fitting and so soft. Pleasantly surprised about the heel grip just inside the sock. Will definitely be purchasing many more pairs.

Best compression socks we’ve found so far! Definitely will be back for more pairs for hubby.. glad I found you guys

My first 2 orders were for the women's small-med. Just tried the med.-large, and they fit me much better. I wear a 7 shoe/boot. I really love these socks! They hold up very well, wash after wash, and maintain their loft and softness. Might try the support socks in the future, too. Thank you, Pacas!

I’ve worn compression sock everyday for years and I’ve thrown the standard ones away! Paca compression socks are the best I have ever worn! They are soft and so comfortable I forget I have them on. The compression on my toes does not cause sores. it’s actually healing them. Thank you

These are the best socks I’ve ever worn. I now have over 20 pairs. I will never wear anything else.

Love, love, love these compression socks! So soft and cooler than the cotton compression socks I have been wearing.

Pacas are what I reach for ..soft , comfortable, keeps your feet dry!

These are the best compression socks I have found! Supportive but easier to put on than others I have tried! And so soft!

Very soft and comfortable!

Comfortable in any weather, easy to put on, will never get any other from now on.

Needs to come with a warning, " won't ever buy any other sock after trying these" gave them to family for Christmas, all high reviews!

Very soft and easy to put on, will wear on an upcoming airline flight.

Softest socks ever. Even after laundering! Love both styles of PACAS that I bought


My husband loves the paca compression socks and so do I. Great product. Best buy I made. Thanks

It is very diificult to find socks that are soft, comfortable and don't bind...cut off circulation. But I FOUND THEM! SOOO SOFT, non-binding. I wore them about 6 hours...and no problem. Very comfortable. No bumpy seems...no shifting. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making socks for my size 10 feet. I don't give these away to my short-footed friends like I've given away close to 50 pairs of other brands' low cut socks. And Pacas are by far the most comfortable socks I've owned. Plus they wash and dry without pilling. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

My daughter gifted me 3 pair for Christmas. I've since bought 4 more I wish I'd had these socks all my life. I spent many years in the woods as a surveyor/Forester. What a blessing these would have been!! I just bought 6 pr. For a woman I worked with that is a very active hiker/snowshoeing. She is over the moon with them too!

So comfortable and cozy! Love them!

I have neuropathy and thaws work well. Next I’m getting compression socks. I feel confident they’ll work just as good.

Wore for the first time yesterday, so soft, good compression but not too tight. Easy to put on and take off. The length is also good to just below the knee. I’m tall so I appreciate the length of fit.they Duane make my feet sweat, as some brands do. Love them!!

Product is excellent - but took two months to get to me!

Really good

I received my latest Pacas purchase quickly and am enjoying wearing my new light-weight crew socks. They are a bit lighter than the winter version, which is perfect! I'll be able to wear them for 3 out of the 4 seasons with my hiking boots, as well as my sneakers. Very comfortable!!! Thank you, Pacas!!!

These socks are soft, cushy, and warm! Love love love these! I bought some for the family over Christmas and they all raved about how great they are so I had to buy myself some. I am not disappointed! ❤️❤️

Excellent pair of socks for any weather conditions. Comfortable to wear. Love the L & R designation.

So soft and cushy. Covers entire foot unlike some no shows. Love Pacas! They are the only socks I want to wear.

I scored a lot of points with my wife when I surprised her with a 3 pack of no-show socks. She loves them 👌

I LOVE your socks so much, and your compression socks really help my leg swelling and pain. Thank you!

Amazing soft. Love them!!

HAPPY FEET-- no show socks for men and women, crew for men great colors and a fabulous feel

The best socks ever! The only sock I have found that actually keep my feet warm. And, they feel great! I love these socks!

THE SOFTEST compression socks I have ever worn. Most are stiff and leave indents, these socks blow the rest out of the water.

These socks are beautiful colors and are soft and comfortable.

The compression are accurate in size. They are soft and comfortable. I love the foot bed and they do not squish my toes! No itching either! And very easy to pull on.

Ordered 4/20; arrived 4/25. Unbelievable soft, cost $50, but worth every penny. They come just below my knee when fully extended. My feet feel warm and cozy, but the socks breathe so there is no sweaty feet. My feet and legs feel so pampered. These are the real thing...everything you read about them is true. Highly recommend you try the slouchy type for a first try at Pacas. I got the cream and grey so they coordinate with skirts and dresses, but have also ordered some crew socks in bright colors, some compression socks and some light weight crew socks for variety. Customer service was great...had tracking number, were notified when they received my order, when it shipped (and notification of its arrival date), and date and time of arrival (which was exactly on the date I was told. This is a five plus star rating.

I have purchased several styles of Pacas socks. I love each and every pair. They are so soft, so warm and ever so comfortable. They launder beautifully. I don't even know how many pairs I own now. I am serious. These are now the only ones I wear and the only socks in my drawer. I just got a bundle of the no show socks and have a pair on now as I've giving this review. What are you hesitating for. Make the purchase. You will not be disappointed.

The whole family loves these socks! I have purchased them for grandbabies, toddlers and teenage grand children!!

Feel good and look good too.

Best ever. If they last I’ll never wear anything else

I love my Pacas. But, with a women's size 12 shoe size, men's medium fit better than women's large. I love the fact that they have nothing in the heel(elastic) that make my heels rough.

These are beautiful socks, and very comfortable to wear! I’ll buy more!

Feel great on legs and feet. A little difficult to put on but getting easier everyday. Love all products I have purchased in the past, from quick shipping to all phases of customer service. Good company.

Great socks very comfortable

A gift for my grandson, who accidentally found a pair of his mom’s in his drawer and proclaimed them the best socks!

Very soft. I love the fit and wear so far. I haven't worn them but for a short period of time, so time will tell if they hold up. I do love them so far.

Soft and smooth and really cushiony, I go walking with Paka on my feet, and as I walk my feet go, aaaaah. (With apologies to Antonio Carlos Jobim.)

Warm, soft, seems to wash up well! Love em so far!

Soft and comfortable. Not as thick as performance socks Legs get hot after a couple hours. Recommend these for diabetes or folks with circulation issues.

These are now my go yo socks, even in the hot summers. Much more acceptable than other compression garments. I wish there were over the knee socks as my knees could also use compression.

They feel great but have trouble keeping them on my heels. Tried stretching them helped a little.

Love the feel And comfort. Was able to wear them all day and evening and never felt strangled

My husband loves them!

Very comfortable. So soft you don’t know you have socks on

I bought these for my husband because after I started wearing compression socks and liked it my husband told me he wanted to start wearing them. The biggest issue was finding him some that would fit. He wears a size 14 or 15, so big feet and his calf's are small tree trunks! I discovered Pacas say their men's size L/XL fit size 14+, so decided to try them. I bought 3 pairs to start and make sure they fit. They did, so when they had a sale I bought him 6 more pairs and just recently I bought him another 6 pairs. His only complaint now is that he wishes Pacas would make men's socks in "fun" and lighter colors too.

Great quality, the softest socks I’ve ever worn and owned, highly recommend Pacas

Love these socks they are so comfortable

I love my Pacas. First, they were a gift; then I bought a few pairs. Now I’ve bought a few more. I’m especially appreciative of the larger sizes as I wear an 11 shoe. I find, unfortunately, that the low cut ends up UNDER my heels when wearing sneakers, so I stick to crew cut. I use my two remaining low cuts for deliciously warm slippers on cold winter mornings.

I love these socks. So soft and comfortable. Keep my feet warm and dry. Love Pacas!!!

My primary care physician has been after me for years to get compression socks but I avoided it thinking that they would be uncomfortable. I finally gave in and followed the ads on social media for Pacas men's compression socks and ordered them. Wow! They are more than comfortable. They actually feel like I'm getting a hug from my knees down all day long! I love them and will buy more in the future. Thanks, Pacas!

Comfortable, and not too tight. Just right in terms of warmth. Just like my crew socks, they are also attractive and stylish. Nobody can tell they are compression socks.

They are truly no show and of course sooo comfortable! I love them!

Your socks are GREAT!

Nothing compares!! Pacas are all I wear.

these socks are so comforting and cozy-comfortable, and long enough, too!

Excellent product and very comfortable

So soft and comfy.

Soft and comfortable as advertised No sweating after a long time Recommend and will buy again

I wish they had Large- XL size because I purchased the M-L ones. Great fitting on the first night. But on the 2nd night the compression socks at the end of the night started to tighten & left an impression on my skin. But the compression socks were definitely softer

I REALLY love these socks. They are so comfortable I wear them all year round. I can tell you too, the customer service department, is great.

Outstanding! The only sock that I could ever put BACK on AFTER cutting the grass. It is DRY DRY DRY. And NEVER uncomfortable.

Love Love Love them. Soft, comfortable and even after a 12-14 hour shift my legs still feel good. I will be getting more :)

I love them !!! They are so comfortable and my feet don’t sweat in them . They are so soft . Iam gonna have to Oder two more packs of the regular socks . Cause my dog got a hold of two pair and ripped .

Absolutely love my Paca socks, they are the softest socks. I used to only wear another brand socks like these but got a pair as a gift and I have been a Paca fan ever since!! They wash well, wear well, they are amazing!!

Bought some for my wife and now she'll pop around the corner and be like.. babe... look.. it's my pacas.. lol... thank you!

Soft and well made. Seem quite warm although the worst of our cold winters is almost over so I haven’t tested them in below zero temperatures yet. I believe they will work well for that.

Soft and comfortable!

My feet love them.