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They are so soft and make you feel like your walking on air. I love them

I never want to take my Pacas off! Like walking on a cloud. I can’t wait to buy more.

Love them. I like the light weight, and warmth they provide. So comfortable.

Love these, warm cozy, fit in my boots

My man loved his Christmas gift of warm and soft PACAS socks! It gets really cold here in TN at times and they had a very welcoming warmth for his feet. As we get older our feet seem to get colder. The PACAS really helped him!!! Thanks for a great product for our feet!!!

I love Pacas socks; I get them for Christmas gifts for the whole family and we all love them. Keep up the great work, Pacas.

Live it & Love it! Love my Pacas!!

Love them! Soft, comfortable. Looking forward to years of comfort from my Pacas!!

I love love your socks!!! They are very soft and warm!!

I love my socks⁰.They are warm and soft. They keep my feet warm.They do not sweat in my shoes like other socks.

My son in law loves these!!! I love mine also! No sweating, very comfortable, no itching

Love these warm socks! They do shrink so get a size larger.

Comfortable…soft, warm and cool when needed, attractive quality-made cardigan! Lots of looks and compliments! Brittany

Warm, soft, great!

I love them! so soft and comfortable.

I have problems with my feet since chemo and I have diabetes. These are like a cloud

I used to wear Bombas Merino wool socks....but since being introduced to Pacas Iv'e jumped ship! these are not only the best socks ever but they also wear well. You have a new Believer! :)

Having recently moved from Hawaii to New Hampshire in the work in the wintertime I had to learn about socks. I tried several and the Pacas are soft and warm and a pleasure to wear. I’m really glad I found them.

I am addicted! Bought my first pairs with my Christmas money and have since gifted several pairs and weeded my sock drawer down to mostly Pacas! They are so comfy, super warm and soft, and stay up… even in boots! Couldn’t love them more. Can’t wait for my next order to arrive. Besides there aren’t many critters cuter than an Alpaca❤️

We are in Pacas are like floating on air. They are so soft and comfy is the best sock I’ve ever worn they don’t make your feet too warm, but they keep them warm when they need to be I will be buying them from now on.

Great fit and performance

Best comfort ever! Advertisement says “extra padding” in the heal but it’s actually the same as the whole sock ???

Softer than cashmere. Really pretty. Will buy again

Love these socks so warm and comfortable using them daily and now my favorites!!

I kept seeing the advertisement for these socks on Facebook. I’m so happy I tried them! So very soft, warm, comfy, well built. I will definitely be buying more.

I ordered these socks for a gift for my father in law and he loves them!

Super comfortable will definitely recommend these socks to friends. Will buy more!!

Even that shipping took long time, I have to say it was worth it, the socks are really soft and keep me really warm. I will definitely recommend and for sure I will be purchasing more socks!!!

Most comfortable and best socks I've ever worn

I'm a repeat customer. I purchased women's crew socks and also no-show socks. They're wonderful! Soft, warm (but not too warm), they don't lose their elasticity and never "creep" into my shoes. I will be purchasing some for my husband who is a fussy sock wearer!

I'm a repeat customer. I purchased women's crew socks and also no-show socks. They're wonderful! Soft, warm (but not too warm), they don't lose their elasticity and never "creep" into my shoes. I will be purchasing some for my husband who is a fussy sock wearer!

I bought one for me and one for my daughter! They are just perfect when we want a light cover!!

I love my socks, so very comfortable. However, I notice that while the heel of those with prints stay in place, the solid colors seem to ‘move’ so that the heel ends up lower on my foot. All seven pair are the same size.

Had to order more because my son kept asking to borrow mine and I never got them back...now he has a colored set (mine are black) and his twin got her own too. We all LOVE them

Bought the men's quarter zip sweater pull over -- because I like those sweaters. It's incredibly soft and a pleasure to wear. I bought the men's small and usually wear a women's medium. It fits fine. It's a very nice pull over -- but I was disappointed the care tag says 'dry clean only'. I was not expecting that type of care label.

My husband really likes them.They r comfortable to wear all day.

They're so soft and cushiony! They feel great on your feet and they wash well. Love them!

So soft and comfy and they don’t make my feet sweat!

Excellent quality! Very comfortable and has a very nice cushioned bottom

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MY PACAS! So soft and comfortably warm

The very best socks in the WORLD! These socks are like pillows for your feet! Even more so since I have diabetic feet they are amazingly happy. Thanks much!!!!

Best socks ever! I gifted them to all my friends and they all loved them!

I absolutely love these socks. They are super-soft and feel so cuddly. My feet have never been so happy!

They fit great, are very comfortable, and the softest socks I’ve ever worn. Haven’t had them long enough to say how they hold up but after a few washes now they seem to be holding up wonderfully. This is the second time I’ve ordered and this time the shipping was much faster. My only wish would be that they were a little less expensive and I hope as their company grows and becomes more efficient they will be able to lower their prices. Definitely would recommend. You won’t be disappointed.

Fantastic cozy socks!

So comfy & soft!! I don't mind wearing them at all!!!!!

Lo e the soft feel and warmth of the socks.


I absolutely love this sweater. It is soft, comfortable, attractive and superb craftsmanship. It fit perfectly. I highly recommend this sweater. I received so many compliments when wearing it. Thank you

love how it keeps my feet comfortable and cool

Excellent socks!

I gave these to my college age grandson and he said they're the most comfortable socks he's ever worn. He couldn't say enough good things abaout their softness and comfort. I'll be ordering for myself!

Great quality for my sore feet that have had so many surgeries

i wear women's 12 and ordered mens large and the fit was perfect. they are sooo warm.

I love love love my paca socks so much that I’ve also bought a scarf, wrap, cardigan, and sweater. They are all so soft super warm and cozy. They’re so well made that they will last me for years. You have to try the socks for yourself and they will be your favorite go to sock.

Soo comfortable . Feels great on.

First time using these socks they were super soft and warm. Would definitely buy again

Socks are like cashmere, only better! I am retired but I teach art to children and seniors and I wear these socks each time for wonderful thermal control and comfort. Soft and cozy like no others to compare. I also ordered the hat and scarf and blanket throw at this time and I just feel so special .. because all are such high quality fabric.. Amazing. Honestly, you have to try it to believe it.

Best socks I have ever purchased!!! Love them!!

I love these socks, and my daughter and granddaughter do too! They are so warm and so soft, they cushion my feet. My granddaughter says she wears her Pacas socks when she really wants to have a good day!

My friend loves his new socks. Most comfortable socks he has ever worn.

We love the softness of our Pacas. They stay in place and don’t slip out of place as we walk. They are our favorites.

I love these socks. They are well made out of wonderfully soft ,thick and warm material. I typically cannot wear wool. These socks are not itchy or prickly. They launder well. I hang mine to dry. My dryer runs a little hot so even low would break them down sooner. They are very soft after hang drying. The socks are a very nice quality. You should get some.

Amazing socks! Well worth every penny!

I got a 4pack for my daughter for her birthday. She wrote me "The socks are very soft and actually warm. I was wearing a random pair of socks and my feet were freezing. I then switched them out to the Pacas socks and my feet immediately started to warm up." So after her recommendation, I bought myself a 4 pack. Soft, and comfortable!

Kids loved the colors and the feel of the socks

These are very nice socks, and wear well, but the men's large are extra long! I have worn compression sox for decades and am 5'11" & wear size 11 shoes, yet these pull up over my knee--- it is the only thing preventing 5 stars. A 2" shorter version, PACAS? Save some wool?

Best socks ever! These socks are SO very soft and comfortable. They wash well too. I would definitely recommend them.

I ordered two of these v-neck sweaters. When I got my package, there was only one sweater. I was worried that I was going to be out a sweater as I was not getting a very quick response in regards to this order. However, they mailed me the missing sweater and these sweaters are the BEST. SO soft! True to size. Thank you Pacas! I would highly recommend this sweater.

Super comfortable.

Love the softness and warmth they give my feet

I have just finished wearing these last week as we had some cold weather here and I am happy to report they are extremely comfortable, soft and warm! I washed them over the weekend and they came out of the dryer still looking brand new, and I am wearing a pair right now and I cannot tell you how great they are! I bought a set for a family member that spends a lot of time outdoors in cold weather and I think many others on my holiday shopping list will be getting these next year.

Best damn socks I have ever put on.

Just love them,so soft and warm,like nothng I ever had..!!

Absolutely love them! They are so soft and warm!!

I won’t wear anything else since getting my first paca socks. Just try them I promise that you won’t want to take them off. I have forgotten that I had them on and slept in them

Lovely, pillow soft. Way cool❣️

Love these socks. They keep my feet so warm!

Very warm comfortable sock to wear for a 12 hour work day. Very pleased

Love these. Ordering more!

Best socks ever! Very comfortable! I will buy more! But little patience is required:) it took longer to get them than I expected. Worth the wait!

The softest socks I’ve ever warn. I never would have thought that would make such a big difference. Marie’ makes my feet so happy. Warm too.

Love my Pacas socks. They are all I have been using for cross country skiing recently. Thin, warm, comfortable, so soft. They are great socks.

These are the most comfortable socks I've ever owned. It took a while to get them but they are worth it!

Love these socks , plus the little grippiers on the bottom for the little who found out how to walk . Highly recommend fir little feet !!

Did they take a while to get here? Yes! Did I mind once I got these luscious socks on my feet? Heck No! The cushioned bottom makes your feet feel supported and warm warm as you get through the day! You will not regret buying these socks! Warm and soft!

Warm, soft, comfortable

I gifted these to my daughters who described them as “luxurious” and “like walking on clouds”…guess that sums it up 😊

Best socks ever. The warmest, they breathe, the softest and easy to wash. Super cute too.

These socks are wonderful. They are warm but don’t make your feet too warm. They stay in place and are so very cute!

Best socks ever! I wear them 95 % of the time now. Just wear dress socks for church.

Love the socks!

Toasty Warm and very comfortable!

These are the softest wool socks I have ever worn. I have worn other wool socks but always had to get rid of them because I couldn't wear them. But Pacas socks are the best! Even my husband likes them, and he's gone through many different socks before he discovered Pacas. In fact, he was the one who introduced me to them. Customers for life!

I recently ordered multiple pairs of paca’s socks because they are so soft, stretchy and resilient!!! They survive even my dog playing with them ( which I don’t encourage)! I won’t but any other kind!!

These are the most comfortable socks I own. They are thicker than most socks and more comfortable.

I LOVE my Paca crew socks. They’re so soft and comfortable and keep my feet warm without making them sweat. I’m a fan of well-made, good fitting socks. For the last several years, I’ve been wearing another well known brand, but found they don’t always fit well. Sometimes when I’ve ordered the recommended size, the socks seem too small and would slide down the back of my heal…..the WORST feeling! When I ordered a size up, the fit was sloppy and loose. Pacas fit snug and stay in place. I’ll say it once again, I LOVE my Pacas!

I got my second order of crew socks for both myself and my husband. We love them! They’re so soft and comfortable, and I love the colors.

Love these sockd

Received some as a gift and had to buy more. They are the best socks I’ve ever worn. LOVE THEM!,,

Simply delightful ! 😍😍😍

I love, love, love the women’s small, black crew socks!!! So soft and warm. Super comfy. Please get them back in stock.

Love these socks, so soft❤️

Most comfortable socks I have ever worn. That’s everything in socks.

Soft and will be wonderful with my winter coat and alone in spring and cool summer evenings.

Fit well, washed well. Because they are so soft, they slip on much easier than regular compression socks. Feel great, look great and no more swollen ankles!

I winter in Arizona so I have opportunities for frequent hikes in varying terrain. I now wear these compression socks with my Solomon hiking boots and these are the most comfortable socks...my feet stay dry and my legs remain comfortable during strenuous hikes

I winter in Arizona so I have opportunities for frequent hikes in varying terrain. I now wear these compression socks with my Solomon hiking boots and these are the most comfortable socks...my feet stay dry and my legs remain comfortable during strenuous hikes

My first have always been cold. No longer! These are the warmest socks I have ever worn! The aren’t heavy or bulky. I am so happy with your product. Sincerely, Jolene Brown

I love these socks. I bought your socks and Bombas socks and I tried them both. I prefer Pacas for several reasons, looking good so soft and my feet feel so good at the end of the day. I'm LOVING these socks I never want to take them off.

Luxurious winter warmth…

How did I live without these socks I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have had someone tell me to try them they are the best , most comfortable , cozy socks ever created. you need to have I heart pacas tees available

My original order for 2 pairs only had one pair in the bag. I contacted Pacas, which I have to say took a bit, but I was given 2 more pairs to replace the missing pair I had ordered. Great customer service, and my daughter loves her socks!

I have bought the medium men’s low cut Pacas socks and they are the same size as the women’s medium large. The women’s were out of stock so I got the men’s. These are the most comfortable socks I have worn. They are thick and keep my feet so warm.

Love love the performance low cut socks. So soft not bulky at all. I also got the regular no show/low cut socks n love them as well. The performance just a tad less thick both great. I’m ready for More!!!!

Wonderfully soft and comfortable! Top of cuff not too tight, because they are also very stretchy. Warning: launder gently and dry flat! Love these socks! give them to people you love.

Awesome! Super soft and comfy. Beautifully made. Gorgeous colors and designs. My whole family has converted to these amazing socks. Thank you Pacas!!

Great socks!!

Socks were great! Shipping took over a month and customer service was non existent and awful!!! I won’t buy again even though your product was great.

Best socks I have even worn! So soft and warm! Great customer service, highly recommend Pacas!

These are the best. Soft, warm, and good support. I work retail and am on my feet all day long. I've had numerous procedures for varicose veins and these socks provide me with great support. No leg pain or fatigue.

My 7-year-old daughter and I absolutely LOVE these socks. They are so soft, cushiony, and the colors/patterns are so much fun to wear! We look forward to buying many more pairs in the future. Thank you, Pacas!

My wife loved the sweater as much as the socks!

I love these socks! They are so comfortable! Not too hot yet warm enough and very cushy!!

I live these socks! They are so comfortable! Not too hot yet warm enough and very cushy!!

Love em!

These socks are perfect for cold winter days. They look like new after washing every time and hold their shape & size. 🖤

I love these socks. They keep my feet very comfortable and they don't bind! Thank you, and love you, Alpacas!!!

Softest socks I’ve ever wearn.

I purchased Pads socks for my sister last Christmas, she in turn gave me socks because she loved them. And she's right, they're great. Warm and incredibly soft. I also purchased the compression socks for myself. Also comfortable and soft. No doubt, I will order more in the future.

These are the best socks ever made! Will never wear anything else!

I bought a pair of socks for 9 people for Christmas. They all want more! I shared the website AND ordered more.

These socks are the softest best wearing winter socks I have ever bought. Plan to get some more and convince all my friends to try them too. Great customer service and friendly staff for help with ordering. Thank you for a wonderful product.

I bought these for my hubby who suffers from Neoropothy from Chemo . He wore his socks inside out til I bought these!! He loves them!

Love, love, love these socks! They stay where you put them, don't slip down, don't bind at the toes, and are very comfortable.

I love everything about these socks; the comfort, the fit, and the variety of colors. I will be buying from Pacas again.

Cozy and warm. It is cold right now and my Pacas socks fit well and snuggle my feet.

Love my Pacas so much went back and ordered another set for me and my husband. Feet feel cozy comfy all day. Husband said he now wears his Pacas exclusively.

Love the feeling of your socks on my feet! I have Muscular Dystrophy and have difficulty finding socks that keep my feet warm and yet are not so thick that I can’t get my boots or slippers on my feet. These socks fit perfectly in both categories. Thank you!

Feel wonderful on. Fairly easy to get on. Washed well…little or no shrinkage .Really kept my legs from swelling. Look and feel great! Much better than ither compression socks I’ve tried.

The most comfortable sweater ever on my body!!! Soft, warm, and snuggly!

These are the nicest socks! They are soft and comfortable. I will definitely be reordering again in the future.

Traditionally, I give good socks as a side gift to family at Christmas. This year I bought these socks for both our son and daughters for Christmas. They have all called to say how soft and warm these are. My son who sometimes works construction sites said it's like a spa day when he wears them!' He is getting more for his birthday

Love my Pacas! I gave several pairs for Christmas. They love them too!

Great and soft . Use on the airplane .

Oh my!! These are the best socks ever! Warm and cozy, even in Michigan winter!

Very warm and soft. Love them!

These are the only compression socks that I have found that will fit a bigger foot. Size 11-14 is great! They are also the most comfortable socks I own!!

Due to Reynaud's I have cold feet all year long. Pacas are amazingly soft and help keep my feet warm!!

These socks are amazingly comfortable! They are soft and warm without making my feet hot, and the extra support means that I can stand all day without leg fatigue or swelling. Pacas are priced competitively with other high-end, quality socks and I can recommend them wholeheartedly!

The most luxurious wool socks ever!

These compression socks are NOT your old lady compression socks! They are attractive, good fit and so comfy! Love them!

Great socks. Shipping too way to long and couldn’t get any info from customer service. But really great socks.

Great socks! I will be buying more!

These are the best socks! So soft and warm.

Truly the best socks and definitely worth the money. I just wish that it didn't take so long for them to arrive.

I have purchased Pacas about 3 times now. For my son, myself and my granddaughter. We all love the softness and THE WARMTH. My granddaughter loves the paca design on her socks and the warmth. They will be our go to socks from now on! My son works outdoors and enjoys the warmth without the itch of and scratchy wool.

These absolutely the most comfortable Sox I have ever worn. Both light and heavy weight butter smooth. They are wonderful! Great company to deal with. I'll buy more.

These socks are warm, comfortable, and well made. I love them!

Got our socks yesterday! Sooo soft! My new favorite brand!

My Pacas Mens sweater..Sooo warm, comfortable, lightweight and luxurious. Love it.

Love! The socks, I drive a bus and some morning are cold, they are comfortable and soft, wash and hung dry, no problem

LOVE the socks, but scared to order again around difficulty with long wait time to get them. Realize it was around holidays but I had to buy other gifts to cover.

replace my underarmor socks with pacas

Very comfortable - as I knew they would be!! Love ‘em!!

Amazing socks. So comfortable and warm (but not too warm)! Just perfect.

Love these!

AMAZING!!! These are so incredibly comfortable and warm.

the most comfortable wool socks ever!

Love these socks. So soft. Lightweight and not bulky at all, but very warm. I wear mine every day.

In cold weather I always have to wear two pairs of socks and still I come home with cold toes. These Pacas are so warm and soft. My toes have never been this toasty in my boot while outside.

I love these socks. I have Raynaud's syndrome, and my feet get very cold. I often wear my Pacas with a pair of light, nylon socks underneath, but even without the extra layer, they keep my feet warmer than cashmere or any other combination I've tried.

My husband isn’t especially a sock mam. I bought him some crew socks for Christmas and he absolutely loves them! ! He said they make his shoes feel as if you had put a soft insole into his work shoes. I love mine so much! I have thick, thinner, Christmas socks! Love them!

Awesome socks.

Absolutely gorgeous, soft and like a hug for your feet!

These were an instant favorite! Not too thick, but they still provide all the warmth needed!

I bought these socks for my wife, and she told me that they were so soft and comfortable, she wanted me to buy another set of them.

So soft, so comfortable, love them!

Best socks I ever wore. Warm, soooooft and satisfying. They do not cut into my legs -- no matter how long you wear them.

The socks are soft and warm - just what I needed.

These are super soft and so cozy. Love them.

Best socks ever

Love them... soft..warmer then any other socks I own...glad I tried them out although the price could be lower

So warm and comfortable. My only issue was it took over a month to arrive.

Very soft and comfortable.

I absolutely love these socks. They’re soft, warm and wick away any moisture when I’m wearing them!!💕

Lovely, soft, beautiful color, perfect length.

I highly recommend these socks. The only problem that I have is that I have to keep washing my socks since I received them my feet don't like any other sock.

Beautiful, warm yet not sweaty and so comfortable and soft! Love these!

I love my socks, they’re so soft, warm, and cushiony. I only got 1 of the pairs of socks in the 2 pair set, so I chatted with an employee and they sent my missing pair right away. I got it in less than a week!

This company’s customer service dept. goes out of its way to resolve customers issues in a satisfactory manner.

Tried Pacas for the first time based on reports of their sustainability. Although the order took more than 3 weeks to arrive, I am now delighted with my purchase. The socks are so soft and cozy and cushiony! My feet are comfortable every second I wear these. They wash and wear well. And no itchiness as I sometimes find with wool! Total win.

I bought the womens crew socks for myself first. They were so comfortable I bought another 16 pairs for all the girls in the family. My son took a couple of pairs from my daughter in law so I bought another 12 pairs for the guys and a 4 pack of compression socks for myself. I love these socks!

I love these socks!

I love these warm, soft, comfortable socks!!!

It fits perfect and is really warm which is why I bought it! Very comfortable and I’m pleased

Great and very warm and comfortable. Not too tight. But was really hoping for Womens compression socks and more color options.

Love love these socks, my 2nd order & even gifted some!!

Wonderful socks! So soft and warm. Never want to wear any other!


So soft and warm!

Perfect gift!

By far the best socks I have ever worn! I will miss them over the summer!

I love my Paca socks. They are very warm even in 32 degree weather and soft.

So comfy! We have replaced out entire sock collection with these!!!

Good quality and SO soft! My new favorites by far! Very happy with my new socks. Company was very friendly and helpful to deal with as well. 5 star!

Love the cushy feeling when I put these on. So soft and warm!

Love how warm and comfortable my feet are in these paca socks. No itchiness like wool socks!

It is like hugs for my feet

I Love these socks. I’m definitely going to order more after trying this product I am sold❤️

I ordered men's compression socks because I didn't want to wait for women's to restock. They arrived in a timely manner, and I couldn't wait to wear them. They have good compression and a smooth weave. Over the calve alpaca socks are great for protection from the winter cold. Since more colors have been restocked I'm ordering more. Am I the only one who would love a cream colored compression sock? I hope we find out!

I love my sweater. I want to thank your service department for finding out where it was out and sending it right a way. I also have compression socks I bought a 4 pack. I only wish that they were different colors. They fit great and feel great. I also bought short socks and calf socks Short socks just not for me. Calf shock I love. Thank you Jeanie

Had some confusion of order but was corrected once notified of error. Well sized, warm and confortable socks

These are pretty much all I wear now.

I bought a turtleneck sweater and OMG, it's AMAZING! I love how soft and warm it is!! I'm just trying to decide which one I want to try next 💜💜

Love these socks. Best socks I have ever worn. Keeps my feet so warm and are so soft. Very happy. Want to order more.

Everyone loves these socks .

Love the Paca socks if you are cold during the day these socks are for you!! Very comfortable and warm don’t hesitate on buying them I was and so glad I overcame it and purchased them best decision ever made!

Excellent moisture wicking properties verse conventional compression nylon socks! Soft and easy to put on and take off. Lower compression rating than regular compression socks so be mindful of your need. Great for long distance driving. Love these socks!

These are truly the best socks! Wash after wash. My feel don't sweat!

These are truly the best socks! Wash after wash. My feel don't sweat!

First purchase of these four my wife and I, and live them already! One day walking around in Aspen and both of us were warm and very comfortable! Won't be our only purchase I'm certain.

Wife LOVEs them.

love these, so did the ladies that I shared with. so soft and warm

Love my new wArm socks

We luv your sox!! What a treat!!

Perfect socks for the cold weather! Super soft, breathable, and moisture wicking. The wash process, is straight foreward as well. I absolutely love the colors and designs.

Love the socks. They’re warm & comfortable!

I love my socks! They are so warm and comfy; I look forward to putting them on every day. They launder very well, too.

I LOVE my socks! They are incredibly warm, soft, and are just plain fun! They got them shipped out immediately!! Now, I just have to remember where I hid the ones that are not in rotation, because if my daughter and granddaughter finds out that I have them……well, you know lol lol 🎉🎉🎉

I love my Pacas. They are very soft and keep my feet feeling cozy.

Best socks I ever had. Got a couple pair as a gift. Not long after I bought more for myself.

My favorite socks, and I have tried quite a few! So warm , colorful, and comfy! If you take good care of them, they will last a long time. I wash cold, dry flat. It’s worth the effort for the investment in quality .

Love the crew socks but the low cuts were tight and did not cover my heel well

very comfortable

Life changing! Feet stay warm, feet don’t sweat, most comfortable socks ever. Got them as a gift ——- thanks GScott Since then we’ve gifted to other family members, everyone loves them.

So comfortable and warm. Love these socks! We’re looking forward to trying other items.

Very soft, no problems with irritating my sensitive skin. I bought a couple of pairs and wear them all day and night. I have minor varicose veins on the back of my upper legs and am trying to contain them.

The best sock I have ever worn!

They are the most comfortable socks you’ll ever wear.

my wife loves them

Your product is wonderful! Warm and toasty socks that keep feet dry. Your customer service is sub-standard though with lack of communication. I had to wait 6 weeks for order that didn't arrive for Xmas and when they did finally arrive I had brown socks instead of black. I was afraid to send back as may not have any socks, so kept them. It will be a while before I consider ordering anything again.

The warmest, most comfortable socks ever! I have bought many, many kinds of socks and these are WoW Wonderful!

I love these socks. They are very comfortable. I have the fat ones, which are so comfy and warm! I have the lighter weight crew socks (lighter then the heavier thick warm socks). I know I will be getting more soon and so should you!

Soft, snug fit and they don't shrink when washed!

I love these socks! Without a doubt they are the best socks I've ever worn. They're soft and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They also hold up well in the washer/dryer. I've been wearing my original purchase for over a year and they still look/wear as if they were new.