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Love these! I had the black ones but did not pay attention to the name so found it hard to reorder. These are thick and comfy and the best!!

I love my Pacas! These socks are soft and warm. They are comfortable and cushy for my feet as I do my walking every day! I bought more as gifts for my 4 daughters!

These are the softest, warmest yet breathable socks I’ve ever had! I love them and will be buying more for myself and for gifts.

Beautiful colors, nice and soft . I have decided to make these Christmas presents. So I will be ordering more soon

These socks are warm and comfortable. Well done!

Very nice

My Pacas arrived yesterday and I am wearing my first pair today. They are super soft and my always-cold feet have stayed warm all day!

Love them their soft and warm and I love the colors.

Love the fabric and very warm and comfortable .

My father, who has Alzheimer's and cancer, freezes all winter. I just purchased a pack of men's crew socks, thinking if they are nice I will give them to him for Christmas. Well, they are pretty wonderful and Santa will definitely put them under the tree for him!

I love love the pacas crew socks. They keep my feet warm. They feel fluffy but are easy to wear with shoes. I hv my daughter hooked on them too! Love them❤️❤️❤️

These socks are so soft and super warm! I love them. They are quality made and came in a very timely manner. I would recommend these socks to everyone.

Love these socks! They are so soft, your feet will love them! They are also cute, love the designs!

I bought these compression socks to wear at work as I am on my feet all day. After 8 hours my legs feel good and I can't take them off at home as they are very comfortable.

Love these! They are soft and substantial but non-confining. Will definitely be getting more.

I was surprised at how soft the socks are. I will be ordering more for sure.

So soft, warm and cushy. I’ve never felt anything like them. I ordered some for friends and family gifts. I do think they run on the small size. I wear an 8 shoe and bought the 4-8 size. I have to pull at the toes to not have pressure. I should have gotten the 8.5.

Love my new socks! They are very cozy and cushy. I also love the selection of fun patterns and colors. Will be back for more and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to friends and family.

I put on my first pair today. So far, they are soft, warm and comfortable.

So cute and soft. Great patterns!

I wore them this morning during my 4 mile walk. My legs felt great where normally I would start to experience fatigue towards the end of walk. Very happy.

all great

These are a gift, they feel so soft and the colors are beautiful

I love these compression socks! I am an equine veterinary technician and I’m on my feet 9-14 hour straight and since I started wearing these, my feet and legs no longer hurt like they used to. Definitely recommend them!

Super soft and very comfortable. I would highly recommend these socks.

Best socks ever !!

Wonderful feel , well fitting, comfortable! I love them

Awesome, lightweight, soft and just warm enough.

The socks are very soft and cozy, and the extra thick bottoms provide nice cushion and seem like they will give the socks some extra durability. There was some confusion with the shipment, tracking info and delivery of my order, but in the end everything came through fine.

I love my Pacas socks and sweaters! They are so soft, comfortable, warm (but not too warm), durable and oh-so pretty! They are all I want to wear and also give as gifts! Everyone who I have given these socks LOVE them! I can't get enough!

Pacas are my favorite socks and the only kind I want to wear. They are warm, but never feel hot. So soft, squishy and cozy. They wear well too!

The Fit, Style and Comfort was exceptional although very limited to color selection. Definitely buy more in the future.

The “no show socks” are my all time FAVORITE! Bring them back please!!! Best fit ever. 😍 I will literally never purchase another sock, these paca socks are the best! My feet never ever sweat or smell while wearing paca’s, they’re so comfortable and just plain awesome.

Excellent product and great experience with support team.

These socks are wonderful…super soft and the right amount of compression for a daily desk job!

We are hooked on Pacas. My daughter decided they are the only sock she wants because they are so comfortable. They keep her warm at work but are breathable. My son actually asked me to buy a few more pairs because he loves them, too. He usually doesn't care what socks he wears. My husband and I both enjoy wearing them. They are a good quality sock and feel great to wear.

Love my new lightweight, comfortable sweater. Just the right amount of warmth without overheating. Light green color is a great addition to my sweater collection.

Super soft and cozy sweater. I’m glad I ordered the small instead of my usual medium. I am 5’ 4”, 134 pounds, and large chested. The sweater fits well….neither tight nor baggy. It’s black and can be dressed up or down.

Love the sicks, great for work

This purchase was a gift to my son. The whole family loves Pacas.

Just got my first few pairs of Socks. I love the crews. The compressions are great too. I wish there were some different length options with them. I'm not short but my legs are small and they go above my knees. But they sure feel great. I will be buying some more. Probably the short ones this next time as they have more fluff to them.

These are very soft and comfortable! Made my legs feel so much better working 12 hour shifts. I do wish there was more options on length of sock as I am very short. I love that there is extra padding on the bottom of the sock, felt wonderful on my feet. Love these!

So very soft. Nice colors. Haven’t worn them so quality review pending, but if anything like my no-show socks…great.

I absolutely love these socks!!

I like the socks. I am a nurse and they help keep my feet from swelling too much.

Love these socks. The fit is perfect and just the right amount of compression. Will be back in the future for more.

FINALLY no-show socks that work and feel fabulous! Heels stay in place, no-seam toes don’t crush toes, and the fabric is soft and non-irritating. Have tried others, and all have failed. Love these!

I work 14hrs/day and need a good sock. I also wear ankle boots every day so I got these socks since my Smartsocks continued to get nasty fuss nubs around the heel. Pacas don’t get nubby’s and are soft yet not overly thick. I wear a 8.5 sorel and the M/L fit great.

This is the third year I’ve ordered these. The person I ordered for say they’re the most comfortable socks she’s ever worn.

Just started wearing this week. I'm a dental assistant and on feet most of day. These are the best compression socks I have ever woren. Telling everyone about them.

After all the compression socks I’ve tried from the big box stores….these are BY FAR….The best! Extremely comfortable and easy to take on and off! Warm to….delightful!

Put them on to try them when it was warm outside and found out they're pretty comfortable to wear. My feet didn't get sweaty and that was a plus. Would like to try a pair of low cut for pickleball to see how they do.

Purchased a 6 pack and we love them. As a servers and bartenders, husband and I spend hours on our feet daily. Although I've always worn compression socks, I must say I'm impressed by pacas. They are very long on the calf, offer the support I was looking for. I get to wear them 3-4 times before washing. Oh, they are also very soft and stylish! Now I'm waiting for the paca slippers on my size to come back in stock for cozy toes this winter :)

So comfortable! My legs stay cool and they no longer ache after long hours at my computer desk. Not too tight at the top and toe wiggle room is wonderful!

They are so soft and stayed in place all day! They are not hard to put on either

These are the best socks available, anywhere!

Lovely socks! I have large calves and compression socks fit strangely on me. I have worn these to bed one night and around the house for a few days. I have yet to test them at work. What I am sure of…they aren’t hot and they are well cushioned on the bottom. I can tell the quality is better than other brands. I will definitely be making more purchases from Pacas!

These are the softest and warmest socks I've ever had. I have the ankle length that I bought last year and they are my favorite socks. Paca is true to their word on quality and comfort. I would recommend these to anyone. If you're a diabetic and need compression socks, these are the best ones ever.

These are the only compression socks that my sensitive skin will tolerate. And the toe box is relaxed, making them so comfortable! I love them.

Love them. Great fit. Hug my feet. Very cushiony.

I wore my first pair today. I was skeptical, but quickly found out they are FANTASTIC. My legs and feet felt great all day and they are nice and soft. The tops are a bit snug for a wider calf, but the sock didn't leave deep indentations. I will definitely buy more and please consider adding wide calf.

Fantastic! Best I’ve had!

Soft, comfortable, beautiful colors and patterns.

I love any and all of my PACAS socks. However, I think I may have ordered the wrong size when I ordered my compression socks as they are way too long. Back to the drawing board as it is too late to return them as I have worn two of the pairs that I got, my fault. PACAS are the best and I tell everyone about them.

Very comfortable and you don't even know you are wearing them. Very good for a compression sock.

Outstanding fit, comfort & style. They were delivered on time & well packaged.

Beautiful, red and oh so soft. It’s a little warm in September to wear them but I will as soon as it gets cold.

Extremely soft, comfortable, and easy to put on. Lots of support throughout the day without be too tight.

My daughter in law has rheumatoid arthritis and these socks are so comforting for her! It’s the only thing she wants for Christmas every year! They are worth what I have to pay to give her comfort. She has recommended them to her RA support group. Thank you for a good product!

They are simply fabulous!

The socks are definitely nice but not a ton of compression. I have a tough time finding ones that aren’t too much compression and not enough. I wouldn’t rely on these for long haul flights but nice for walking around/everyday. Nice soft material and the band at the top doesn’t seem too tight or irritating. These will be good for traveling when I land but not so much for the long haul flights.

Love, love, love all your product lines!! They are soft and long lasting, well worth the money. My grandchildren love them living in Seattle when you don’t know what the weather will be.

I love my Pacas socks. They are so warm, BUT it is really the quality that I love. Still no holes in my socks of the first 4 pair of pacas I got. I know they are 2-3 years old. I am impressed. I wash them as you say & hang to dry. I just love them.!!

Very comfortable and have helped with the swelling of my injured feet.

I just love how soft they are. It’s like a little party for my feet. And they come out perfectly from the wash every time.

These were much better then I expected. I've worn Pacas before but these were even better, softer, better fit and the length was a little higher and much better for me. They stay up just fine, for now, we will see how they do after many washings.

Love the way they feel…so soft!!

These are simply the best - soft but with enough compression to make my legs feel great! I’m definitely a Pacs’s fan!

Softest and best socks I have ever worn. I love them. They are warm without being hot. They are sock perfection.

So soft. And cute patterns. Wamted to love. However short fatties beware - I got the M/L based on calf circumference but sock is way too long in the foot and in the leg for me. 170 lbs/5'1"

Paca's are not only trendy and cute, but the softest socks around. They make my feet feel like they are on clouds with their snug softness. I will not buy any other socks since I discovered Paca's!!!

Love how soft and warm these are. I love that I don't have to throughout my back to get them on.

I've worn crew-length socks my whole life - even when, from am aesthetic point of view, I should have worn low-cut - because I couldn't find comfortable low socks. These are the holy grail of low-cut socks! I absolutely love these. They are sooo comfortable. I have thin little cotton socks for dress shoes that require them, but I'm betting I'll just be wearing sneakers all the time so I can wear these socks.

So so soft! And as a taller woman, I love the length of this sweater. I can wear it with or without a layering longer shirt underneath.

I’ve worn Feetures and Bombas, but Pacas are my new favorites! I like not only the cushioning and support but the moisture wicking is excellent. Plus they are simply cute!

Nice sweater, runs big , next time I’ll size down

So soft and the color is perfect

Love! Love! Love!!!

While preparing for upcoming trips to cold climates I ordered crew socks for both my husband and myself. Neither one of us have ever been able to wear wool, but I'd heard alpaca was hypoallergenic so I decided to give it a try. We were both thrilled to find we had no reaction to alpaca. The socks are so soft, comfortable and warm...absolutely perfect! They are high quality with lots of choices for different types of socks, colors and patterns...I have to admit I love the alpaca design on my socks. I highly recommend Pacas products and encourage others who've had issues with wool to give them a try.

Simply the best! Easier to get on than regular compression socks!

Oh, my goodness. Today was my first day back to work to wear the socks after my purchase. You talk about comfortable. As the saying goes "if your feet are not happy you're not happy. I highly recommend. You can't go wrong with these socks :)

I LOVE my Pacas! So comfy.

Great product, I love it 😍

I really love these socks! I work 16 hour days in steel toe boots. They help to keep my feet as realistically dry as possible. Socks are dry/quickly dry as soon as I take off my boots. So far, for this summer, they’ve kept my feet at a cooler temperature, too. When I wore my puma socks, there was always a puddle of sweat that I could feel when I walked around it was so gross feeling. Now when I walk in the Pacas, I don’t get that puddle of sweat anymore. Though they are a bit expensive, they are SOOOOO WORTH IT!

This luxurious garment is absolutely gorgeous. It is perfect for work or dressy occasions. I am so pleased.

Love these socks…they keep my feet warm and fit wonderfully with no toe seam.

I bought these socks for my son and his girlfriend and they love them . They both told me that all they want for their birthday and Christmas is socks from Paca. I am so glad I found them.

After trying several different brands of compression socks I was about to give up. All of them made my legs sweat, pulled on the hairs, were hard to get on and off, and generally uncomfortable. Then I tried PACAS and my life changed. PACAS are soft and supple. Made with Alpaca yarn air flows through them. No clinging to hairs, and easy to get on and off. The best thing is that they are comfortable and they work. I am a PACAS user for life.

I like the sox just fine but I do fine that they are a bit bulkier than expected and so if there is a finer choice that is what I should have gotten. Otherwise they are a great product

Softest and most comfortable sock I’ve ever worn.

Everything fine.

Dry and comfortable, a combination I have never had till now! Thank you!!

Love these blankets, very thin and lightweight but sturdy, warm and soft. The colors are good too. I give them to friends and clients as gifts; they’re always appreciated.

I just got the Women’s Turtleneck Sweater in green, and I am so happy. The sweater is cloud-soft, light as air, and soooo cozy! Now I can’t wait for cold weather. Paca is comfort. 💚

At this point pretty much the only socks I wear are Pacas. My sweaty feet have led to 30+years of Athletes foot. These socks do such a great job of wicking away the sweat that my Athletes Foot is gone. I haven't been able to wear wool socks because they are too itchy. Not these socks. Not itchy, and they stay up!

Love these. Soft and comfortable. Easy on and easy off. After a long shift my legs feel great.

I have been very happy with these slippers. My feet are always cold and the slippers along with a pair of your soft socks keep my feet warm and comfortable.

Very comfortable. Great for travel as you need only a couple of pairs. Pack one pair wear the other.

Awesome as always!! So soft and worth the money!!

I needed some compression socks that wouldn't cause chafing on my legs and toes. I've only worn them a couple of times but they seem to do the trick. My only complaint is that on one of the pairs I received, the cuff is tighter than the other ones I got. So that pair is a bit uncomfortable.

I have nothing but positive feedback on the socks. Thickness, sturdiness, color, feel and fit are perfect. They were just too low to my liking. They were returned NOT because the quality was lacking, but because of my fit preference. I highly recommend these to those that are comfortable with low cut.

Best socks in both light weight and medium heavy Better than wool

I have tried cotton socks and wool socks and found the natural fibers superior to socks made of man-made fibers. However, I noticed that my feet would still get cold in cotton socks and hot in wool socks on occasion. However, having worn Pacas now for more than a year and owning several dozen pairs of men's crew cut Pacas, I can say that I no longer notice the temperature of my feet wearing Pacas socks because they are so excellent at thermoregulation. Pacas keep my feet very comfortable all the time regardless of the conditions around them.

I could really feel the cushioning and support to the bottom of my feet. They stayed up and I wasn’t constantly having to pull them up. Very very soft. My husband wants me to order him some and I am.

These are the best socks I've ever had. I tried wool but my feet would always sweat. I wear these everyday to a construction site and they have shown no wear whatsoever!

Really lovely soft socks. My husband was thrilled

They are EXTREMELY comfortable! They are a bit too tight around the top of my calf…. Makes my leg sore!

I purchased them for one of my granddaughters for Christmas! I live on a fixed income, so I try to purchase items during the months of summer and fall because I wouldn’t be able to buy all that they want in the month of December. I usually purchase clothing during those months and when they give me their lists in November and early December then I can pick and choose which I can afford for Christmas!!

Love them

Excellent socks

I love these socks!!! The moment I slipped them on, I knew I found the best! Thank you Pacas!

Very soft and very comfortable to wear. Would buy these again

Last year I wanted this turtleneck sweater in either green or grey. However, only white was available in my size. Bought it anyway. Loved the sweater so much—it was warm and super soft, my go-to sweater—that this year I bought the green and the grey as well. This year am giving away three sweaters because I know these three will be the only ones I will want to wear.

I bought these for a trip to Europe, plan to wear them on my long flights. I have not worn them yet as I live in an area where temps have been close to 100 degrees for weeks. I love the colors and styles, and they feel incredibly soft while offering support. I look forward to testing them out!

We love these socks. They fit so well, are not to thick, are cozy warm but your feet don't sweat. I use them with sneakers, hiking boots and winter boots. You will not regret getting them.

Lovesthese comfortable and not sweat

I love these socks. They're so soft and comfortable.

Hello, today I’m reviewing my 2 Paca’s cardigans. My goodness! I’ve been on a journey this year. My first cardigan was a black in XL because I was 40+#heavier than now. And recently I bought a M in the green which is my favorite color. It’s so great to love both these colors and sizes. They both have plenty room and the green one doubles as a top. I’ve also been lucky enough to buy 2 red v neck pullover as gifts. My ladies love them. You grow Pacas

Hello, if you are trying to decide if you should spend the money on a Pacas throw, trust me, your answer is yes! Alpaca fur, beautiful, great colors, stripes which add interest and so warm. I wished I had more than more than 2. Mine are gold stripe and sea-foam stripe. They are the most popular blankets in my house. Order yourself one before it’s too late.

I already had 3 pairs of crew socks and really enjoy them. These low cuts don't disappoint. They have extra padding on the bottom just like the others and the addition of the cushion around the top ensure I won't get blisters on the back of my foot. I tried some socks from another company and they fall short of Pacas.

I do a lot of walking, every Sunday I walk 10 miles in the morning. I always wear my PACAS because they don't give me blisters like other socks have. Best socks I've ever owned. I've bought my wife and sister some and they love them as much as I do.

Great varierty of colors & soft texture

Perfect weight and quality overall, and beautiful design and colors!

Dr said I need to wear these. They are comfortable and do the trick for the water around my ankles. The only thing I wish I could pick out is my own color selection some of the packages are 1 great color and the other 2 just ok.

My new fave. Perfect for the gym. I am ordering more now!

I love how cushioned they are on the bottom! They are also very soft and comfortable. I expected them to be too hot in the hot weather we are having, but they are not. I really love them and I am going to buy more pairs.

These are my first compression socks from Pacas and like all of their products they are the best I've tried. They fit well not too tight, just snug enough to feel the support. The feet are cushioned and are as comfy as all my other Pacas socks. It's 84 degrees out today and my feet and legs are very comfortable.

These are the best socks ever! Worth the wait and my wife loves her pairs as well. We did a complete overhaul of our sock drawer and now we only have pacas. If you are on the fence about these socks, I recommend buying a single pair to try but trust me when I say this, these are going to be the only socks you would want to wear everyday.

So soft. So comfy. So happy with my pacas socks

So so soft! I got extras to give for Christmas gifts for my sisters!

I love these socks so much that I had to share the love. They make marvelous gifts for family and friends and now they're all in love with Pacas .

These socks are beyond wonderful! !! Well cushioned, SOFT, stay nice and dry. They launder very well. I purchased one set and then had to buy more as I liked them so much !

I have been buying Pacas for about 3 years now. My husband & I love them. I bought the women's Crew socks and some Men's Crew socks for gifts. My kids and their spouse and the grandkids all love them too!!! I wear them all year!! So soft. Thank you for such great products...

This sweater is so soft. It is hot here right now so I just tried it on and it will have to wait until the weather cools down for me to wear it.

The best socks I have ever put on my feet . A warm hug for both feet :) Sold for life!

These socks are what dreams are made of. I had not realized what true comfort was until now. They are soft, comfortable, and the don’t make my feet sweat. I had no idea alpaca fiber was this good and now understand why people love it. The price is fair and you do get what you pay for. They do not make me feel uncomfortable during the hot days and keep me warm when it’s cold

Love my Pacas! but, I have to order men's crew socks because the ladies large do not fit a size 12 ladies foot. That being said they are great socks and take a lot of wear. Just wish the men's socks came in a better selection of colors. I will order again.

Love my new socks. They are so comfortable and soft. The fit is perfect and they look just like I want them to look in my sneakers. Did I mention the sale price was amazing! Excellent buy!

Love my new socks. They are so comfortable and soft. The fit is perfect and they look just like I want them to look in my sneakers. Did I mention the sale price was amazing! Excellent buy!

I’m completely sold on the alpaca socks, it’s been 40 days of 100+ degree weather and I started wearing the alpaca socks to combat swamp foot , everyday with boots on and everyday my feet are dry and completely comfortable. These socks are awesome can’t wait to see what winter brings

I love my Paca's! So soft, so comfortable!

So cute and comfy! Love these pants!!!

Love Them !!!!

Soft n cushion my feet

These are the perfect summer sock,wicks moisture and no smell,will definitely purchase more.

My favorite socks forever. I really don't consider any other choices for my athletic socks. I walk a lot and I know that my feet feel so comfortable in my Pacas!

Slightly lighter and stretchier than the previous design. I loved those and still wear them after more than a year. These are if anything better - just as much light cushioning on the sole but even more breathable. I wear them year round in Florida - in fact I do not wear any others. In New England I wear the crew docks just as hsppy.

Love, love, love my no show Pacas. I wear them all year round, so comfortable and able to adjust to whatever temperature Mother Nature throws at us. I am very pleased with the quality—soft but sturdy. None of my socks have worn out—and I walk around the house without shoes, just me and my Pacas.

Love my new socks Very comfy Low material Keep my feet dry breathable Wash well

I love my sweaters! Bought them for a vacation we'll be taking this fall. They should be perfect.

Love, Love Love all Paca socks! I don't wear any other socks.

I have just received the light weight womens crew cut socks. When I looked at them I was very skepitcal about struggling to get them on and to my surprise they were incredibly comfortable and easy to get on and should I also mention they were lightweight and not bulky like most compression socks I have tried. I will definitely be ordering more! Thank you pacas for such an amazing product!

🦙 🔥 🦙 🔥 🦙 🔥 🦙 🔥 Need I say more! 😊

Great fit! I prefer a wider toe box and these socks don't cramp my toes. The softness is wonderful and the colors are great! Hopefully, they will last a long time....looking forward to another purchase.

Fabulous so soft, a little tight at the top, but I think the big calf Pacas would be too large

Very soft, great socks!

My daughter's favorite socks!

I absolutely love these socks!!

I love my compression sock!! The colors the softness and fit are awesome!! I will be buying more in the near future! Thank you!!

I golf and walk. These socks don’t bunch or side down. Love them

Hands down, some of the best socks I’ve ever had on my feet. It’s hard to describe the comfort of these socks. Just get some and thank me later.

I love the style, softness, and fit of my knee high compression socks!! They make my feet and legs feel really comfortable!! Towards the afternoon the tops rolls some and make my legs hurt some!! They are really good and I will buy more!! Thank you!!!

No Lie, my friends, the low-cut performance Pacas socks have turned wearing any footwear or going Pacas-covered barefooted into " happy feet forever". Order in black and use as slippers (no dirt shows), wear outside/inside with or without shoes. My feet feel encased in a soft padding of comfort, which enables me to walk in the socks without pain from my calluses. Extra bonus: designated L and R because the socks have been designed to fit the differences in left/right feet. ORDER NOW! You'll thank me later.

Pacas socks are very soft and provide cushion for your whole foot. We have men’s and women’s and are pleased with every purchase.

Love these socks. Never wear anything else.

Finally a comfortable sock for size 13 feet!

This is my 4th order. What else can I say? I love those soft cozy socks on my 83 year old feet.

Absolutely Love these socks! Warm, soft and very comfortable - my favorite socks!

These socks are so comfortable. Soft, not too tight and I can wear them all day and not even realize they are compression socks. Best stocks I have ever had.

Love them!! I’m going through some medical conditions right now and my feet are always freezing and someone suggested these to me. They have kept my feet toasty warm since they arrived in the mail. I can’t believe how great they feel to. So soft and cozy!!

Soft and cozy without cutting into my cankles - love love love them

Wonderful quality and warmth! Love them!

Fantastic socks

Oh mylanta is this sweater ever comfy! It's incredibly soft and cozy and looks lovely. Couldn't be happier

Love these socks! Great quality, holds shape, cushy feeling when you wear them. Have also bought women's crew socks in the past and love them as well. Highly recommend!!

These are just lovely! I needed some socks to keep my feet warm at hockey games and look great with my boots! Score!! They are so soft and cushy feeling. The elastic doesn’t hurt my calf and they fit perfectly! Love them!

Purchased a pair for myself and my husband. Great fit and love the alpaca lining. Hoping for more colors in the future. Nice and warm and very soft inside. Keep up the great work Paca!!! ❤️🤗👏

I LOVE these socks! I started a job a little over year ago where I’m wearing workboots, on my feet, for 12-hour shifts. I was wearing regular cotton blend socks, but I started to get some kind of allergic reaction to them and would end the day with rashes where my socks were. Trying to find some good natural-fiber socks I tried Pacas and a few other brands of wool socks, the Pacas have quickly become my favorite and best work sock. So soft and comfortable, stay up without feeling tight, great cushioning, and best of all no reaction from my skin. Plus with the multipack options and frequent sales they really are cheaper than competitors. I just bought a bunch more for myself and for Christmas presents!

Very comfortable and keeps feet at right temp all day long.

So comfortable.

I was pleasantly surprised to find they worked like advertised to combat my sweaty feet in leather work boots

So soft and comfortable

Love the slouchy socks! Comfortable, cozy…. I just need a Pacas blanket and I would be complete. Comfortable around the ankle and lower leg…. Looks great. My feet are happy.

Wow, soooo soft. I don’t play golf but the only things missing are the clubs bc I was several miles a day and these Docke are perfect for that! My feet stayed dry even on very humid days.

Outstanding socks, it's the only ones she likes

Very Comfortable, surprisingly they are not too warm in the summer. Will buy again in the future

Love these docks. So comfortable and soft

Recently purchased these for my mother and a pair for me due to a special. I live where it gets cold in winter, and particularly my floor. These are great. Very soft and easy to put on. They stay up, are not slippery and are very warm while I feel like I’m still walking around in my bare feet. We both love them.

Awesome comfort


Most comfortable socks I've ever worn.

Well, you did not have the color I wanted, BUT, the socks? Amazing! I love the light weight of these socks, and the smooth but non-slip fit. After trying these, I cleaned my sock drawer of other wool related brands. I have purchased the heavier short and crew length socks. These are my favorite socks in “the drawer”. I always wait for sales, thank you!

OMG! These are the best socks! So soft! I love how they hug your foot around your arch! And the cushion on the bottom. And they're cute too! A must have for hiking!

Excellent warmth & comfort. Wore all day & my feet weren’t sweating or overheating.

I wear a woman’s 9 shoe but I buy the men’s X-Large socks and, after washing them, they fit perfect and are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn!

Cutest & comfiest socks I’ve ever had!

I also have 2 pairs of compression socks. Super soft and comfortable! Cool on the hot weather, and warm in the winter. That's what's so great about alpaca wool!

Wow, this thing is incredible! Soft, plush interior that reminds me of fleece, with a smooth, versatile exterior with an elevated look. There is no scratchiness at all, and I have skin that is sensitive to all kinds of wool including merino. So if you're worried about this being made with wool and wearing it against the skin, I think it's unlikely to cause any issue! The thickness is really nice. It's substantial, and yet seems like it can be worn comfortably year round, or at least for 3 seasons (it might be a bit heavy for a hot summer day). It feels very breathable, and yet the thickness still provides nice warmth if I'm chilly. Navy actually looks lighter than its name would suggest--the color in the product photo looks accurate, however. I would love if there were more colors available. Perhaps a heather gray, or some other heather colors, would lend itself well to this relaxed lounge-worthy garment!

These are hands down the best socks I've ever worn. They are so comfortable and feel so good on my feet. They are cool in summer and warm in winter and my feet thank them!

By far the most comfortable and reliable product. I really feel the are the best compression socks I have ever worn.

So soft and comfortable. Great for wearing around the house and my feet don't get overly hot!! Love them

Love them love them, they are so soft and comfortable. You need to try them once, and then you are hooked.

I love Paca socks. They are SO comfortable and don’t make my feet sweat. ❤️

Wonderful socks…soft, yet great compression. They are very easy to put on and take off. Quality is excellent. Highly recommended!

I originally bought these socks because my feet were getting too hot with traditional low cut socks. The alpaca wool has made a huge difference in how comfortable my feet are now. They are much cooler, and my feet no longer sweat when I’m working in tennis shoes at the hospital. These are the only socks I wear to work now for the last 6 months, and I really like them.

I've only had the socks for a couple of weeks, but I am pleased with my purchase at this point. Customer support is excellent, they are a very fair and ethical company.

I’ve tried other compression socks but none compare to these- they breathe! They’re cute! They feel good and keep my ankles from hurting at the end of the day! I wash cold and drip dry to keep them perfect.

I love my Pacas!! My shoes do not eat them up!!

Bought last year and just added to our collection. Cool in the summer (they wick away moisture) and warm in the winter. Soft. Have held up to repeated washings.

Awesome fit and very comfortable. Keep my feet warm, but don't make my feet sweat.

So comfortable! I highly recommend!

I am loving them. They don’t slide down on my heal and they are soft and cushioned.

Super soft and comfortable.

Absolutely love them fit great! Don’t slide down, are soooo cushy and soft! Feels like a massage on my feet when I wear them!! Keep my feet dry and cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cool!! Can’t wait to try some winter socks!!!

Absolutely love them fit great! Don’t slide down, are soooo cushy and soft! Feels like a massage on my feet when I wear them!! Keep my feet dry and cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cool!! Can’t wait to try some winter socks!!!

Love how cozy these socks are!

Soooo cozy. Great quality. Perfect fit. I got some for myself and once they arrived, immediately ordered another pair for my husband.

These socks were great on our recent trip to Italy. I got the men's for my boyfriend, and they really made a difference in our sitting on a plane for hours at a time. Plus, I really believe that they made my shoes more comfortable!

So soft and comfortable. Feel great!

Very comfortable. Was trying to replace the now discontinued Norm Thompson dress Sport. Seems very similar. Will be my socks from now on.

I love Pacas because they pamper my sensitive feet (no seam & soft). I got a three pack lightweight this time. The black pair has threads on either side of the toes on the inside that press into the toes which hurts. I'm wearing the grey pair & they are fine. Haven't tried the last pair yet.

The very best socks I have ever worn and I am a senior citizen. Comfortable, durable and good looking, I will be buying these again and again.

These socks are great. They are so soft and yet provide the support I need to keep my ankles from swelling. Also keep my feet dry.

I was skeptical about wearing alpaca socks in the summer but even in 90 degree weather, my feet stayed dry and cool. Amazing.

Best socks I ever purchased

I LOVE these socks. They are so comfortable and keep my feet warm and dry. They have some cute designs. I will definitely be ordering more

Very comfortable

Most comfortable sock I have ever worn in my 67 years!

Someone gifted me a pair of these socks, and after a year of reaching for them first, every time I got dressed, I thought, "Why don't I just buy more of these socks and get rid of the ones I never want to wear anymore?!" So I bought a six-pack of the crew cuts to make sure they were still as good--and they've exceeded expectations. I love, love, love these socks! They feel like clouds on your feet. My only complaint is that they were out of my first-choice colors in M/L.

Wish there was more percentage of alpaca in these. nicely cushioned. comfortable.

So soft and warm. These socks keep their shape and softness after repeated washings. I have health issues that make me always feel cold and these socks keep my feet toasty.

Incredible soft and comfortable socks I ever tried to put on, the only problem was, even though the were XL, they were way to small. I tried a couple of times putting them on, but no success. My calves are 15” in circumference. XL should fit 15” to 17”. I was extremely disappointed, because wearing them would have been great, if they only fit. Quality socks for sure.

All your socks are so comfortable. I wear these in the summer around the house and with jeans.

Love these socks…I give them as Christmas presets and everyone loves them! The grab bag was a good deal and I liked what I got.

Better than Smartwool, fox river, darn tough, Thorlo... these are softer and more comfortable than any of those brands that I always bought and thought were the best. Paca's are the best by far!

These slippers are amazing! Will be extra comfy this cold winter! The 2nd pair in a Christmas gift for my other half. He's cold all the time so these will be perfect!