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Love my new Pacas socks. This is the second time I have ordered them, because they are the softest and most absorbent socks I’ve ever had. They are awesome!

Very soft and toe seam doesn’t bother my sensitive toes! Just little thicker than I thought they would be.

I bought some compression socks and I can’t believe how comfortable they are. I also bought some other socks. I don’t want to wear the socks that I have in my sock drawer. I want to throw them all away and just get this brand! Also, there are great colors and patterns. ❤️

Love these compression socks, they fit well and are good quality.

So comfy! These are the best socks I've ever had! They are super soft & cushy. Plus, the stitching at the toe is perfect & doesn't bother me at all! Simply the BEST socks!

I just received my Pacas Compression socks and they are definitely comfortable and soft as advertised. I am a runner and having these type of socks to help your improve your comfort level is very important in Endurance running. I love them and will definitely purchase more.

My husband LOVES these socks, and constantly wears them around the house. They seem to be more durable than other brands we've tested.

I’m a nurse and i’m really looking for a soft, comfy compression socks that i can wear for my whole shift. Pacas didn’t disappoint! Also love their crew socks!

These socks are great. Warm and absorbent, they kept my feet dry. I enjoy the way my feet feel while wearing them. They are super comfortable.

These are the best socks I've ever owned!! They keep my feet warm and cozy. Thanks Pacas!!!

Super soft and very thick. The best socks I have ever owned.

Great socks!!

Fit very well. Delivered promptly.

Best compression socks. The right amount of "squeeze". Plus they are super soft. Stay cool when it is hot and warm when it is not. Soft material is skin friendly. So happy with my purchase.

These are the most softest and thick socks I have ever owned. They wash nice too. I loved them so much I bought my husband and two sons some.

OMG! So super soft and comfy! I’m in love!

So far I am loving these socks. They are soft and comfortable and they actually fit my feet perfectly!

Perfect in every way !!

My family loves the paca socks. The customer service in this company is excellent. Rarely do you get such wonderful customer service.

These are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn. I would highly recommend them.

I have been very impressed with the socks. They are super comfortable and they allow my feet to breathe well. I have low cut and crew cut now. I have been slowly replacing my older cotton socks with Pacas. I'd love to see a mid height sock that somewhat covers the ankle but for now I'm happy with what I have!

These socks Really are the softest! The strength of the compression is good. I haven’t washed my socks yet but I love everything else about them. I am 5’6”, 125 lbs. and ordered a size M/L as I don’t like my toes being pinched. I’m very pleased.

Warm, cozy socks. LOVE THEM ❤️

Excellent and comfortable. Very soft and breathable. If they prove to be durable they will be my go to socks in the future

I have purchased a lot of different brand socks but these are by far the best! They fit perfectly (not too tight at the ankle) and are SO soft ! I will never buy another brand.

I really enjoy my socks!!

I got them for my wife and she LOVES them! ❤️

These socks are great. The compression socks support my legs but are sooo soft!

These socks are beautiful and so very comfy!

Love these socks I have major issues with my toes and feet after surgery these socks really do help only ones I wear now also ordered for my husband he also thinks they are great.

Paca's are the finest socks I have found! Comfortable, soft and warm all winter. I was layering two pairs with other socks because they are all thin but Paca's are the only one's to wear now. I'm buying as gifts also.

Great product quality

Perfect fit and really comfortable my other compression socks are so stiff these have the compression but feel like socks !!!

Bought a 4 pack to try. Have to say I'm very happy with them. I've had many issues with other compression socks-being too stiff and hard to get on and off, toe seam irritating my toes, cuff leaving marks on my calf-but these socks didn't have any of those issues. My feet are very sensitive so finding socks that keep them happy is almost impossible and I work 12 hour shifts on my feet. These socks are perfect!! I would recommend them to everyone!! Worth the price for sure and I'm not usually one to spend more than $20 for a pair of jeans once or twice a year but thus splurge was well worth it!!

I absolutely love these. They are perfect, just as pictured. They are incredibly soft, cute, and wash without pilling or losing shape.

Very comfortable and easy to put on. I wear them all day and don't even notice I am wearing them. Love them!!

The socks are everything as advertised and then some. Soft, warming and cooling when they need to be, they 'stay put' on my leg and are not pulled down into my shoe. A tad snug at the top around my calf. Feel silky in my shoe as though I'm not wearing socks, absolutely the right thickness and weight! Although pricey, the socks feel seamless on my sensitive feet.

Super comfortable! Have them on now - aaahhhh…

Love the feel of the compression socks. I thought they may be too warm but they were not. My feet and ankles didn’t swell at all! Woohoo 🙌

best socks ever

Life changing Wish I'd known years ago.

Coziest, warmest, cutest socks I’ve ever worn!!!

everything they said they would be. nice and cool. my legs feel better. felt a difference right away.

Best socks ever! Well-made, soft, warm and cushy. Nice colors too.

Ordered both men's and women's low-cut socks this time, and all are simply fabulous! Just wish there was a true "extra large" women's socks size rather than just the medium/large. I hate ordering men's because let's face it...the colors are BORING! Nevertheless, we will not wear anything else!

I love Pacas socks! I now own 10 pairs!

These socks are fantastic! I have never liked low cut socks because they always slid down. These are soft, stay put and have padding in the heel. Highly recommend them

Best compression socks ever!!!!!!!!! I’m a nurse so these are great for long periods of sitting and standing!! Ohh so cozy and warm for the winter but I’m gonna try them in the summer as well!! Linda Oregon

Feel so soft. Warm but also not hot. Can wear in any weather at any time of the year.

Comfortable and warm

These socks are GREAT! I have a desk job and by the end of the day my feet were cold and swollen. With my the Paca Compression socks my feet are now warm and skinny! Thanks for this fantastic product.

Best, softest, quality socks I ever had!

I have finally found compression socks that work but doesn't cut off your circulation! They are comfortable and help tremendously with my POYS episodes! So soft to wear I have been telling all my friends about them. I am definitely planning on reordering soon!

Wonderful comfortable socks

I love this! Very well made and beautiful. It is soft but still makes my sensitive skin itch just like the sweater I bought so I can’t have them directly on my skin. But highly recommended. These products are all beautiful and so well made!

Adorable and soft. Washed nicely though even on low dry, they shrank and look like kids socks! That being said, they still fit! My recommendation is get the large even if you’re normally small. I love them.

Very soft feel great.

Took A chance and ordered these socks. I put a sock that had on one foot, then a Pacas sock on other foot and walked around. What A difference!!!

Love, love these socks !! Super soft and feels great with each step !! Will be buying more :))

I have been buying crew snd low cut socks for my family, but the last time I bought some for me. Love them, especially the tab on the back! Great thinking.

These are for my DIL for her birthday. She told me that she absolutely loved the ones I purchased for her a couple of years ago. They are so soft. I love them and she does too. Always a smile on her face when she gets them!!

PACAS are the BOMB ! The men’s compression socks are soft and comfortable, and provide great support ! My legs used to ache — not anymore ! Thank you PACAS !

Wonderful Sox.

I enjoy a good sock. These are my very favorite socks I have ever had. They are so soft and cozy against my skin. They wash and wear beautifully. I am hooked on these. They regulate temperature nicely too. They are warm when it's cold out and comfortable in warmer weather.

Hands down the nicest, softest most comfortable socks I’ve ever had on my feet. Little “tab” on the back is actually kind of genius. Feet stay dry while feel little moisture in the sock, and though haven’t had long the “no odor” claim seems to be legit. Glad I got a 4-pack though, DHL shipping is the worst. So 5 stars on the socks, 1-2 on the shipping method

I could only pick one item to review. I originally tried the Pacas 6 pack in a men’s crew to share with my husband. We both belong to an organization with a dress code that includes black socks. They were so comfortable that I have since ordered several more pairs for both my husband in black and other colors and for myself in women’s various colors in crew and no show styles. My husband has been telling everyone and anyone who will listen about the comfort of these socks. He believes that his not so comfortable walking tennis shoes are now much more comfortable with his Pacas!

Beautiful, soft, cozy socks that I wear year round. There is nothing better than dry, comfy tootsies!!

Softest warmest socks I have ever had.

These are the best socks ever! I want to eventually get rid of my other socks and just have Pacas. They are high quality and warm.

Ooooooh! Love these socks. Soft. Snug but not tight. Don’t stink after a full day running around. Wash up beautifully. Keep their shape. I highly recommend these socks. Going back for more!

When I got my socks, I wore him the first two days. And my feet were so comfortable cool and didn’t bother me at all. I love the socks. I also got the compression socks and I just got done working 15 hours straight and my feet are fine. My feet feel great my body is another thing. I definitely would recommend the socks.

These were so warm and cozy. Can’t wait to get more of them!

Great, soft and fit well

Hubby likes his crew socks.

Trying larger size: This larger size is just right; got the smaller before. Was thicker than I imagined it would be. That's because the smaller size had to be stretched more to fit me, so they were thinner when I wore them. Still slippier than my other brand socks, so slips in shoes easier.

They are so soft and comfortable. They keep your feet dry, you don't sweat in them. I highly recommend! I will be buying more.

A quick test I done was to wear a Pacas sock on one foot and regular sock on other foot. A world of difference, hands down Pacas was softer and more comfortable sock

Always warm, but not hot. My feet are really comfortable in my pacas.I plan to get some of the compression ones when I can afford it.

The socks are so soft and very comfortable.

These socks are amazing!! So soft and perfect compression. I’m a nurse and wear compression socks. Decided to try these since I have the crew socks. I am so glad I did. Love the colors too!

Good as advertised

Most comfortable compression socks I have ever worn! Will definitely purchase more!

Bought these for my Mom. They are soft and very comfortable.

I’ve been wearing compression socks for years. These socks are the best by far. Great support. Easy on and off. Funky colors. My go to socks from now on.

Love these socks, they are soft and hold up to washer and dryer well.

Super soft and warm. Love my pacas

Great socks for long flights~ I love everything PACAS!

Love My Socks! Great Customer Service! So happy about my purchase.

These Pacas sock are everything they say they are!! Super soft, temp regulating, and not itchy like merino wool. I wear them every day for every occasion, crew, low cut, no show. The best and worth every penny. It tKes alot to wear them out, because I haven't yet!! Absolutely TERRIFIC!!@

Nervous that they would be too hot. They are not. Super comfy! 👍🏼👍🏼

I have about 10 pairs of Pacas calf socks (because I love them!), but this is the first time I ordered the short ones, getting ready for summer. They are fantastic! Nice and padded on the heels but not too hot for spring and summer! They don’t slide down at all either

I have purchased compression socks in the past from other companies and didn’t like how they felt. I love love my Pacas socks, so comfortable and keep my legs warm too. Will order again.

Love all the socks, so soft! Like walking on a cloud!!! My poor old tired feet love them!

I have many pairs of these. I love them! I even ordered some of the low cut socks they just feel so good on my feet!

These compression socks are great. I got them after my knee replacement surgery. They are comfy, cute and very supportive!!!

Super comfy, do not slip, no blisters! Kept my feet cool and dry on a long walk, yet cozy at night while sleeping. What is this sorcery?!

Love these socks so much, light but warm, just the right amount of compression. Quick turn around on delivery. I will be trying different styles for this summer and order socks for my husband. Great job and lovely socks, I love them.

Most comfortable socks I have ever owned! Super soft.

It only took a couple of days to arrive. I love my new socks. They are so soft and comfy.

My husband loves these compression socks so much. Very comfortable! Will be buying more.

We bought these for a dear friend because we know how great they are. He said they're the best socks he's ever had. He's an outdoorsman, cyclist, etc..They are comfortable no matter the season-I'm amazed at that.

They are very soft and comfortable. Your feet do not sweat in them keeping your feet dry all day.

These fit and feel wonderful! I will buy again.

Most comfortable socks I own.

A winner! These are comfortable, breathable, and natural. My feet are happy!

Excellent compression socks. Easy on and off. have several brands and Pacas are the best

So far I am in love. I have tried two other similar brands with mixed success. I love the soft feel of the wool.

My favorite socks! They are the softest socks I’ve ever worn. As for the no show socks, this is the only brand that stays on my foot while walking in sneakers! They are expensive but definitely worth it.

I now have four pairs of your low cut socks- perfect for southern California winters. I'll definitely be buying more. I also gave everyone in my family Paca's for Christmas- thanks for the 30% off and free shipping on that order. My mom says they are the softest and warmest socks she's ever owned and my grand-kids wear them like slippers around the house. My daughter and son in law find them the perfect layer with snow boots. AND they was well!

So comfortable and soft. I bartend and am on my feet for hours straight. These have made it so my feet aren’t sore! Definitely recommend

Very soft and had I paid attention to the fact that I ordered med lg they would probably fit better in a XL but I love the look and feel


My husband is a pilot and says these are amazing. They are extremely comfortable. He highly recommends them!

Love them

Softer than cashmere and so very light to be so warm. I’m impressed!

Softer than

They are really worth having. The socks are comfortable. They fit well. I like the fact that they are not synthetic.

Never have I ever worn a sock that clicks all the important things a sock must have. I am diabetic. The Pacas socks have no toe seams. The toe and heel area have extra cloud soft cushioning. The socks stay put while walking or running. They wash beautifully and dry completely overnight. Two added bonuses: they do not smell and they adjust to cooling or warming depending on climate conditions. Pacas are the perfect socks!

Love these socks. So comfortable and soft. Just what I've been looking for forever! I'm SOLD!

Absolutely love these socks. Now that I've tried Pacas, I will never wear anything else. Like walking on a cloud!

Best socks I ever had. Thick, soft, comfortable and durable. Referred my coworker when she noticed them.

Best socks I ever had. Thick, soft, comfortable and durable. Referred my coworker when she noticed them.

I love these socks. They are warm, super soft and don't pill in the wash!

have feet like socks

So…the non-binary thing is hard to help with when only binary is an option for orders and reviews. That’s at a macro corporate aspect of feedback for consideration by pacas!! You can do this. Fix the binary thing for wonderful socks. Yasss. Truly, the socks are stellar. The warmth in colors (I chose) and function are endearing and compelling. Thank you. Fabulous.

Very comfortable!

Great support.

First time buyer for these socks. I love them. Soft. Great fit. Will purchase again. Thank you so much. Also love the colors available! :)

Love ‘em!

Great product, even better customer service!!!

Love Love Love these socks. They are so soft!! Love the colors. Loved them so much I purchased the compression socks as well. Can’t wait for them to arrive.

With a recent job change I felt compression socks would be beneficial. I am so happy with the quality of your product. They are soft and comfortable. The shipping of the order was much faster than expected. I will be a returning customer. Thank you, keep up the great work!

My third, I think if not 4th set of women's compression socks. I'm loving the lighter colors!

This socks are Heavenly,they are so soft and wash up great. I give socks as gifts, everyone loves them

Great length, great feel and exceptionally comfortable. I'm 100% please I decided to try comfy alpaca compression.

Love ‘em! Exceptional! They are everything Pacas said the socks would be!

These are so soft and comfy! These were to increase my ever growing Pace items. My throw and wrap were very neede items in Michiga odd winter weather.

love love. They are fabulous. thank you

This shawl is a very generous size, light weight yet warm. It is dry clean only. If it could be washed it would soften the material a bit and make it even cozier.

BEST socks EVER!! Super soft yet thick and comfortable. They BREATHE!! I LOVE THEM

I so enjoy these socks! This is my 3rd time ordering from Pacas. I really like how they are NOT hot in the summer, but also keep my feet warm i the winter. The compression does make me have to bend and twist a bit to get the socks on, but they fit better than ANY other compression sock I've every used. I wear them every day and can I can tell you I certainly know when I haven't used them. I am always singing the praises of the Pacas brand. As an aside, I fly every week cross country and I let every one who asks that these are Pacas and if they're looking for a compression sock, this is the one they need to try. I've ordered 3 times NOT because the socks have worn out...but because I keep losing them! I think my kids are taking them...or the dryer is eating them!! Great product. Highly recommend.

Love these socks!!! They have ruined me for regular socks I hate to even put on my old socks!!! Pacas are so soft and comfy!!!

The softest, and most comfortable socks ever, ( and I have worn MANY socks. Í ám sí Happy tí have öfund tíu❤️

BEST SOCKS EVER!!!!!! I've been buying these socks for many years and everyone in my house keeps stealing them so I need to buy more ;)

Very soft and comfy.

Love my Pacas! So soft and snuggy warm. Bought them for my 3 adult children and they are as devoted as I am!!! Pricey but worth it.

The compression socks are the best!! I was worried that they wouldn't be "compressive" enough. Ha, I was wrong!! They're totally soft and work beautifully! My go to compression socks from now on!

I love these songs! So comfortable and soft. They don’t make my feet too hot either!

Most comfortable socks ever!

Soft, comfortable and warm. Really love these socks, I have very small feet and the small sized socks for well without a lot of empty toe room or heels up the back of my leg.

I got these for my husband, he is a lineman so he is climbing, standing, and walking a lot. His feet and legs have been bothering him so I got these socks to see if they would help.. He loves them, plus he said his feet didn’t ever get cold while working in them, and when fishing. He said they are definitely worth five stars!

Love them

Feel good - easy to put on each day.

Lasting comfort and softness. My favorite compressions for a long day on my feet.

I'm so happy with your compression socks. I am tall and these socks actually accommodate my long legs from the knee to the ankle. That kind of fit is hard to find. Thank you

Absolutely the best socks ever, after 4 foot surgeries this product enables me to walk 6 miles daily in total comfort. Thank you!

I have now bought women’s crew socks, Women’s low cut socks Women’s Compression Socks Male crew cut socks. I love Pacas! ❤️ My feet are usually cold, I wear socks every day. Even in the summer. When winter comes I have tried wool socks and others, even wearing two pair at a time, they didn’t keep my feet warm. So I ordered women’s crew socks and I loved them. I have gone on to order others for me, some for my husband, (he also likes them). Also started on my Christmas shopping and ordered some for my BFF. Try them. You won’t be sorry! Plus they hold up better than other expensive socks!

Love these socks, I am giving them to friends and family

Love em. Tossed the old compression socks in the trash

I love how soft and warm my Pacas socks are! Couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

These socks a literally a game changer! My feet are normally ALWAYS cold. After wearing these for a couple of weeks now, one night I needed to do laundry and my Pacas were all in the dirty clothes. I put on my cotton socks... no bueno. As soon as my Pacas were dry, OFF came the cotton socks!!! They truly are AMAZING! My feet are warm now!!!

Love that there thick and so soft. The fit is perfect. I wear mmine every day.

These are very nice. Soft and comfortable. Will be ordering again.

Best socks I own. Soft, thick, comfy. Wash well.

Best socks I own. Soft, thick, comfy. Wash well.

These socks are perfect in every way. Soft, great fit, and don't make my feet hot. I will definitely be ordering more of these. I also bought the men's crew socks for my husband. So far he likes them, but noticed the ones I ordered do not have the arch support band.

They are so soft and long enough for my legs. I will add that I bought a top selling compression sock which only hits me mid calf and gave me blisters. AND they role down as I walk. Pacas are wonderful.

I love these socks! They feel so good on my feet all day long! I shared them with my daughter, who also says they are her favorite socks.

So soft and warm

Keeps my toes happy all year round!! Love these socks.

They are sooooo soft!

Once again, impressive product. Comfortable, light, and resilient.

Warm, but not hot. Soft, but firm. I love my pacas. They washed nicely, didn't shrink.

Like w warm hug

Softest socks ever! I was lucky enough to hit a sale of buy 6, get 3 and I jumped on it. These socks got me through winter and I can't say enough about how warm and comfortable they are. Thank you!

The only socks I will ever wear again

Have ordered the throw. Lightweight, good size, warm, and oh so soft. Very happy with it. Also have ordered socks three separate times. Very happy. They are my go to. The ones I gifted are loved also.

This is my second order of compression socks - 1 pair of which I’m currently wearing. They are so comfortable. I love that they don’t cut off my circulation! They’re amazing!

Beautiful and soft, however, too small for me

These socks are amazing! I teach water aerobics on a pool deck. Hard on the legs. They feel like a massage. Soft and comfortable and energizing.

These are all I wear. They hug you but don’t restrict you. So soft and warm . My son LOVES them. I’m giving them as presents. Great product

My girlfriend loves these and she loves me more for buying them!

These are the best-so comfortable and pretty too!

I’m so happy with my purchase! I got a five-pack of the crew socks for women and they are so comfortable. They are warm without making my feet overheat. And soft? Oh my, are they ever! I’m diving back in and getting the compression socks next….

Super soft and comfie

Great socks, comfortable warm, and durable (which is important when you work from home and don’t wear shoes in the house)

Incredibly soft and comfortable

Best socks i have ever had, can't stop telling my friends about them! Thank you!

I enjoy all your socks…best in the market!!!

Adore these!! Super well made, super soft and so unbelievably breathable. I live in FL and my feet do not sweat at all! Amazing 🤩

Warm, without sweating like a sauna. Comfortable and stay up, no sagging. Only problem is the color is awful. The solid one is ORANGE, not a attractive shade. Looked totally different in the picture.

Very comfortable socks.

Amazing quality, cushy, and great fit. I never want to take these off. They keep my feet warm, but not sweaty. Terrific fit! I plan to buy more.

Hands down the best socks EVER! They are like a hug for your feet ❤️

The socks are wonderfully soft! Usually, wool and my skin don't mix without a lot of discomfort! I haven't had this itchy prickly reaction with the Pacas. Yea!!😀

Love my paca!

Love my socks

These socks are best thing since ice cream.

Love, love, love these socks!!!! So comfortable and always the right temperature for my feet. Never hot, never cold!! Will order more and replace every non-Pacas pair I own!!!

I have been wearing crew cut Pacas socks all winter and I love them! I live in a cold winter climate and they are noticeably warmer and more comfortable than cotton socks.

Bought these for my husband because his circulation has worsened with age and he often complains that his feet are too cold. These socks have worked miracles for him to increase the warmth to his feet and increased his comfort. I also bought some for me and they are amazing!!

These are the most comfortable, warm socks I have ever had! I love them!

Great socks! I love the new lightweight crew socks.

Incredible softness and yet say up!! There is the perfect blend of materials to provide the soft sock I wanted - and yet the material blend washes well, looks fantastic, and stays up to the bottom of my knee all day - without ANY 'creeping down my leg'!!

I love how soft they are and comfortable!! I recently bought the compression socks and they are so soft!! Love all the Pacas socks I have tried!!

I love all Paca socks. The No Shows stay perfectly in place. After washing you may think they have shrunk. But put them on! They fit like a dream! I have purchased Pacas for myself and others as gifts.

I love these socks. They're so soft and cushy. My feet are very happy in them. I'll never go back to the scratchy wool socks.

My first order of Pacas took forever to ship, and were missing one pair. Pacas gave me a refund, and so I tried again. Pacas has redeemed themselves. Shipping was fast, order was complete. My husband says they are the best socks he has ever owned. I think at Christmas time they were just so overwhelmed with orders. I will be ordering again.

These socks are extra comfortable compared to other compression socks.

Soft and strong, comfortable and warm

Will never wear anything else! Comfortable above all else.

I love them!! Cannot believe how much better my legs feel after just one day in them! Will definitely be ordering more.

Hubby loves these socks

So soft and comfortable! Best compression socks I’ve ever worn!

I bought some crew men’s socks for my son who needs heavy duty socks for his work boots. He loved them so I bought some women’s low cut and crew paca’s. I love the feel and the patterns are beautiful. I’m a happy customer and will continue to purchase these lovely Pacas!

Super-soft & very well-made!


These socks are amazing. My feet are really happy when I take a walk. I am excited to see how the socks feel and perform when the weather changes from extreme heat to extreme cold. After I purchased many Pacas socks for family, I received the 4FREEPACAS and decided to treat myself. Happy I did!

The socks are soft and warm!

As good as advertised

I looooove it so soft. I gave it to my Mummy and she loooooves it too.

I'll never wear any other sock again

I purchased a four- pack of Pacas compression socks , and I must say they are the most comfortable ,non - sticky/sweaty compression socks I have ever worn ! Warm when I need it, cool when I don't ,not itchy, too 😍😍😍

Best socks I’ve ever worn! I keep purchasing them to replace all both mine and my husband’s. I just ordered 4 pair for my son.

These socks and this company are awesome!!

Happy with socks keep my feet nice and warm

My husband really likes his new Paca socks.

Pacas Support Knee-High socks are so soft, comfortable, easy to put on and remove, and supply more than ample support without strangling your legs. Love them!!💜

Love these soft warm socks

These compression socks are the bomb. They even come up above my knees if I don't feel like rolling them down and they support unbelievably!

These sock work great, the are soft and smooth also warm while out in the snow...

Great product! I bought a bunch for gifts. Love them! So incredibly soft!

Most comfortable compression socks I've had. Love them!

I love these socks. I will never buy any other socks.

Excellent product, fits and works well!

Great fit and keep feet warm

I actually love them!!! I had purchased some Bombas compression socks, but I like these better! So much softer!

My Pacas compression socks are soft, comfortable, effective, and affordable. What's not to love?

They are perfect! I have all paca socks now...

I bought these for a friend of mine, and she said they are the best pairs of socks she now owns.... "They're like clouds for your feet."

Very comfortable to wear. Easy on the bottoms of my diabetic feet. Love them

The Best Socks! Comfy, warm, and they look very nice. First pair was a gift from a friend. Loved them so much, I ordered several pairs to replace my old socks.

I live in a very cold mountain valley. Many times the country’s low temp comes from my area. Having warm, happy feet has been a struggle for the last 45 years! No more! I have discovered Pacas and my feet and heart are happy. I shared the love this past Christmas. My granddaughter has commented on how warm her soft socks are. Thank you from my cozy toes!

These are great! My feet are always cold and these warm them up nicely.

Light-weight. Really. like, soft, comfortable, thin tet not too thin.

I bought my first set of Paca socks about 6 months ago and they have become my go to socks. I recently ordered another set so that I would have a weeks supply of socks. These socks are so soft and breathable. My foot is always warm but never too warm. I've stayed away from crew length socks in the past due to concerns that they would be too tight on my ankle. The Paca socks are just right, no too tight and not too lose. These are truly the goldilock socks.

They are beyond comfortable, soft warm its like wearing no socks at all Great product