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Love them!

Love these socks - always have warm feet when I wear them !

My husband loves his pacas. He likes them so much , I ordered him some more.

Love love love my socks . Cannot wear any other socks but my Pacas. Thanks

I love these socks! So warm and soft!

Very comfy and soft and made great

Yum, these are so wonderfully comfy. They are warm, soft and stay in place. My poor old feet especially love the padding on the sole of the sock. You can’t go wrong with Pacas.

They are soft and warm and I never want to take them off

Oh my happy tootsies! These socks are amazing! Warm, comfortable, AND washed well without shrinking! AMAZING! Will be getting more! I love them!!

Absolutely love them! Super soft and the most comfortable socks I’ve had.

I bought womens and men’s crew socks for gifts. Each person loved them so much. I ordered more of low cut for them. Each person say they are the most comfortable wool socks, soft and never scratchy. Some day I might buy myself a pair even if I am allergic to wool.

Quick to get here and my momma absolutely loves them!!!

Love the socks but could you ENLARGE the CARE INSTRUCTIONS on the packaging ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Love them!!

Great socks

Love them and very soft. First wash on permanent press and air dry were a bit fuzzy so wondering how they are going to age but very satisfied

I love Pacas! I first bought some for myself and loved them so much that I ordered some for all my kids and grandkids (16 people)! They keep getting softer each time I launder them, how is that happening?11?? I am so sold on them that I have been researching alpacas. My house sits on 10 rolling acres of pasture that has nothing on it and I want to start raising them! I could sit on my front porch and watch them forever, they're so cute! Back to socks, I have always been somewhat of a sock snob and only wore the best. Well, nothing can compare to Pacas, they are so soft, they don't twist or roll around on my feet, and I am retired so I just wear socks around the house all the time. Their delivery has slowed down a lot during the holiday season, but don't get discouraged, they are worth the wait. Obviously many others are discovering the magic of Pacas!


I purchased both crew cut and low cut socks. I’m have exceedingly poor circulation and Raynauds Syndrome. My whole life I f temperature goes below 70 I start to have issues. Colder weather makes it even worse, my feet turn blue black, hands, lips, etc turn all the colors it’s pretty awful. These are the WARMEST SOCKS I’ve ever worn. I bought 8 pair, but I would be so excited and first to buy some ski style socks or reinforced athletic type would be 🤩. If you have cold feet but these are little pricey but worth it.

I'm a long time fan of Smartwool socks. But I love the warmth of alpaca and decided to give these a try and I love them! They are warm and my feet stay warm. Thanks, Pacas! I've found my new favorite sock!!

I love that these socks are thinner than standard wool socks, yet no compromise on the warmth. I can wear them in my snug hiking boots without feeling like they are too tight.

I love these socks! The Scandinavians have a saying, "There is no bad weather, just bad clothing" and so I bought myself some of these amazing, warm, soft, socks as part of my self care, being always with cold feet in winter. My birthday is coming up and I'll be asking for more! Great product.

So warm and soft!

These socks just keep getting softer with each washing! I love them, they're my all time favorite socks! I never thought that I would like any socks better than I like my Bombas, but Pacas are better!

I've ordered three pairs of these socks for gifts and the recipients love them. They say they are the best socks they have ever worn. I just hope the order I placed for my family members for Christmas comes in time.

I bought my son the 4 pack of these socks as a gift, he absolutely loves them. The first time he wore them he swore that they were like walking on air. I guess I will be buying these as gifts for a long time to come..

Love my new Pacas! So warm and actually fit. With size 5 feet frequently I'm pushing extra fabric into the shoe, but these fit great! I even decided to buy some for my sister!

These socks are wonderful! They keep my feet warm, not hot. They’re like tiny cushions in my shoes, but are not at all bulky. They never itch or irritate like wool. They look like new after a bunch of washes. I love mine so much I bought a pair for each of my children, their spouses and 3 of my grandchildren.

This is my first purchase from your shop! I ordered two pairs of socks and I was really happy with my purchase! The socks are very soft and well made. They fit my feet nicely and made it through a full day of work on my feet! Great socks!

Good fit, excellent warmth. At $15/pair, it Seems excessively pricey and gets only one star per pair that I can afford. . It is a good quality product. AYP-tc

Bought them for a Christmas present fir a friend. They are so soft. She can’t have an alpaca, but she can have their soft socks!

If you want a pair of socks that are warm and snuggly Pacas is the sock for you. Their customer service is outstanding as well. Pacas mistakenly sent the wrong color pair of men's socks. They responded quickly to my email and not only corrected their mistake let me keep the other pair.

These are fantastic socks and extremely comfortable

As wonderful as advertised. They are comfortable and cool and warm at the same time. Cushioning in golf shoes. Just could not be better.

Loved the socks! Washed up nice.

Very soft and comfortable

Very soft and warm

I love the paca socks! They are so comfortable, cushioning, and are neither too hot nor too cold. They are just right! Thank you so much.

Love, love , love my Pacas! When I first received them, I was skeptical - I expected them to be thicker, more cushiony. They are SO comfortable on my feet. The tight weave makes them feel smooth on the bottoms of my feet, they are warm-but not too warm, they don't slide down during the course of the day - I could go on and on! Just suffice it to say that my first purchase will absolutely NOT be my last. Thank you so much for the amazing socks!

pacas are warm and wonderful.Washing is simple and they look wonderful after easy wash.

Very soft and comfortable. Not itchy like wool can be. I wish they made a thinner version as well.

Was suspicious of the quality of a $15 dollar sock, but to my delight, the socks were beautifully designed. My husband is an amputee and he wished you made a cuff sock to go over his stump. He loves the feel of the sock. Way tp go. the best sock on the market. Made great christmas gifts too.

They are so comfortable all day!

I love these PACA crew socks! They fit well and are really soft. I have also ordered the low cut socks for my 2 granddaughters. I will be ordering more in the future. Thank You, Marjorie Gant

Love these socks! Low cut but come up high enough that they don’t fall down under my heel. I typically prefer a thinner sock but I do enjoy how cushioned these are on the soles and they’re so so comfy. Given the reviews and marketing, I honestly expected these to feel just a little bit softer, but these ARE softer and smoother than sheep’s wool. Great for winter mornings. Mostly plan to wear at home, they’re a little too thick to wear with any of my regular shoes, maybe with winter boots. Bought a 4 pack and keeping some for myself, gifting the others! Helpful that each pair came individually packed so they can easily be gifted. I did receive a purple/grey pair instead of an all-purple pair, but all the other colors were correct. Shipping took a while, somewhat expected given COVID.

Beautifully soft! The cushion on the bottom of the sock is heaven on my sore, diabetic feet!

Amazing socks !! So warm and so comfortable. I wear them daily!!

I love these socks. Soft and very warm on my feet.

Amazingly soft and fit super comfortable !!!!!!

Warm and wonderful. Once mine wear out, i’ll be replacing them. I really like how thick they are for running. Plenty of cushion.

These socks are heavenly, I love the support all the way around but especially the bottom. Thank you for a great sock.

So soft. So comfy. I've purchased 9 pair.

I bought these for my granddaughters for Christmas and I'm sure they will love them was very pleased with my order.

Love these socks. They are so soft and comfortable. I don't want to wear any of my old socks!

just as advertised

Soft cozy comfy. Keep my feet warm and happy. I love these socks!

Just love your critters.

so soft

You cannot beat the softness and warmth of these scarves. I have bought socks too. Great Christmas gift especially for travellers and the person who has "everything"!!!

Very comfy! Love them!

Wow! These are the warmest socks I've ever had! And so soft! Honestly, I'm always on the lookout for warm, comfortable socks for my poor, sensitive feet, and I've finally found the best! Thank you Pacas!

At 77 years old, I’ve had a lifetime of cold feet. About a month ago, I decided to give these socks a try and bought both low cut and crew cut. So far I’ve worn only the crew. They’re the first socks that keep my feet warm and are so comfortable. They’ve been washed twice and are like new. On Black Friday, I ordered an 8 pack for my grandchildren (they’ll each get 4) and two free pair for me! I’d like to see the socks offered in a slightly thinner version (these are medium weight but not too bulky) and a knee sock.

Love them comfortable and warm

I love love love my Paca women’s crew Socks. So much so that I ordered more to give for Christmas presents. EVERYTHING makes me itch. These socks do not itch. And they don’t have bulky toe seams. And my shoes don’t eat them. And they keep my feet warm. Not hot. My new Forever favorite socks. Thank you.

I love these socks.

I LOVE my Pacas! The minute they arrived I opened the package and put on a pair. WOW, I am so pleased with my purchase; these are by far the warmest socks I've ever owned. Others will not be disappointed with their purchases as I'm guessing they will say the same thing I did: WOW, instant warmth. I'm ordering more. They also wash beautifully! Again, I LOVE my Pacas!

So soft & comfy! Cant wat to buy more!

THese socks are wonderful! They are so comfy and soft! I love them!!

I’m picky about my socks—can’t be too tight or too loose. My toes can’t be cramped and the seams by my toes have to lay just right. So, as you can imagine it takes me a while to find socks I like. I like these! They are warm, but breathable, no toe seams and they hold up well. Very nice socks!

Perfect fit. Soft and comfy. I can’t wait to try them in winter weather.

So very soft and very, very warm!!! Will be ordering more!!!

Can’t wait to buy again

I like the extra padding in the sole of the foot.

Comfortable, great cushioned sole, good construction. I only thought from the pictures they would go further up the calf. They go about 4 inches up from the ankle.

I love love how soft and warm these socks are. I wish they came up a little high on my heal.

Soft and comforting on my diabetic feet.

Awesome and so comfy

love the socks. they are as warm as wool but less bulky.

Love these socks. They are nice and warm, not itchy!

I never take them off...well, not sticky true, but these are the best socks ever. I have wide feet, and these accommodate my toes comfortably. Did I mention they are warm and cozy too. Giving them for Xmas.

Warmest socks I own

These socks are the best socks I've ever had on my feet!!!! I am a diabetic and have trouble with my feet and these socks feel fantastic!! Thanks pacas!!!!!

Love em!

These socks are soft, warm, and feel great on my feet.

Ordered twice! So soft and warm, I wanted more for gifts. Highly recommend for a cozier winter!

I love them they are soft and my feet don’t sweat and they are so comfortable so I went ahead and bought the crew socks to same thing I love them!😁Happy camper

Super comfortable!! They kept my feet feeling great during my 10 hour shift a work. I can wear them with my sneakers or my clogs. I will definitely purchase low-cut socks for the summer!

Bought these for my wife whos feet are always cold. I can't get her out of them.

love love love

They are so soft and comfortable to wear. After receiving my order and trying the socks on, I ordered two more pairs of socks.

These socks feel great. It feels like a foot treatment, heels feel smooth. I love the socks!!!

As advertised

I love the socks; they are so soft and so warm. I did not like that it took over a month to get them after ordering. I realize that was probably at least in part due to the slowing down of the USPS.

Pretty purple, warm & soft!!!

My husband was devoted to smartwool socks but no more. I bought him two pairs of pacas and will be ordering more, terrific material. Time to refresh the sock drawer!

I love these socks they are so soft and not itchy. I mostly wear them around the house instead of slippers

I ordered these socks for my active 90 year old mother who lives in Oregon. She absolutely loves the socks. She especially likes the warmth and the softness.

The softest and most comfortable socks I have ever purchased. Love the colors as well.

I love them and want to order more. Love the cushioning on the bottom of socks.

Love them.

Love my pacasocks ! They are soft and warm, without being too hot - like wool socks. Hoping Santa will bring me some this year!

These are soooooo soft and warm., highly recommended!

Love the socks - very soft and warm. Great for sleeping too!

Bought these for my sister for Christmas. She does not know this yet. We did receive them and they are of really good quality.

Love them! Perfect fit, soft and comfy and warm!

Grabbed a bunch of varieties for the fam and we all love them. Toddler, pre-k and adult all big fans!

I LOVE my Pacas! They are so comfortable and cool in summer and warm in winter. I love them so much I also ordered low cut socks for myself and my mother who has Alpacas in the yard behind her house. 💜

I love these soft and warm socks. They are the BEST!!!

I love the socks they are so comfortable and soft !!

The socks are warm , cozy and very well made.

Lovely socks. Comfortable and attractive I would shop again.

Soft, comfortable ; truly a great sock. Just ordered again.

These were a gift to my 77 yr young friend. She put them on and fell in love right away. The comfort and warmth overjoyed her. She talked about for days. Thank you so much. Jo

The women’s crew socks are soft, comfortable and warm. Very nice socks.

As advertised, 👍

These socks really keep my feet warm. My feet are usually cold but not when I’m wearing my Pacas. My only complaint would be that they are a little too tight.

I love them, they are so soft and fit well. They also wash well.

Love them just wish I could afford more

Great warm, comfortable socks. My husband suffers from cold extremeties following heart surgery and he adores them.

So soft, like walking on a cloud! I love them and will be purchasing as Christmas gifts and more for me too :)


Warm, well made, comfortable. Going to buy more!

This is by far the best socks! My kids loves them, they look so cute on them and there so warm. Good quality and style.

They are wonderfully soft and cozy got some go myself and giving as Christmas gifts love them

Absolutely the most awesome socks I ever bought! I will never buy another brand!

Quality is excellent but they run a bit small so I would order a larger size. Great looking socks.

Love the softness

I LOVE these socks!!! They are so soft and comfy! I highly recommend them!

Love my crew socks! Soft and warm. They stay up on my calf and fit perfectly. I’m looking to buy some for my family for Christmas as the perfect stocking stuffers!

I LOVE the feel of these socks on my feet! I was sceptical of the advertised phrase "buttery softness" but that is EXACTLY what they are! I am a fan!!

I bought these as a christmas present for my sister. I also bought these for my daughter that has ms. Her feet are always cold. She said they are so soft and keep her feet warm. Glad you are making these! My daughter loves them!

Best socks I have ever had. They wash beautifully. Only socks I will wear from now on.💜

these are by far the nicest socks I have ever had. They are so soft, fit perfect and are so warm. Love them.

These are by far the nicest socks I have ever had. they are super soft and very warm. Love them.

Love it!

Love the grey/cream colored low cut socks, but went back to buy more and can no longer find the same color. I’m disappointed- have they been discontinued?

The Crew Cut socks are very soft and comfortable and will be cozy year round but especially this Fall & Winter. Turn inside out and use cold water wash. I use lingerie bag to keep corralled. Will order additional Crew Cut.

The Crew Cut Pacas Socks are very comfie and soft and I enjoy wearing them.

love love love them!!!

I love them, I can't wait to wear them all day at work to see how happy my feet will be after a 11 hour shift.

Socks are very comfortable, very soft. On my feet twelve hours at work, socks were comfortable the whole time.

The absolute warmest sock I've worn

So soft! I love them. Warm, but never too hot.

Beyond comfort and softness!!!! Getting some my friend. She will love them!!!!

comfortable, very soft and warm

These socks are incredibly soft yet stay put in place. And did I mention how well priced they are? I Will be buying more in the near future. Thank you.

Ordering experience was great and the socks are so soft!

I wore them all day, and I love them. My feet don’t get sweaty, and they just feel amazing. Im glad I purchased them.

Warm, smooth, and a perfect weight for fall walking. They fit perfectly and do not bag or stretch out of shape. Lastly, they are not itchy.

Love them so much. So soft and warm. Can you let me know if there are any special laundering tips.

Absolutely love it! Very warm and cozy) reasonable price and fast delivery. Will definitely buy again.

Soft warm comfortable. Would definitely order again.

I love how comfortable these socks are

I bought them hoping to find a nice supportive sock for walking that didn't slid down into my shoe giving me a heel blister. I think I finally found it. The socks looked like the might be too small, at first glance, (I did buy my shoe size) but stretched nicely to the contour of my foot. The best part was they stayed in place for my entire 3 mile walk and no heel blisters! I would highly recommend these low cut socks.

Insanely soft!!! Love the feel. I think they run small, size UP. The cut is low, too low for winter in my opinion, but perfect for summer or warmer climates. So glad I tried them! Ordering some crew length next Payday!

These are the most comforts socks I’ve ever owned. They have a wonderful, soft, cushiony feel to them.

Great product Really soft and warm.

Beautiful color, so soft, I use it as a shoulder wrap, very comforting.

The socks are lovely and soft.

Fit is great and comfortable

My purchase of the 6 Pacas socks are gifts for Christmas. So, I have no personal experience with them. I, however. am excited to be giving them.

Soft & warm! I'm allergic to wool, but no problem with these!

My granddaughter absolutely loves them, she doesn’t want to take them off. They are so warm and cuddly. And her feet don’t get cold anymore

Super comfortable and soft, these socks are really nice for all around use and also running. I like the cushion that they add for runs. They are a nice height to prevent heel rubbing from sneakers. Happy with these-seemed to wash OK after their first run through. Time will tell how well they hold up.

I bought 2 Pack - Women's Crew Pacas Socks in green and I have been wearing them since I got them. They are toasty warm and it is just getting cool in Wisconsin. I expect to wear them when winter comes. Would have liked to have a choice of 2 different colors, but the teal green is really pretty. I can get my shoes on easily because they are not too thick. Even though they stay up they do not seem too tight on my calves. Do not hesitate, but some!

I love them! Soft and warm. Perfect all around!

Love my pacas my feet get so cold in the winter and these keep my toes toasty.

love love these socks, so comfortable, soft, cushy, not to thick not to thin. Hoping to see quarter socks soon. I usually wear Bombas these are equally and just a litter bit better sock. Just need quarter socks. Thank you for a awesome sock. PJ

Soft, no seam mashed toes! Keep my feet thermoregulated, not too hot definitely not cold!!! My daughter loves hers too!

Warm, comfy, love alpaca socks

Love them! Die hard merino wool fan has been officially brought over to the alpaca side!

Great socks - cozy warm yet light and sooooo soft.


My new favorite socks!!! I'm on my feet all day, workin outside in all weather, so socks are disproportionally important to me. Up until now, wool itched me, and just wasn't comfortable. These socks are like wearing a cloud! They're soft, warm, cushioned, and so wonderful that I even wear them to bed! I've already bought more for gifts, and for myself.

Super soft and warm!

Super soft, super fit, super comfortable; love them

Love my socks - so comfortable, warm and soft. Great fit!! Keep up the great work.

Soft, beautiful and sturdy! My daughter is going to love then at Christmas!

So glad I purchased these, they are very soft, and feel good on. I will be giving these as gifts!!

Love the softness & feel along with the fit is just right!

Best socks i have ever bought.soft,warm and feet don't sweat. Can buy them in your exact size ( not a size range that never fits always to big) will definitely be buying more from you

OMG! Love them. Please add mens crew or tall socks. My husband is jealous.

OMG! Love them. Please add mens crew or tall socks. My husband is jealous.

Purchased as a gift for my sister. She said they are so soft and comfy!

Great socks...keep my feet nice and warm.. just what I was looking for. Wash well too

These socks are so comfortable and soft. I really like them a lot and am purchasing more. J

These socks are very well made and feel wonderfully soft. I bought them as Christmas presents for my daughter and DIL. Thanks!

Warm and soft!

So soft and wonderful.

These socks are amazing. They cushion my feet but are not hot in my boots. I would like to have the black ones next time I order.

Lovely socks! Soft, warm, no sweaty feet, fit well, no seams in toes!!! What more can you ask? Oh, and the foot part of the sock is a bit thicker than the top part of the sock which makes them extra snuggly! And, by the way, they wash well and do not shrink or stretch or do anything other than look amazing. I love these socks. Truly. You won't be disappointed! I got the grey, white, and black pairs of socks because I am so traditional in my sock wardrobe. Because they are such nice socks, I think I will buy colors next time. I think you will love these lovely socks as well.

Soft, comfortable, warm and cozy! I'll be ordering more, soon!

Love the socks, love alpacas

YES! They are as warm as wool, though thinner. Love them!!! Want more!

Love the soft silky feel !

They are wonderful

Comfortable, warm and cute socks! Love my Pacas!

The socks are soft, and keep my feet very warm.

I haven’t worn my Paca socks yet, just tried them on. I bought them for a trip where it’s going to be very cold, and I know alpaca wool is very warm. These will do very well! They’re pretty (I bought purple), very soft, and when I tried them on, very comfortable. Thank you for the lovely socks!

Literally the best, warmest socks ever

I love them, so warm.

Wonderfully soft and cushioning...warm and comfortable 5 stars

Very soft & comfortable. Unlike some other winter socks, the toe seam on Pacas is very smooth and doesn’t rub and irritate my toes. Will definitely be ordering additional pairs.

Soft. Warm. Comfy. Not itchy. Feels nice. All the things socks should be!

So soft. So comfy. Perfect.

I love my new socks. They don’t itch at all. They don’t bag or sag. They are warm and wonderful. Thank you.

Wore my socks on a 12 hr shift they were so soft and comfortable.. Definitely going to order more

Love them. Soft and warm and comfortable. Hoping to be able to choose from more colors soon.

Soft and comfortable.

I received them as a gift and they are so soft.

I received them as a gift and they are so soft.

Love my socks. They are so soft, warm and comfortable. Thank you for supplying such a wonderful product!!!

LOVE the way these socks feel! They keep feet warm but not sweaty. They stay put on my feet instead of turning a lot. Best of all, they are SOFT and wash and dry nicely!!!! Though they are priced more than I usually spend on socks 🧦, I will be purchasing more!

I am always looking for the perfect socks. These are very close to perfect. They are definitely my favorite and most comfortable. Keep my feet warm and yet not over heated.

I love how comfortable and warm they are!

I have trouble with my feet getting cold. These really help.

LOVE the socks...other than the very, VERY narrow sizing around the toes.

They do keep my feet warm during the night; but I wish they were a little looser. I have type 2 diabetes and wear them to bed. They work.

Finally found the perfect sock for me. Soft, not bulky, warm, and yet not too warm, beautiful color, wash well, don’t shrink. I love them.

Very comfortable socks!

Most comfortable sock I've found in a very long time! Very soft and cushiony and washes well. Excellent sock for someone with diabetic neuropathy like me. I will be back for more! 😁

These are awesome!!! Great product!!! Soft, thick and we'll made!!! I'll purchase again soon!!! I order socks all the time and this will be my go to place for gifts, etc.. Thanks!!! 👍

Very soft and comfortable. Can't wait to see how warm they are this winter. Highly recommended.

I absolutely love how soft they are. I was comfortable all day for my 9 hour shift even in steel toe work boots

These socks are super great soft and they stay up and my feet are nice and cozy in them!😃

Very warm and good fit.

My feet are so warm...I have tried socks of many different fibers but yours are the best! But WHY WHITE SOCKS in the 4 pack?? I would have preferred navy with the black,/gray/tan

I love these socks! They are comfortable and warm without being overly warm.

Absolutely love these socks! They keep my feet very warm, which is exactly what I need. Thank you Pacas.

So soft and comfortable.

They keep your feet warm

These socks are warm and comfortable.

Best socks!

So soft and comfortable!! I will definitely be buying more! I love them, my new favorite socks!

Super socks.!!! Truly the softest ones I've ever bought!!! Hoping they last for a long time.....

These socks are so soft. I bought them for family, for Christmas presents, can't wait till they try then on.

I was starting to wonder if I would be able to use this scarf and then BAM snow and wind for 2 days! It was so warm but not over-heating warm. ❤️❤️❤️🦙🦙🦙

Soft, comfortable, warm

Love them, soooo comfy and cushiony!

These were a gift so I can only go by the feel of the fabric.

Unbelievably warm! I bought these for My grandson and he just loves them!

Love them! My feet don’t get hot in them!

Super warm! Like a hug for your feet! Absolutely love these socks!

Thought they would keep my feet warmer than they do, but I love them and they are better then the cotton ones!