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Soft, warm and comfortable!

So buttery soft and warm! Great for our Canadian Winters! Will order again!

Super soft and comfy. These socks keep my feet warm without getting hot, I can't believe how much I like them. I'm going to try the low cut socks next!

I absolutely LOVE THESE SOCKS! They’re warm but your feet don’t perspire at all. There isn’t that annoying seem over your toes. These are one of my favorite things, so I gave them as gifts this year for Christmas!

Gave these socks as Xmas presents for both granddaughters and my 39 yr. old daughter, they have freezing feet a lot. They all love them, I have asked them a couple of times now, grandson wears their socks.

Softest, most comfortable socks I've ever owned..

Love these socks

They really are buttery soft and very warm. Great for our Canadian Winters!

Love me some comfy Pacas!!

love them! they launder nicely, sent a pair to my bestie.

So soft, cushy, breathable and well made!! Love my Pacas and cant wait to get more!!

Super soft, super comfy and super warm = super happy!

Soft,warm,comfortable, snug fitting. Don't ride down.

Awesome socks. Thank you Pacas for the product and thank you Alpacas for the awesomely soft fiber.

They are very comfortable

I had frostbite on my feet, so starting each Fall, my toes are pretty much cold every day. Regular cotton socks really didn’t help, and I think they made matters worse as they didn’t dry out. I used merino wool socks, but they are too bulky for everyday wearing with shoes. I happened across Pacas and thought I’d give them a try. They were the answer I was looking for! They are thin like normal socks, but my feet are rarely cold anymore! Thank you!

I work in a cooler at 30 degrees sometimes colder all day! These are awesome! First socks I have found that actually work! Been looking for over and buying for 8 years!!!!

Wow! The socks were a big hit with both recipients! Packs are now their favorite socks! Soft and warm! They love them!

These are the softest, cosiest, warmest socks. I can't recommend them highly enough.

I’ve never really cared what socks I had. But after wearing these, I’ll never buy another brand of socks! These are so cushy soft and comfortable!! But they’re not too thick either. And my feet didn’t get sweaty wearing them. I don’t know how they made them so comfy, but I’m a fan!!

They really are very comfortable and warm. At first I thought they were too small yet felt so good, but I was wrong after one wearing now they fit perfectly. So happy.

These are the most comfortable socks I ever owned

This scarf is everything I knew it would be -former alpaca owner-not just warm and soft, but not itchy like wool. Sent socks to family in Pennsylvania, and they love them!

love them so soft just what my tired feet need after a day of farming

I love them! So soft and so warm!

Omg I love these socks. Sooooo soft and comfy. Bought more for my daughter and granddaughter!

Glad I bought 6!!!!! Absolutely love them. So soft and warm. I have Renaylds and my feet and fingers can get painfully cold. Wool socks tend to dry out my feet and make me itch. I have not experienced that sense of discomfort with Pacas. And my feet don't sweat when I where them.

Husband really likes them!

I’m wearing them today. It’s very cold out and they are keeping my feet warm. They are thick but not to thick to fit in my boots Highly recommend

Our entire house has converted to Pacas. I’ve been buying them for myself and my daughter for a few months. I bought more as Christmas gifts for my family and we’re all obsessed. The softest and warmest but not too warm socks. So comfortable.

Super soft and warm socks. Probably the best socks I have purchased. I have alpaca socks from 2 other companies. These's are the best.

Very soft, warm and comfortable!

These are so comfy and warm. Worth the cost

Love them!!!

My husband has neuropathy so these socks keep his feet warmer.

My husband absolutely loves them, will purchase more. They are so soft and warm.

I've worn these once and they are wonderful! After washing, they are even softer. The colors are great!

Most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn!

I love theses socks! The comfort and durability are amazing! I have made three different orders to get different colors and patterns. Money well spent, and they also have great coupons so that I can get more socks.

My husband and I are both very happy with our socks. I like the option of choosing to wear regular or lighter socks. Last few orders have been very timely. .

These are the softest, most comfortable socks ever! I have tried other brands but will continue my love affair with Pacas for sure!

So comfortable and warm! Love my Pacas socks. Was so surprised how dry my feet stayed.

I was worried because I am allergic to wool but these socks were the best. I am going to order more.

I lovsofte these socks, they are so warm and soft! My feet are nice and toasty warm even when the weather is in the teens. I would reccomend these to anyone.

Soft, warm thin enough to fit in shoes and not itchy at all.

These are absolutely the softest, warmest socks I have ever owned. I usually can't wear socks because they are too tight at the top. But these do not leave a mark. I can wear them without shoes like slippers. I love them!

The socks are dry comfortable and soft. The sizing allows good tie room.

They are the best. Soft , warm, no too warm. I love them

I stumbled across Pacas looking for a Christmas gift for a friend who, for some reason, our traditional gift for bdays and Christmas is giving the other cool socks. She loved them so much, I decided to buy them for myself and am not disappointed! They're comfortable and warm. The quality is excellent. I don't think I'll buy another brand of sock again!

Love these socks! So soft & warm!!!

I am totally obsessed!! I have several pairs of low cut and recently purchased the crew socks. Super comfortable and they wash and dry well.

These socks are so warm, soft and comfortable. I purchased over $200 of socks for myself and my family. They love them! My husband has neuropathy in his feet and these socks keep him warm. I have to try the light weight socks for the fall. I know I won't be disappointed.

Love them

These socks are amazing, very soft, comfortable, keeps my feet warm!!!

Love these! They are perfect for keeping my feet warmer on cold days, but also never too warm on the warmer days of winter! So happy I found them!

The are such Comfortable socks. They are soft and wonderful to wear.

Purchased the scarf for myself. Very nice. Almost feels like cashmere.. Would recommend this to others

One of the gifts I gave to my husband for Christmas. He really likes them. Purchased 2 sets for him. He says they are warm and comfortable.

My grandkids love them They wore the first pair on the day they got them Then requested that they could wear another pair the next day. I was surprised that my grandson requested more Alpaca socks

Super soft

My new favorite socks!! Way cozier than merino wool, I dont even shuck them as soon as I get home because they are so cushy and soft. I have had to order more because my teen, who doesn't care to wear socks, loves them too!

I love these pacas! They're warm, soft & comfortable.

GREAT fabric & fit ! Will buy them again !!

I took a chance based on reviews. Reviews that raves about these socks. As I waited for them to arrive I hoped they would be worth the extra money. Upon opening and at first touch, the softest most soothing comfort. Quick into pyjamas and watch the hockey game. They were so cozy! Warm but not hot. They really breathe nicely. Worth every cent! Great work

I’m obsessed with these socks! I have been singing their praises to all my family and friends! So soft and comfortable!

Love these socks. They are the only ones I wear now. Super soft and warm. My only wish is that you could pick your own colors instead of having to get a batch of different color ones.

These are now my most favorite socks. So soft. My feet don't get hot or cold.

Love the softness. Be careful of white, they picked up other colors in wash!

Love them 💕 I won't buy anything but these from now on thank u love them soft comfy and my feet did not sweat thanks

I have been loving these socks. Started wearing them earlier this year and have now shared as gifts. They are soft and warm, but not hot even in warmer weather.. wash and dry well.

They fit and feel great. I am going to order more pairs for sure!

Love, love, love these socks I bought for my great grandson! His mom had a tough time getting them out of his grip so she could put them on his feet.

These Pacas socks are pretty, warm, soft and comfortable! I love them! I even shared them with my sister, who also loved them ( she can’t tolerate wool but these are great!)

OMG!! Best socks ever! I have cold, sweaty feet but not with Pacas!! Soft and comfy! My husband loves his as well! Totally worth the money! ❤️

So cozy, beautiful colour options, and warm warm warm!! Love these socks and I hope to grow my collection of these gems of a sock!

These are fantastic they even fit my big calfs which is awesome. I have a hard time finding socks to fit. These are perfect. Thk u. I bought 2 first and after I received them and seen how well they fit I went and ordered 3 more.

Love these socks

I have placed 3 orders for men's and women's warm socks. Everyone wanted more after I gave them for Xmas gifts. Finally, on the third order, I have a pair for myself. My son said they are the most comfortable socks he has ever worn. He wore them to a fishing tournament in Georgia last weekend. His family is going to Kentucky this weekend and taking 2 pair to cousin Prarie Dawn.

I originally bought Pacas for Christmas stocking gifts. Everyone loved them, so I bought more. I gave a pair of the men's and women's crew socks to great friends, just because! They loved them and ordered more! Great comfy, warm, durable socks!! Also, have the women's performance socks.

My feet are very happy. Hope they last.

Love these socks! Warm & comfortable

I love these socks! I have two set to my mom for Xmas but saved one pair to try myself. They are so warm I don’t need slippers. Have already washed them and second wearing is just as good as the first. They looked small when I got them but are very stretchy. They also looked smaller coming out if a warm wash but size wasn’t effected at all!

Love these socks!! They keep my feet warm and never sweaty! They are the best!

I love these,.....they are so soft and warm!!!!

Toasty warm with double thickness soles! My feet don’t sweat or smell when I’m wearing my Pacas!

I gave a pair to everyone in my family and they in turn bought for everyone in their family. We all love them. Soft warm and no sweaty feet!!! Amazing socks!!

They sent me the wrong size!! When I told them, they expedited the right size to me and told me to keep the wrong ones too. Brilliant marketing, because now my best friend and her daughter love Pacas too! They are very soft and warm, and the extra thick lip around the back keeps them in place so they don't slip off of my heel and disappear into my shoe. I have this problem all the time with lesser socks.

Love these socks. My feet are warm and so cozy. Never too hot. Thank you so much

These are exceptionally comfy!

I literally never want to take these socks off, they are so soft and comfortable! Not too tight, not too loose. In the summer I'll be barefoot in sandals, every other time of year I'll be in my Pacas!! :)

I ordered women's crew, men's crew and a hat and LOVE them all! Hubs loves his socks too. They are the most comfy, warm socks I've ever had (including a previous pair of Alpaca socks). In fact, I already ordered more for both of us!

My wife and I love the socks they are so warm and comfortable.

I LOVE THEM 💜💜💜💜💜. This was my third order. I’ve replaced all of my old socks with Pacas. They are without a doubt the softest, most cozy and comfortable socks I’ve ever had. They wash and wear well. Thank you

They feel heavenly.

Great socks. They are soft and keep my feet warm. I do wish you had 3 sizes though. I wear a 7 1/2-8 in shoes so I got the size that went up to an 8 and they are a bit tight. Otherwise a great sock.

Love my socks! I even got some for my husband! I will be buying more!!

At last, I have happy feet!

These socks are wonderful.

Love these new socks! Soft, stretchy, and comfortable. They breathe.

Thk u thk u I found some socks that fit and are sooo comfy. I have big calfs, and they fit . I love these I bought 3 more.

Love the crew and low cut. Recommend to anyone

Great socks

Absolutely love them!

i absolutely LOVE my PACAS socks! they are the softest, warmest, most comfortable socks i have ever had!

These truly live up to the hype! I would love to have about twenty pair.

Warm. Very comfy. No irritation from seams. I hope they don’t shrink in cold wash low heat dry I like these socks a lot!

My wife loves these socks. I definitely will be ordering more!

Great socks,very comfortable,I'll be buying more!!

I gave some as a gift. I got huge thanks and raves from the recipient. Gave some to myself because I deserve the best and these are it. Love these socks more than I can say.

I absolutely love these socks! Super comfy and great for work since I'm on my feet alot! I have already ordered more.

These socks are the best! They keep my feet warm and dry, and they're so soft and comfortable. I love them!

Ordered a 3 pack of mens and just received 2. Also I ordered a 3 pack of womens and received 4. Need to check sizing better!!

Love them

Love my pacas socks. They fit perfect and their very soft.

Buttery soft and cozy!!

My husband loves his new socks. Will order him some more real soon.

Love my Pacas, so soft and kind to my feet. Much better buy then the Smart Wool I've worn for years.

These socks are warm without bulk. I can wear my tennis shoes when it’s below freezing if I have my Pacas on. Better yet, my feet don’t get overheated indoors like other bulky winter socks. Pacas are now my year round socks.

Really great - my husband is thrilled with these.


Love the socks! They are just heavy enough to keep my feet warm on my morning and nightime bike rides. They are also great for lounging around the house.

I love these socks! So soft and warmer than my merino wool socks!

So soft, so comfy! I steal my hubby's! Gotta get my own. My new fave comfy socks!

Love my pacas. I wore them to Chicago in below 0 temps. My feet were comfy warm on the train but stayed that way all over downtown as well. They weren’t too hot when inside either. I wore one pair for days with no smell. I’m a believer!

Like you say, Buttery Soft! I am really enjoying these socks very much!

Love my Pacas! The best socks I've ever had.

Absolutely, the softest, and most comfortable socks, I’ve ever worn! My husband loves his also. My favorites for sure:)

Great socks. Feel great on your feet! Will buy some for my husband

I love them. I bought several pairs. I do prefer the lightweight over the heavy ones.

I am loving loving loving these socks. So soft, comfortable and warm! Just ordered some for my husband and more for me.

Pack your Pacas!!! You WONT need another pair of socks once you put these on!!! Heaven on your feet💞

Nice socks

Love my Pacas

Soft comfortable warm cuddley

Absolutely the best socks I have ever worn. Warm and so comfortable.

Bought them for my wife for Christmas and she loves them. She said they are the softest socks she's ever worn.

Very soft and warm. Good quality.

Purchased as a gift for someone who always has cold feet and he LOVES them!

So incredibly soft! My feet love them!

These socks are the absolute best. So soft, just the right amount of cushion and stretch. I've purchased several brands of high end socks over the past several months and didn't like any of them. Pacas are perfect!

Great product for sensitive skins.

I love the feel of these socks on cold winter days. Love the color. They wash up well & no shrinking in the dryer.

I bought them for the warmth but I love them for the comfort

Love these socks! Thank you for designing them with the tab feature at the back of the ankle (that was a huge factor in deciding to purchases these) - I have narrow ankles and if the socks do not have the tab feature to prevent my socks from sliding down I am forever pulling my socks back up! Tested them on a short hike in North Carolina, over the hills and through 2 rivers and they performed well! Will by buying more!

Great fit and very comfortable for someone that is very sensitive.

Most comfortable socks ever! Keep my feet toasty warm.

My husband loves them. Thank you

Perfect for working long shifts in the service industry, on my feet for 8 hours+ sometimes. Cushiony and relatively dry, and I can't wait to get home and swap out for another pair. Highly recommend!

Living in upstate Maine it gets cold 🥶 . My mom gave me some pacas and I bought myself more. My husband wondered why I wasn't wearing 2 pair socks on a -15 degree day. I bought him a pair. Then 10 more. Nuff said

Love my pacas. They are very soft and very warm. Better at keeping my feet warm at the barn than wool.

They are warm and comfortable!

Great warm and cozy!

Absolutely love them. They stay in place and are soft and warm.

I absolutely love these socks! Soft, warm, and wash up nicely! I even bought extra for Christmas presents!

So far these are great. Comfortable, fit well and warm. Only a few weeks in though so ill be interested to see if they hold up to the longevity of wool. I hope so but time will tell. Will highly recommend.

Bought it for my Mom as a Christmas gift . She loves it . Warm and toasty in Pennsylvania . Bought several pair of Sox for my wife and myself . Very comfortable . Perfect fit .

Amazing socks

Soft and warm. Good fit

Love them!

Love them. Have them on now. Need to get more soon. Linda

I started with the low cut socks and instantly fell in love! I had to get some crew cut, I plan on continuing to order more. My husband is also a huge fan of both cuts! Thank you Pacas for making such an awesome product!

Love love love these socks. Best fitting and warmest ever. Thank you

The socks are warm and very soft. I am a letter carrier with Feet that usually always cold these really seem to be helping. Some of the patterns are super cute.

The absolute best most comfortable sock I’ve ever had. I love them so much I replaced all of my socks with Pacas.

They are the best socks ever. They are soft and they keep my feet warm. I have never found a sock that has done that before. Thank you.

Best socks I’ve ever owned. Keeps my feet warm in cold temperatures and cool in hot weather. Perfect fit.

Absolutely LOVE these socks. They are super soft and cozy, yet keep feet dry and comfortable in boots and shoes. Can’t recommend them highly enough! Bought them for my grandkids and the love them too!

I love the socks. I gifted friends and family with over $250.00 in socks of which one order, #100478 placed 12/14 has yet to be received by Kris Skjolaas in Novato, CA. Please help. This is my second request. I contacted customer service several days ago. Carolyn Vanco 847-856-4004

The warmest, softest socks I’ve ever worn! No socks compare in any way shape or form! My feet never sweat with these either!

Love my Pacas! They're so soft and cushy. Tried a pair for Christmas and immediately ordered more after trying them out.

The kids love their pacas they got got Christmas. Warm for Wisconsin winters, not too bulky!

Excellent never had a sock so soft I don’t even want to take them off but three pair for myself my son-in-law my daughter I love him a daughter loves him

My grandson loves them.

Absolutely love these socks! Soooo warm and comfortable. I wear them all the time. They sometimes feel like they are massaging my feet when I walk.

Love these! So comfortable, they don’t sag, keep my feet comfy!

Great fit!

Soft and durable. Lightweight with shoes stay on the foot. Heavyweight are like slippers.

The socks I gave to family for Christmas have received rave reviews so far! I know I am certainly enjoying the pair I 'gifted' myself!

I do love these socks 🧦 they are toasty warm and keep my feet dry ❤️ Also, they make great gifts 🎁 literally, they were stocking stuffers from me this past Christmas 🎄😊🎄

I really was a bit skeptical about ordering low cut alpaca socks for warmth, because is seems like an oxymoron. Skimpy socks made of wool? I was wrong. I absolutely love them. I have worn them to work out, in boots, and around the house. Soft, comfy, wash well…..I’m sold!

Got them as a present for my wife. She thought they were so cozy that I got her three more pair .

These are the BEST socks. It’s not super cold where I live but I can wear them in any temperature and be comfortable. They are soft, not bulky and just all around lovely.

Love these socks soft fun colors and dont bunch up

Soooo comfy and soft!! My new favs!

I ordered three more pairs. That's what I think of them, especially in the winter months. Soft and warm.

I tell you these are the best socks I have ever owned! So soft and very luxurious! And definitely not bulky at all! Fits very nicely on my foot and also slides easily into my shoes! So comfy around the house without shoes! And guess what? Actually wear them to bed! These socks wash up so nicely too! Was apprehensive about the purchase price, but I tell you they are worth every penny! Will definitely purchase additional pairs! Thank you so much!

Bought these for my wife for Christmas and she Loves them so it was a great choice

Love love love my socks. Very comfortable and they wear great. And are soft and warm.

Love my new socks!

Exactly as I expected... soft and warm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow!!!! I love my pacas!!! I ordered pacas as a gift for my sister in Minnesota and she raved about them. Said they were the softest and most cozy socks she ever had. Of course I had to order some for myself and I agree. They are the best!! Happy feet😊😊😊

Very comfortable sock. Fits well, stays in place. Good warmth.

Very comfortable and surprisingly warm. Have stood up to washing. Ordered more!

My grands are obsessed with these socks!!! Best gift ever!!!

So soft and warm, love them!

Very soft and comfortable.

These are, without a doubt,the best socks I have ever had. They are warm, soft, launder well and make my feet feel great. I have given some as gifts and the recipients are going to order more.

These are the best socks I have ever put on my feet! I have an issue with my feet getting too cold but I don't have that issue when I wear these. On the flip side, my feet don't seem to sweat profusely in them either. And so soft- I detest wool socks because they are rough. These will be my new go-tos!

I’ve had these socks for about a week now and I absolutely LOVE them. I work in a refrigerated area all day long and my feet are ALWAYS cold, however since I’ve been wearing my Paca socks, my feet are cool, NOT cold. They are super soft. I will be buying more of these socks for sure. .

I purchased these for my wife. She always likes nice warm socks and when I read they were warmer than Merino Wool, I had to order some for her. She LOVES the socks. They keep her feet warm and she enjoys the colors. She liked them so much she ordered more the following week.🙂

Love Love love. So comfortable and warm. Not to mention the incredible softness. I will buy these again.

I have bought no-show socks, low cut socks, and crew cut socks for myself, crew cut socks for my husband, son, and daughter-in-law. We all love them. I wear mine when it is warm and cold and my feet are comfortable regardless of the temperature. I have gotten crew cut socks for another daughter-in-law because she is always cold, and low cut socks for this son because he is always hot. I haven't been able to get the socks to them yet but it is fun telling them that I got her something because she is cold and telling my son that I got him the same thing for a different reason! :) I highly recommend these socks to everyone.

Love pacas! Only socks I ever want!

So soft and warm!!! Think I found my new brand of sock! Simply amazing!!!

So soft and warm and my feet don't get sweaty. The most comfortable socks ever!!!

I love these! They are so soft and comfortable and keep my feet sooooo warm!

Oh my gosh, so soft and like walking on a foam mat. It got cold outside and my floors were cold. I put the socks on after a shower and my feet were toasty warm. I bought 2 more pairs!

Love, love, love them! They are so soft, comfortable and very well made. Keep making them the same way, always. I am now buying them as gifts, to share the joy! Bought some for my grandson, he's so happy. His old socks(well known brand) got holes. I don't think we have to worry about these at all! Thanks, Pacas!!!

These were a Christmas fift for my sin. He loves them.

I absolutely love these socks. They are so comfortable. I am allergic to wool so it has been a challenge finding warm comfortable socks!!

They are everything you said they would be. I love them! I do have one suggestion, how about knee high socks? That would be perfect.

Super soft, warm without being too hot, breathable, well made and they stay up! Bonus feature: adorable colors!

Love my Pacas!!!!

These are the most comfortable socks Ive ever worn. I absolutely love them!

These socks are great! Wash nicely and keep our feet warm.

I have idiopathic neuropathy in all my toes. Nothing ever takes away the walking on pebbles feeling, but PACA socks come the closest. They have no uncomfortable seams and are extremely soft and comfortable. They also keep my feet warm which has been a challenge. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for the "aah" feeling on their feet. Well done PACA!

Got the for my daughter, she said” I didn’t want to take them off, love them”

OMG!! I love these socks! I’ve always worn wool in the winter, but someone told me about alpaca socks how much better they are. So I had to try them. I will never go back to wool again. These are warm, not heavy or bulky , and all around comfortable.. this was the best and most practical purchase I’ve made in a long time..

Never thought I’d find socks as comfortable as these! Best I’ve ever had!

Absolutely love these socks. Soft and warm. Can’t beat that.

Best socks I’ve ever had on my feet, and in 62!

Best socks I've ever bought they are soft and warm, and in the summer my feet don't sweat in them and my feet don't get blisters

Super soft, extremely comfortable, warm and cozy.

So warm and so well made!

I love these socks…they are very soft, very warm and oh so comfy. I like them so much, that I ordered more.

Love love love them they keep me feet warm during this cold winter

soft, warm and the best socks I have ever worn. Love them!!

Wow! You are telling the truth about the warmth & softness! I’ve been wearing my socks, have washed them, & they came out the same - soft & keep my feet warm. I’m impressed, this truth in advertising!

I bought my husband and myself each 2 pair to test them. Loved them so I bought all of our adult children qnd some of the grandchildren pacas for Christmas gifts. Next I get a text from my doughter-in-law: Loved these socks. I am ordering more. Then I get a text from my son: You just cost me $100. in socks! So we all love them.

They are toasty, cosy and my new favorite socks! Plus, the color are great!

I love these socks. They get great and are perfect when I play tennis. Keep my feet warm and they don’t sweat as well.

These are the best socks ever. I have purchased for family members and they all reacted in the same way. The most comfortable socks. They also do not slip at the heel. When I asked my 5 year old granddaughter, she said they are so soft. My son has sweaty feet and he has tried lots of socks and these keep his feet dry and warm. He just ordered some for himself.

SOOOOO COMFY!!!!! toesies are SOOOO HAPPY!!!!

The cosyiest socks ever. I wish you made knee length ones as well

So very warm, but also perfect in spring and fall. Perfect fit. My feet LOVE these. Thank you dear Pacas

Love, love, love them!!!!

Very soft comfy socks.

Wonderfully warm and soft.

They amazing socks.

I purchased these for my daughter, daughters-in-laws and myself for myself for Christmas. I’m in love! They are so soft and comfy! The fit is perfect! I plan on purchasing more! If you’re on the fence about purchasing these socks, jump off! They’re worth it!

A friend gave me a pair of Pacas socks and I loved them so much I bought more for Christmas presents. I appreciate that they are not itchy and scratchy like wool socks but are still warm and comfy. They are also just the right thickness, not too thick to wear with shoes but enough to provide warmth in the winter. I will be buying more for sure!

i bought for two of my friends and they love them!

Love my Pacas! Soft and warm and long enough for my feet. Highly recommend!

Oh so soft and warm! I put them on stay all day with them on and go to bed with them still on. Feet nice and toasty. Next morning a clean pair and the same routine While weather is chilly I do not look at any other kind of sock. They 2as well in machine in warm not hot water. In dryer on medium.heat. can even let dry in laundry area. Wonderful buy!!

My husband always has cold feet, tried toe warmers, insulated boots, still cold. until I got him Pacas socks for Christmas. He put them on and marveled at how soft they were, soon he commented that his feet were warm for the first time in a long time. Days later he is still surprised that his feet are so warm, and he asked me to order him more pairs. Best Christmas gift ever!

I have Raynauds syndrome in my feet and have tried every sock out there . I saw these and decided to try them. LOVE ! Keeps my feet warmer than any other socks I’ve tried and are so comfy. I’ll buy more for sure